How to Read Instapaper and Pocket Articles on Kindle

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Amazon, one of the biggest e-commerce giants, and the company behind the popular eReader, Kindle, has managed to convince people that one of the best ways to read books is using a Kindle, with advantages that are quite apparent and reasonable. The company even has an app for the same with a huge collection of books across different genres to cater to the needs of almost every individual. While the biggest strength of Kindle (the eReader) is its simple prowess to make reading books simple and the whole experience more immersive, most people are unaware of some of its basic features [Kindle tips and tricks] to take their experience up a notch. Not to mention, the ability to read articles saved on Instapaper or Pocket feed directly on your Kindle. So, in this article, we guide you through the steps to integrate Instapaper and Pocket with your Kindle to send articles to it and read them on the eReader. Let’s begin.

How to Read Instapaper and Pocket Articles on Kindle

For the uninitiated, Instapaper and Pocket are two bookmarking apps that allow you to save articles that come across as interesting to you on the internet. Basically, with these apps installed on your smartphones or computers, you can save things that you would like to read/revisit at a later time. And by integrating your accounts on these services with Kindle, you can essentially leverage your Kindle to read the articles from Instapaper and Pocket, in much the same way as you do with eBooks.

Send Instapaper Articles to Kindle

If you are new to Instapaper, go to their website and sign up for the service. However, if you are already a member, you can proceed right away. Here’s how.

1. Go to Instapaper and log in to your account.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, hit the More button, and select How to Save.

Send Instapaper Articles to Kindle 1 1

3. Drag the Save to Instapaper bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar.

Send Instapaper Articles to Kindle 2

4. Next, go to Settings and scroll down to the Kindle section.

5. In the Send-to-Kindle Email input box, enter your Send-to-Kindle email, and hit Save Kindle Preferences. If you are doing this for your Kindle device, it is usually your email username followed by [at kindle dot com]. If, however, you want to do it for the Kindle app installed on a device, you can check your Kindle email address from the link here.

Send Instapaper Articles to Kindle 3

6. You should now see the Kindle Automatic Delivery option pop up.

7. Here, tap on the checkbox that says Send my Unread articles to my Kindle automatically. Further, you can also customize other settings to your liking.

Send Instapaper Articles to Kindle 5

8. Hit the Save Kindle Preferences button again and tap on Get Kindle Bookmarklet.

Send Instapaper Articles to Kindle 6

9. Drag the Send to Kindle bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar.

10. Finally, you need to whitelist your Instapaper address on Kindle’s Personal Document Settings under Approved Personal Document E-mail List. To do this, copy the address ending in [at instapaper dot com] and add it to the list of approved addresses.

Send Instapaper Articles to Kindle 7

Now, when you want to add something to your Instapaper feed, open it and tap on the Save to Instapaper bookmarklet that you just added. The article will automatically be added to your list. And based on your set preferences, it will be pushed to your Kindle. However, if you want to see it immediately, hit the Send to Kindle bookmarklet.

Send Pocket Articles to Kindle

Unlike Instapaper, where the process is quite seamless and does not require the dependence of third-party software, Pocket takes a few more extra steps to get set up. Here’ how.

1. First, you need to go to Pocket2Kindle and log in to your Pocket account.

2. Once done, you will be prompted to authorize the service to connect to your account and access the information. Click Authorise.

3. You will now be asked to choose a plan between Standard and Premium. Choose the one that fits your needs. For this tutorial, we will be using the Standard plan, and it should suffice most of our needs.

4. Now, click on Create Delivery to set up your article delivery schedule.

Send Pocket Articles to Kindle 1

5. From here, customize the settings to your liking and hit Start Delivery.

Send Pocket Articles to Kindle 2

6. Similar to Instapaper, you will be required to enter your Kindle email address here. Enter the same and copy the Pocket2Kindle’s email address to add it to your list of approved addresses under Personal Document Settings.

Send Pocket Articles to Kindle 3

7. Finally, hit Start Delivering Now to finish the process.

Send Pocket Articles to Kindle 4

That’s all!
You can now enjoy articles that you add to your bookmark app of choice, be it Instapaper or Pocket, and read them on your Kindle.

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  1. This is looks great. Thank you for the tutorial. I just organized my settings for articles to be sent me from Pocket to my Kindle Paperwhite. Where should those articles appear? Is there a way to know the delivery time?