Given the current scenario all over the world due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it has now become mandatory to perform temperature checks of employees in organizations, customers at shops, chefs at restaurants, basically anybody in a public space to make sure everybody is safe. This is because a high temperature is one of the basic symptoms of COVID-19. Not just in public areas, but it’s advisable to check the temperature of your family members too on a regular basis just to be on the safer side.

tcl ir thermometer review

Since social distancing is a major parameter, in this case, one obviously cannot use a thermometer that needs to come in contact with the body, especially when checking temperatures of multiple individuals in public places every single day. That’s when an IR or Infrared thermometer comes into the picture. IR is a form of radiation that is used to create heat maps and thus provides an accurate way of measuring the temperature of the human body or any surface without coming in contact with it.

One such device that we have with us is the TCL Non-contact Infrared Thermometer. It’s got all the basic features, it can read temperatures of the human body as well as an object, and it’s inexpensive. Let’s discuss it in detail and tell you if you’re an organization or a business with multiple employees, or just an individual who wants to be cautious, should you get the TCL IR thermometer or not.

tcl infrared thermometer review

While we would generally begin our reviews talking about the build quality and design, we don’t think that’s a criterion of utmost importance for a thermometer. That being said, the TCL IR thermometer is built out of plastic but does not feel cheap in any way. It’s shaped like a gun with an IR emitter on the front and a seven-segment LCD display on the back. Beneath the display lies three buttons that can be used to toggle between degrees Celcius and Fahrenheit, change modes from the human body to other objects, and to mute the beeping sound.

A trigger beneath the barrel is used to measure the temperature when pointing towards the subject. Since it’s a non-contact thermometer, it can be held at a distance of 0.5-2 inches from the subject. Once the trigger is pressed, it takes about 1-2 seconds to display the reading. The display is a tri-color panel and the color changes according to the temperature reading. If the temperature is normal, the display glows with a green backlight. If the temperature is higher than the normal human body temperature, the backlight changes to red. When measuring the temperature of a non-human subject, the backlight is blue.

TCL has associated with SegunLife to build this IR thermometer. TCL claims that the thermometer has been clinically tested to be accurate. Along with recording the temperature, the TCL FR202 IR thermometer can even store up to 20 temperature readings. You also get the option to set the threshold temperature after which the thermometer starts detecting it as high and changes the backlight to the color red. The thermometer takes in two AAA batteries to run.

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Apart from the obvious use of measuring temperatures of the human body, you can use the TCL IR thermometer to measure the temperature of water or milk for a child, ambient room temperature, or if you review tech as we do, you can use it to check the temperature of a smartphone/computer while gaming!

Given that the virus is here to stay, an IR thermometer can be a safe investment. For Rs. 3,999, the TCL Infrared thermometer fulfills all the basic requirements that you would expect from a thermometer. It would’ve been nice if there was a laser beam to assist while pointing to a surface. There are multiple generic options out there for an infrared thermometer that also does the same job and may even save you around Rs. 1,000. TCL, however, is a brand that’s been around for some time which makes it slightly easier to recommend.

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