OnePlus announced the OnePlus 8 Pro (review) alongside the OnePlus 8 (review), back in April. Although there are certain differences that separate the two devices, one of the things that the two have in common is the glass back design. As a result, it becomes extremely significant to slap on a case to keep the back from scratching and hold up the new-look vibes. So if you got yourself the OnePlus 8 Pro, here are some of the best OnePlus 8 Pro cases and covers. Similarly, if you bought the OnePlus 8, check out our best OnePlus 8 cases and covers, here.

best oneplus 8 pro cases and covers

Best OnePlus 8 Pro Cases and Covers

1. Spigen Rugged Armor Case

spigen rugged armor oneplus 8 pro case

One of the popular case-makers, Spigen, which has a wide range of offerings for different devices, has two cases for the OnePlus 8 Pro. One of which happens to be the Rugged Armor Case. The Rugged Armor Case, as its name suggests, ensures better protection is offered to the device and is MIL-grade protection tested. It is made using a flexible TPU material, which offers durability while also being fingerprint-resistant. Further, to ensure the device stays protected, the case also incorporates air-cushion technology that helps in absorption shock and protecting against accidental drops.

Price: Rs 2099
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2. Spigen Liquid Air Case

spigen liquid air case

Another offering from Spigen for the OnePlus 8 is the Liquid Air Case. Unlike the Rugged Armor, the Liquid Air case takes a slimmer approach, with not much bulk. It is made out of a flexible TPU material, with precise cutouts for different ports and buttons, and is also fingerprint-resistance with patterns to offer a comfortable grip and feel in hand. To add to the protection, the case uses air cushion technology, similar to most Spigen cases, and according to the company, it has been MIL-grade tested for protection.

Price: Rs 1,099
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3. URBAN ARMOR GEAR (UAG) Rugged Protective Case

uag oneplus 8 pro case

Similar to Spigen, another popular case-maker in the market is the URBAN ARMOR GEAR (UAG). The case-maker offers one of the most protective cases for a range of devices. For OnePlus 8, the one that it offers is the Rugged Protective Case, which comes with a soft inner core and a hard outer shell. To protect the screen of the device when kept face down, the case comes with a raised lip across the front part. And the same extends to the rear-camera module to protect the lens from scratching. Moreover, it also supports wireless charging, so you do not have to remove the case to charge your phone wirelessly.

Price: Rs 1,699
Buy URBAN ARMOR GEAR (UAG) Rugged Protective Case

4. RIGGEAR Fortify XUNDD Transparent Hybrid Case for OnePlus 8 Pro

riggear fortify xudd case

For those looking for a slim yet protective case, the RIGGEAR Fortify’s Transparent Hybrid Case is one good option. The case is claimed to built from premium TPU material and has a hard acrylic PC back. In terms of protection, it is MIL-STD 810G certified, and it has what the case-maker calls shockproof airbags, which aid with protection on the corners. Furthermore, there are tactile buttons to make it easier to click buttons and avoid having to perform multiple attempts at clicking the buttons.

Price: Rs 799
Buy RIGGEAR Fortify XUNDD Transparent Hybrid Case

5. KAPAVER Rugged Back Cover

kapaver oneplus 8 pro case

Keeping protection as a priority, another protective OnePlus 8 Pro case comes from the brand KAPAVER. The case belongs to the rugged-case category, and is, MIL-STD 810G certified. It is made of TPU material and has brushed texture with a carbon-fiber finish and glossy accents on the rear. When it comes to protection, besides the usual protection against accidental drops and bumps, the case comes includes a raised lip around the front – to protect the display, and also around the rear-camera module – to protect the lens from scratches.

Price: Rs 599
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6. TheGiftKart Transparent Clear Case

thegiftkart transparent case

TheGiftKart’s Transparent Clear Case is a good option for those looking for a clear and slim case for their OnePlus 8 Pro, with some level of protection. The company suggests the case to be made out of high-quality silicone material to give it a premium look and feel, and provides precise cutouts to all the different ports and buttons for quick and easy access. To ensure the back of the case does not scratch easily, the case comes with an anti-scratch coating on top. As for protection, it has anti-slip sides to prevent it from slipping and cushioned-edges to keep the device corners protected against accidental bumps and drops.

Price: Rs 249
Buy TheGiftKart Transparent Clear Case

7. Bounceback Flip Flap Cover for OnePlus 8 Pro

bounceback flip flap cover

For the last option on the list, we have a folio cover from Bounceback. A folio cover, unlike regular cases, serves more than just offering protection to the device against scratches and drops. It doubles up as a wallet to carry cards and bills. The offering from Bounceback is claimed to be made of high-quality PU leather, with a rubberized back to give it a comfortable grip and raised edges on all sides to keep the screen protected. When opened, the cover allows for storing credit/debit cards and bills on the left compartment, while the phone goes to the right. Further, to ensure the device and other belongings don’t fall out, there is the case employs a magnetic mechanism to keep things in place.

Price: Rs 1,099
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That’s all for this listicle!
If you are looking for a case or cover for your brand new OnePlus 8 Pro, you can check out the aforementioned OnePlus 8 Pro cases and covers to keep the device protected against scratches, bumps, and drops. And maintain that clean, new look vibes of the glass back on the rear.

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