Albeit a bit later than usual, Apple announced its latest iPhones for the year a couple of weeks back (in October) — as opposed to the customary September launch. In case the late part wasn’t a departure from the usual practice, the other noticeable head-turner this time around was the announcement of four new iPhones (from a single generation). The latest iPhone 12 lineup features the regular iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Of these, while all four smartphones feature the same new design language, reminiscent of the iPhone 4, they do differ in size. The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro share the same size and dimensions, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the biggest with a 6.7-inch display, and the iPhone 12 mini is the smallest with a 5.4-inch display.

iphone 12 and 12 pro cases

Best Cases for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Assuming you got your hands on either the iPhone 12 or the iPhone 12 Pro since those are the only devices available as of now, you might certainly want to protect their design and add to the protection. To save you the effort, we have curated a list of some of the best iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro cases you can buy right now.

Do note that the two devices share the same size, so most of the options in the list should fit both models. Moreover, since the iPhone 12 lineup comes with support for MagSafe (wireless) charging, we have also listed cases that are compatible with MagSafe.

1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen is one of the most popular case makers for a variety of smartphones. It has a huge range of cases to cater to the needs of different individuals. The Ultra Hybrid is one such iPhone 12 case, made of TPU and a PC back, with a clear and transparent back. There are raised edges and lips around the case to protect the front and the camera housing on the back. It has well-defined cutouts for the ports and speakers, along with tactile buttons. Spigen Ultra Hybrid is compatible with both iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

spigen ultra hybrid case for iphone 12

Price: $11.99 (Rs 1299)
Buy Spigen Ultra Hybrid – (US | India)

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2. Spigen Liquid Air

If clear cases are not your preference, but you want something that is slim and grippy in hand, the Liquid Air case from Spigen is the perfect option for you. This iPhone 12 Pro case is made of thermoplastic polyurethane material that offers an anti-slip matte surface to offer a better grip in the hand and prevent fingerprint smudges. It is compatible with both iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Despite a slim profile, the case does come with MIL-grade protection, along with Spigen’s Air Cushion technology.

spigen liquid air iphone 12 case

Price: $12.99 (Rs 899)
Buy Spigen Liquid Air (US | India)

3. Spigen Liquid Crystal

Spigen Liquid Crystal is another clear-style case from Spigen for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. It is made of a TPU material and has an anti-slip surface to give a better grip. Compared to the Ultra Hybrid case, the Liquid Crystal takes a different approach to protection and comes with a soft and flexible back. Furthermore, to keep the screen and the camera protected from scratches, the case includes a raised lip running around the front and the camera cutout on the rear. Unlike most other iPhone clear cases, the Spigen Liquid Crystal doesn’t turn yellow easily within a few weeks of usage.

spigen liquid crystal iphone 12 pro case

Price: $10.99 (Rs 899)
Buy Spigen Liquid Crystal Case (US |India)

4. Spigen Neo Hybrid

The last option from Spigen for both the iPhone 12 models is the Neo Hybrid case, which promises better durability as compared to some of the other cases. For starters, the case is made out of a TPU material, coupled with a PC bumper all around, to increase durability. It claims to offer a slim and sleek profile without adding much bulk. The cutouts on the bumper are nicely carved, and the buttons are said to provide good tactility to offer better feedback. Easily one of our favorite iPhone 12 cases.

spigen neo hybrid iphone 12 case

Price: $13.99 (Rs 1499)
Buy Spigen Neo Hybrid (US | India)

5. UAG Plasma Rugged Protection

UAG or Under Armor Gear is known for its rugged and sturdy cases. It has a few different types of cases for a range of devices. When it comes to the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, the company has the Plasma feather-light rugged case, which is made of TPU and PC. As the name suggests, the Plasma is a feather-light composite case that comes with a hard shell and a soft inside core. Using this approach, the case manages to offer better durability while ensuring a not-so-bulky design. Furthermore, the case features a honeycomb pattern on the rear to offer a better grip in hand and also has skidpad corners to add to the durability.

uag plasma iphone 12 pro case

Price: Rs 2799
Buy UAG Plasma Rugged Protection (India)

6. Nillkin CamShield Pro

One of the popular accessory makers, Nillkin, has a one-of-its-kind case for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Called Nilkin CamShield Pro, the case features a sliding lid on the rear, which can be slid to cover the camera cutout to prevent dust ingress and protect the lenses from scratching. It is made out of a hard PC back and has a soft PC frame to offer better protection against drops. This iPhone 12 case also has a designed texture all over to offer a better grip and feel in hand.

nillkin camshield iphone 12 case

Price: $15.99 (Rs 1295)
Buy Nillkin CamShield Pro (US | India)

7. Nillkin Textured Case

Another Nillkin case for your iPhone 12 and 12 Pro is the Textured Nylon case. The case is made of a hard PC back and has a soft TPU frame all around. It features a nylon-like fiber texture on top that, besides offering a unique look and feel, claims to offer a better grip in hand, along with improved durability and scratch resistance. There are precise cutouts for ports and speakers and a slightly raised lip on the back to protect the camera lenses.

nillkin textured case for iphone 12 pro

Price: Rs 999
Nillkin Textured Case (India)

8. Cubix Flip Cover

In case you prefer flip-style cases, the Cubix Magnetic Flip case is the way to go. It is compatible with both iPhone 12 and 12 Pro and is claimed to be made of premium leather material. Furthermore, the cover is also compatible with various screen protectors, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the screen protector. It closes magnetically and has a kickstand to give you a hands-free entertainment experience. Since the case is flip-style, it can also double as your wallet to store bills, cards, and similar belongings.

cubix flip cover for iphone 12 pro

Price: $18.99 | Rs 1099
Buy Cubix Flip Cover (US | India)

9. OtterBox Commuter

OtterBox is another popular case maker with a variety of options for different smartphones. For the all-new iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, the company has its popular Commuter series case, which has a rigid external shell and a soft internal slipcover that protects the device from both outside and inside. Furthermore, there is a silver-based antimicrobial additive on top of the case to inhibit microbial growth, and the case also features port protection, with raised edges around the camera cutout and the front of the case.

otterbox commuter case

Price: $39.95
Buy OtterBox Commuter (US)

10. Apple Clear Case (with MagSafe)

Lastly, we have the MagSafe compatible cases from Apple that support the wireless charge pass-through. If you are a fan of clear cases and like to flaunt that back color, the clear case offering from Apple is a safe bet. It is claimed to be made of clear polycarbonate and flexible materials with a scratch-resistant coating on top to keep the surface of the case intact. Apple also says that it has optimized all the materials and coatings on the case to prevent the yellowing over time. Most importantly, it features built-in magnets, which enable MagSafe charging to offer a hassle-free charging experience. Clearly, one of the best iPhone 12 cases out there with Magsafe support.

apple clear case (magsafe)

Price: $49 (Rs 4900)
Buy Apple Clear Case (US | India)

11. Apple Silicone Case (with MagSafe)

Bonus! In case you want the MagSafe support on your charger, but do not like the clear-style cases, Apple has a silicone offering with basically the same functionality. The case is made of silicone material and has a soft microfibre lining on the interior to offer even better protection to the device. Lastly, there are built-in magnets that align with the MagSafe charger to offer a simplified wireless charging experience on your iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Of course, one of the best iPhone 12 Pro cases, albeit at a higher price.

apple silicone case (magsafe)

Price: $49 (Rs 4900)
Buy Apple Silicone Case (US | India)

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