Media consumption is at an all-time high today, with numbers expected to soar as more users get on board and data become affordable. While media is an umbrella term that spans the entire spectrum of categories — from books and magazines to audio and video — what we are referring to here is with regards to streaming, which mostly includes audio and video. Of late, streaming services have become very popular, primarily because of the on-demand access and the convenience they offer to the user.

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However, that said, there are not a lot of reliable services out there that give you the ability to organize all your media (music, movies, series, audiobooks, etc.) in one place and download them for offline access when there is no internet connection. And this is exactly where Audials One comes into the picture, with its entire suite of features to help you download and organize all your media in one place.

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Audials One is a multimedia application that allows you to find, watch, and record/download all the different kinds of media for offline access across all your devices. It is available for Windows, on the PC side of things, as well as Android and iOS, on the mobile. One of the biggest USPs of the service is that it makes all your media — music, video, TV shows, podcasts, audiobooks, etc. — available in a curated manner under one roof.

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Some of the key highlights of Audials One include the ability to find and download music from streaming services; record movies, TV shows, and live streams; as well as record and download audiobooks, podcasts, and internet radio. Besides these, you also get a file manager to manage all your downloads locally, along with the option to burn CDs/DVDs to create a local (offline) backup of your favorite media.

Audials One 2021 Features

The feature and functionality set of Audials One can be broadly classified under five categories: music, radio, movies, TV, and convert. Here’s a look at all these features and functionalities in detail.

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Audials One 2021 opens the world of music and provides access to all the different songs, along with the ability to save them in high quality. You can use it to scan YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud, and get access to all the different versions of the song. In addition, you can also look up artists, charts, and playlists and listen to them or download them directly, right within the software.

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Music Functionalities

i. Create playlists using websites that list charts.
ii. Create a quick, personalized collection with bot music search.
iii. Wishlist songs that are currently unavailable to download to be notified when they are available.
iv. Get song lyrics automatically.
v. Download songs in Hi-Fi and master quality.
vi. Transfer songs from PC to mobile via the Audials app.
vii. Support for cloud services like One Drive, Dropbox, and Google Drive.
viii. Burn CDs and DVDs.

Radio and Podcast

Alongside Music, Audials One provides you with a huge collection of radio stations, classified into different categories in various languages. You can listen to these stations in different streaming formats like MP3, AAC, and WMA and record them for offline access. Besides radio, Audials One also has a vast library of podcasts under different categories, which you can listen to or record.

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Radio Functionalities

i. Get personalized suggestions based on your listening habits.
ii. Alerts for stations that serve ads.
iii. Use quick search to find your favorite radio stations.
iv. Use the wish feature to find stations by artists and songs.
v. Add your favorite radio stations via URL.
vi. Automatically mass record stations by genre, playlist, country, and artist.
vii. Adjust the quality of radio streams to your liking.
viii. Better organize and manage downloaded tracks using various tags like song title, artist, album, and year.
ix. Blacklist unwanted radio channels.


One of the most useful features of Audials One is the ability to bring together your entire movie and series collection from different services (like Netflix, Prime Videos, and Disney+) in one place. Doing so makes it easier to organize your movies and shows, which you can then watch and download on your computer and access even when there is no active internet connection.

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Movies Functionalities

i. One-click recording of movies and shows, with pre-defined tiles that present the necessary configuration settings for all the popular services.
ii. Reliance on your computer’s graphics card to record the content while it is being played to ensure high-quality output and reduce the load on the CPU.
iii. Adaptive streaming to take into account and compensate for the fluctuations in your internet bandwidth.
iv. Record multiple movies and series at a time using the recording planner.
v. Get recordings in the original frame rate they were shot in.
vi. Ability to record in formats like MP4, H.264, H.265, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, WMV, and more.
vii. Batch record any video stream in Chrome or Firefox in high-quality and save it as MP4, H.264, or any other format.


Much like the ability to watch and download movies and series from all your subscriptions, Audials One 2021 also offer a similar feature set when it comes to TV (live shows and on-demand broadcasts, in particular). So you can find your favorite TV channels and watch and record whatever they are broadcast right on your computer. Further, to add to the convenience of looking up for channels, the software provides quick search functionality.

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TV Functionalities

i. Choose from MP4, WMV, AVI, or any other format for recording live TV content.
ii. Background recording while you watch content.
iii. Ability to pause/resume downloading.
iv. Integrated player to play recorded content.
v. Automatic naming and tagging.


Last but certainly not least is the Convert feature on Audials One 2021. As its name suggests, the feature allows you to convert the recorded/downloaded content into a format supported by your other devices. It can help you convert media from around 100 different formats with pre-defined profiles for devices like PC, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles. The software adds tags to the downloaded content and gives you the ability to add more information to the downloaded movies and series. Furthermore, it also offers a file manager that can be used to organize better and structure your media. It even has a clean-up mode that gets rid of all the duplicates to keep the storage decluttered.

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Other Audials One 2021 Features

i. Add music to your phone with a few simple steps — connect the device to your PC and open the software. The software then scans your phone and presents you with a list of music that is shared on both devices, which you can then refer to add the missing music on your phone.
ii. Use Audials Anywhere to access media collection of any PC or mobile phone remotely.
iii. Burn audio and MP3 CDs and DVDs.
iv. Import and export playlists.
v. Create and upload ringtones for your mobile phone.

Pricing and Availability

Audials One 2021 is priced at $79.90. If you are an existing Audials customer, you can upgrade to the newer version for a discounted price. What’s more, the service also offers a trial version, which you can check out before spending your money. And, in case you are not satisfied with the service, the company offers a 14-day money-back guarantee so you can claim your money back.

Audials One is primarily available on Windows. However, it does offer its radio app for Android and iOS, which lets you play and record radio (and podcasts) from some of the popular radio channels right on your phone.


In a world where there are numerous download services for all the different types of media, Audials One manages to separate itself from the rest by offering the ability to watch and record all your favorite media from various streaming services in one place. What also separates it from the rest is that the service offers all of those functionalities without violating any of the policies and sticking to copyright laws.

audials one – one-stop download solution

So, if you are looking for a solution that offers you the ability to bring all your media (music, movies, podcasts, audiobooks, and radio) in one place, in addition to recording/downloading them for offline use, Audials One is the one you should check out.
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