Music has increasingly become a part of modern life. Research today suggests that music can help alleviate negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

best music download apps

Over time, the way we consume music has also changed. Over the years, so many music streaming platforms have emerged, making music easily accessible and downloadable for everyone. Streaming services have become the standard way for many people to listen to music. They offer a convenient way to access an extensive media library without the need to download music and store it locally on a device.

However, there are still people who prefer to download music locally. This can be especially helpful if you have a limited network connection or are in a place where there is no Internet. In this post, we will introduce and compare the 11 best music download apps and help you choose the best music download apps for your needs.

How Music Download Apps Work

With almost all the music downloader apps listed in this post, you can download the music and save it on your devices like smartphones, tablets, or computers. These apps provide an easy way to browse the latest music and access their songs, albums, or entire playlists.

You need to install a dedicated music app on your device to be able to download music. Once installed, you can search for any song or playlist and download it on the go. Most apps require a subscription to be able to download music. However, we have also listed apps that are completely free.

You will need an active internet connection to download the songs. Once the music files are downloaded, you can access the music through the apps. Some apps let you download music directly to your internal storage, where you can listen to it without the app.

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Best Music-Download Apps for Android and iPhone

When choosing an app to download music, there are some important aspects to consider. First, it is important to check if the app is legal in your country or region, as Google often blocks certain apps in certain areas for security reasons. Also, users should be aware that many free music downloaders for Android are used to collect data and contain adware or other malicious software that could compromise the security of their device or personal data. Besides, some free music downloaders allow users to store music illegally. Therefore, it is recommended to check whether it is allowed to download certain songs from certain websites or platforms.


spotify music

Spotify is arguably the best music streaming service in the world. The app is known for having the best music recommendation system and is also known for constantly making changes and improving the experience.

Spotify has a large number of music libraries. For many users who want to listen to the latest songs and podcasts, Spotify is the first place to go.

Spotify is also known as one of the best apps for downloading music. To be able to download music, you need to subscribe to Spotify Premium. Once you subscribe, you can download 10,000 songs at a time across five devices, and you have to go online every 30 days to keep your offline downloads.

You can also enable automatic downloads, where anything you add to your library is instantly downloaded to your device.

Spotify lets you download music in four different qualities, including very high, high, normal, and low. All of your downloads are stored in the app. You can also download songs using cellular data. You can also enable an offline mode that lets you play music and podcasts that you have downloaded in the app.

You can download individual tracks as well as the entire playlist at once. If you are traveling or have a weak internet connection, it’s always best to download as much as possible in advance.

The app also supports local media files that you can play. Spotify is available on all major platforms, including Android, iOS, Watch OS, Wear, and more.

Spotify recently made big changes to its user interface that brings more video to the music platform. I like this interface, but many people hated this move for some reason.

Download Spotify

Apple Music

apple music app

If you are in the Apple ecosystem, Apple Music is the best choice for you, and look no further. Apple Music is constantly improving and can now compete with the biggest players like Spotify.

Apple Music is also known for its personalized song recommendations, exclusive features for Apple devices, user interface, and, most importantly, huge song library.

Unlike Spotify, Apple Music does not offer a free service. To stream or download music, you need to sign up for an Apple Music subscription. You can download individual songs, albums, or entire playlists in one go. You can choose between high-quality, lossless, and high-res lossless.

Apple Music also offers automatic downloads, similar to Spotify: when you add a song to your library, it’s automatically downloaded to your device. If storage space is your problem, you can also optimize storage and limit storage usage. You can choose between 4 GB, 8 GB, 32 GB, and more.

If you are looking for the best music download app for Apple devices, Apple Music is the best choice for you. With the huge collection of song libraries and exclusive Apple features like shortcuts, automatic downloads, easy UI, and integration with the Apple ecosystem, Apple Music is the perfect choice for anyone using an Apple device.

Download Apple Music

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Amazon Music

amazon music app

Amazon offers two types of music streaming subscriptions – Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music. Amazon Prime Music is included in Prime membership at no additional cost.

Recently, Amazon made Amazon’s Music library free for Prime subscribers. All Prime members can access the entire Amazon Music catalog, but not in full on demand. This means you can only randomly select an artist, album, or playlist.

Amazon Music for Prime members can only download an all-access playlist to listen to offline. Amazon Music Unlimited members, on the other hand, can download songs, albums, and playlists to listen to offline.

If you are looking for an affordable app to download music with the best music quality, Amazon Prime Music is the best option for you. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, the service is free. It offers over 100 million songs in shuffle mode, ad-free listening, unlimited playback, offline listening, and more. The only problem with Prime Music is that you have no control over what you’ll listen to.

The only problem with Amazon Music is the ease of use. It’s not as good as Spotify and Apple Music, but the price makes it a better option for those looking for an affordable music-downloading app.

Download Amazon Prime Music 

YouTube Music

youtube music app

YouTube announced YouTube Music in 2018 as a direct competitor to Spotify and other popular music streaming platforms. The biggest difference between YouTube Music and other popular music streaming services is that YouTube Music offers a wide variety of content, including live performances, remixes, covers, and more.

One of the best features of YouTube Music is the powerful music recommendation engine that dynamically gives new music recommendations based on your history, location, and past activities in the app on the home screen.

Similar to other music streaming services, you need to subscribe to YouTube Premium to download music from the YouTube Music app. You can download specific playlists, songs, or entire albums. While playing songs, you can simply tap the download button to download the song instantly.

YouTube Music also offers smart downloads, where the app automatically downloads music for you based on your previous listening behavior.

Download Youtube Music Android Download Youtube Music iOS


soundcloud music

SoundCloud is an independent music hosting platform where anyone can upload and share their music. Unlike other music streaming platforms that focus mainly on mainstream music, SoundCloud includes music tracks from independent artists.

Soundcloud offers 128 kbps, and Soundcloud GO + (high-quality streaming) offers 320 kbps. You can easily download Soundcloud tracks. Once you sign up for the Soundcloud account, you can download any track instantly. Free members can download the songs as well. You can also use Soundcloud music on other platforms. Depending on the artist, copyright terms may vary.

Soundcloud is available on almost all devices, including smartphones, tablets, Windows, and more.

Download Soundcloud Android Download Soundcloud iPhone


pnadora music app

Pandora is another popular music streaming platform if you are looking for music downloads and especially if you are a fan of radio stations.

Similar to other services, you need to sign up for a premium subscription to download music through the Pandora app. You can download individual songs, albums, stations, or entire playlists for offline listening. The app also has an offline mode where you can stream offline content for free.

Pandora has revamped its smartphone app to focus more on personalization. It’s now all about you, with new music recommendations every day based on your listening habits.

Pandora is available on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TV, smart speakers, and more. Pandora offers both free and paid versions. In the free version, you can not listen to a specific song or replay a specific app. With the free version, you can only skip a limited number of songs per day.

Download Pandora Android Download Pandora iPhone


fildo app

Fildo is an MP3 downloader and streaming application that lets you stream MP3 from various sources around the world. One thing that sets the Fildo app apart from other apps is that it does not have its own collection of audio files but rather aggregates different sources into the app and lets you stream from different sources at once.

With Fildo, you can download any MP3 files and save them directly to your phone’s internal memory. You can listen to the downloaded MP3 files without needing the app.

The app is not available on Google or Apple Play Store. You can only download the app from the official website. Currently, the app is only available for Android devices, and it is said that the iOS app is being worked on and might be released very soon.

Unlike other apps, installing Fildo is a bit different. Since we are installing the app from a third-party website, you need to grant some security permissions on your Android device in order to download the app.

To install the app:

  • Open your browser on your smartphone and visit the link
  • Download the app from the Fildo website
  • In Chrome, click on the downloaded file and allow Chrome (or the browser you used to download the app) to install unknown sources.
  • Now install the app on your smartphone. To download the songs, open the app and search for any song and download the song immediately.

Download the Fildo app for Android


deezer app

If you are an audiophile and want to download high-quality music, Deezer is the best app for you. Compared to other streaming platforms, Deezer offers 1411 kbps CD quality, while the highest audio quality setting of most other music streaming services is limited to 320 kbps.

Deezer’s content library is also very extensive. It can be compatible with other popular music platforms with songs from different genres and also offers exclusive content. If you are also looking for podcasts, Deezer might not be the best choice for you.

Deezer’s interface dynamically recommends music based on your interests. Another advantage of Deezer is that you can press shuffle on any downloaded or favorite song. This means that you do not have to create a special playlist to listen to everything you like at once.

Deezer lets you download music and podcasts. Similar to other music streaming services, you need a subscription to download music with Deezer. The best thing about Deezer is that it supports FLAC (high-resolution lossless audio format), which offers high-quality music.

It is supported by a wide range of devices. Apart from a web player and a desktop app, you can also download Deezer to mobile devices for Android, iOS, and Windows systems.

Download Deezer for Android Download Deezer for iPhone

Apple Music Classical

Apple announced Apple Music Classical, a dedicated app for classical music lovers. The app is now available for both Android and iOS and anyone with Apple Music or Apple One Subscription can stream music on Apple Music Classical for free. 

The app’s music catalog houses more than 5 million tracks, providing a vast selection of classical music for listeners, Users can listen to the music at up to 192 kHz/24-bit hi-res lossless audio along with the lossless music and spatial audio as a free upgrade for existing Apple Music subscribers. 

The app is better at handling the complex metadata often associated with classical recordings with information about the composer, the orchestra, the conductor, the soloists, and more. The app also features curated playlists and composer biographies.

The Apple Music Classical app is new and Certainly, there are also some notable limitations which include,  No Offline Downloads, users won’t be able to download music within the app but you can use the Apple Music app to download tracks, albums, and playlists that you’ve added to your Apple Music Classical library. This means that you’ll need an active internet connection to use Apple Music Classical and Subscribers to the Apple Music Voice Plan won’t be able to use the Classical app.

Apple music classical app looks very similar to apple music with Recommendations on the home screen, a browsing tab right next to it to find music based on catalog, playlists and instruments, the library where you can see all songs you liked, your Playlists and finally a Search where you can search for composer, song and more. 

Apple Music Classical can be a great app for people that solves the biggest problem of finding classical music in this streaming era. With the dedicated app, Apple aims to address many of the common problems classical music lovers face with mainstream music platforms. 

Apple acquired Primephonic, a streaming service designed for classical music enthusiasts. The company shut down the app and announced its new dedicated Apple Classical app. The app was initially made available on the Apple store (iOS only) back in March 2023 and is now recently made available for Android users. You can download the app for free and connect with the apple music subscription and enjoy classical music. As mentioned above you can add classical songs to your library and download them on Apple Music. 

Download: Android | iOS 


tidal music app

Tidal is another popular music streaming service that offers music in CD quality and MQA quality. Tidal offers high-quality music at TIDAL Masters, where music can be streamed in Master Quality Authenticated. This music offers high-resolution playback and is better than the quality of a CD.

If you want to download music on Tidal, you must subscribe to the premium version. The premium version of Tidal offers two audio quality settings and the Tidal HiFi plan, which offers additional high-quality music at 1411 kbps and Master at 2304-9216 kbps.

You can download Tidal music through both mobile and desktop applications. You can download individual albums or entire albums at once. With offline playback, you can play your downloaded music directly in the app. Tidal offers various download settings to download music for offline playback.

Alternatively, you can also purchase music through Tidal. You can visit the Tidal store, find the music you like, and download the songs. These albums are available for download in MP3 and FLAC formats.

Download the Tidal Music app


Deemix is a music downloader app that lets you download songs from Spotify and Deezer for free. With the Deemix app, you can download songs, podcasts, music albums, and soundtracks from Deemix and save them directly to your device.

The app is completely free and contains no ads. The app also lets you set multiple download qualities, including lossless FLAC versions of some songs. The app also supports downloading multiple tracks at once.

Deemix is available on almost all major platforms, including Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Download Deemix


25 best music download apps for seamless listening [2023] - ymusic download and listen youtube video in background android

If you are specifically looking for downloading YouTube music, YMusic is the best app for you. With its easy-to-use interface, you can convert YouTube videos to MP3 and download them to your internal storage. You can also download YouTube videos with the app.

Download Ymusic app

How to Choose the Best Music Downloader Apps

  • Downloading function: The first thing you should look for, of course, is a download function. Most apps offer the download function as part of a subscription.
  • Music Preferences: Consider what type of music you listen to most often and whether the app has a wide selection of that genre.
  • Pricing: look at the pricing options for each app and decide which one fits your budget. Some apps have a free version with limited features or a trial period before a subscription is required.
  • Device Compatibility: check if the app is compatible with your device’s operating system and storage capacity.
  • User Interface: Evaluate the app’s user interface and ease of use. Some apps have a cluttered interface that is difficult to use, while others have a simple and intuitive design.
  • Additional Features: Look for additional features that the app offers, such as curated playlists, offline listening, or options for sharing with others.

Comparison of the Best Music Download Apps

App Name Price Music Library Size Genres Offline Playback Supported Platforms Download Quality Max Download Limit Final Words
Spotify Free, Premium: $9.99/month Over 70 million songs All genres Yes iOS, Android, Web Up to 320 kbps, Hifi Coming soon 10,000 songs per device, up to 5 devices Large music library, personalized playlists, and social sharing features
Apple Music Free trial, $9.99/month Over 75 million songs All genres Yes iOS, Android, Web Up to 256 kbps, (ALAC) at 16-bit/44.1kHz, 24-bit/48kHz, and 24-bit/192kHz. Unlimited downloads Seamless integration with Apple devices, exclusive content
Amazon Music Free trial, $7.99/month for Prime members, $9.99/month for non-Prime members Over 75 million songs All genres Yes iOS, Android, Web Up to 256 kbps, HD tracks have a bit depth of 16 bits, a minimum sample rate of 44.1 kHz (also referred to as CD quality), and an average bitrate of 850 kbps. 100,000 songs per account Bundled with Amazon Prime, access to exclusive content
Tidal Free trial, $9.99/month for Premium, $19.99/month for Hi-Fi Over 70 million songs All genres Yes iOS, Android, Web Up to 1411 kbps (lossless), Unlimited downloads High-quality, exclusive content, artist-owned
Deezer Free trial, $9.99/month for Premium, $14.99/month for Hi-Fi Over 73 million songs All genres Yes iOS, Android, Web Up to 1411 kbps (lossless) Unlimited downloads High Quality and Wide range of international content, personalized recommendations
SoundCloud Free, SoundCloud Go: $4.99/month, SoundCloud Go+: $9.99/month Over 200 million songs All genres, particularly independent and underground music Yes iOS, Android, Web Up to 256 kbps Unlimited downloads Large collection of independent artists, remixes, and live recordings
YouTube Music Free trial, $9.99/month for Premium, $14.99/month for Family Over 70 million songs All genres Yes iOS, Android, Web Up to 256 kbps Unlimited downloads Access to music videos, personalized recommendations
Pandora Free, Pandora Plus: $4.99/month, Pandora Premium: $9.99/month Over 70 million songs All genres, particularly personalized radio stations based on user preferences Yes iOS, Android, Web Up to 192 kbps Unlimited downloads Personalized radio stations, ad-free listening
Fildo Free Download client Yes (Save directly to device) Android Unlimited downloads
Demix Free Download client Yes (Save directly to device) Android, Windows, Linux Unlimited downloads
YMusic Free Download client Yes (Save Youtube video and audio directly to the device) Android Unlimited downloads
Prices and music library sizes may vary depending on the country or region.

Other Music Download Apps You can Consider Downloading

12. NewPipe: It is a great download app for music due to its wide range of features and ease of use. NewPipe offers a free video and audio downloader, as well as a free YouTube streamer and downloader. Furthermore, you can play music in the background with a headphone button. The app is open source, so it is constantly being improved and updated.

13. Google Play Music: You can download music from Google Play Music for offline listening on many different devices.

14. SONGily: Songily is a great music download app because it offers users access to a large library of both new and old music from a variety of artists, both mainstream and obscure. The app is free but ad-supported, so users can get a constant stream of new content without having to pay for it.

15. RockMyRun – Best Workout Music: RockMyRun is an ideal music download app for workouts due to its impressive features. It has a clean and easy-to-navigate UI, allowing users to select the tracks they want quickly.

16. 4Fildo: It offers a convenient top songs chart for users to discover new music or quickly find their favorite songs easily.

17. Napster: With millions of songs available, Napster is a well-established music streaming service. Napster users must purchase different subscription plans to access music. Napster download music is available for Premier users only, and offline audio files are mostly WMV and DRM-protected, meaning they can only be used on your devices.

18. Audiomack: It allows users to download songs and listen to them offline or directly from the app, so you can take your music with you wherever you go. It is available on Android, iOS, and the web, so you can access your music no matter what device you are using.

19. Audials Play: Audials Play is a great music download app as it takes an interesting approach to downloading music. Not only can you access a wide range of radio stations, but you can also record and save entire broadcasts with songs separated into individual tracks.

20. TubeMate: It allows users to download video and audio separately, so they can choose to either watch the video or download only the audio. Additionally, users can choose from a range of different formats, like MP3, M4A, and OGG, for their audio downloads.

21. Hungama Music: It has a massive collection of songs (15 million and more) in over 15 languages, so fans of Bollywood tunes are in for a treat. Hungama Music supports in-app playback and easy downloads and allows you to change the quality of your downloads.

22. Gaana Music: Gaana offers an extensive collection of 30 million Bollywood & English songs, allowing users to access a wide range of music. Upgrading to Ganna Music Plus, users can download unlimited songs for offline listening and sync the downloads on five different devices.

23. JioSaavn: JioSaavn is a great music download app for Android users due to its high-quality audio downloads on the Pro version, Saavn Radio with endless music for any mood, song, or artist, and its decent organization for different moods or genre.

24. Groove: Groove is a music app by Microsoft that provides its users with access to over 40 million high-quality tracks without ads at the cost of $9.99 per month. It is a great music download app because it allows users to not only stream music but also download the tracks and albums they like to their iPhone, making it accessible offline.

25. Musify: Musify is an excellent music downloader for iPhone users, as it offers a variety of features that make it easy and efficient to download music.

Download Music to Listen to Offline

In conclusion, music download apps offer a great way to listen to music without the need for wifi or data. Not only do these apps offer great music, but they also provide offline listening capabilities, allowing users to enjoy music without an internet connection. Additionally, most of these apps are available from trusted sources such as the Play Store and App Store and have been checked for any illegal content, providing users with peace of mind. With all of these features, music download apps are a great way to listen to music on the go.

FAQs on Best Music Downloading Apps

loader image

To download songs on Spotify:

  1. Open the Spotify app on your device and log in to your Premium account.
  2. Search for and select the song or album you want to download.
  3. Tap the "Download" toggle to start the download process. The song or album will be saved on your device so you can listen to it offline.
  4. To access your downloaded music, go to the "Your Library" tab and select "Music" or "Playlists." Your downloaded music will be displayed with a green arrow next to it.

To download songs on Apple Music:

  1. Open the Apple Music app on your device and log in to your account.
  2. Search for and select the song or album you want to download.
  3. Look for the "Download" button that appears as a down arrow next to the song or album title. Tap it to start the download process.
  4. The song or album will now be saved on your device and can be listened to offline. To access your downloaded music, go to the "Library" tab and select "Downloaded Music"

The two most popular ways to download music on computers are:

  1. Buying music online: Many online music stores such as iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play offer digital downloads of individual songs or entire albums for purchase. Once you purchase the music, you can download it directly to your computer.
  2. Use a music torrent website: Torrent websites like The Pirate Bay and BitTorrent are another option for downloading music to your computer. However, it's important to know that downloading copyrighted music without permission is illegal and can lead to fines or legal action.

Most of the apps listed above are also available on desktops. You can download the app to your computer, sign up for a subscription, and download the music you want. Depending on your preference, you can download music on your computer in different ways.

The best music download apps offer a wide range of features that make downloading music a breeze. These features include online streaming of music, offline availability of favorite songs, personalized recommendations, offline playback, fast downloader, lyrics display, download quality options, checked tracks, background playback, intuitive and user-friendly interface, music player features, repeat, shuffle and fast forward, no subscription required, no limit on downloads, access to millions of songs, create playlists, discover new music, track artists, fast downloader, and ad-free and offline listening.

When it comes to downloading music from apps, audio quality is an important factor to consider. There are some music download apps that offer a range of audio quality options, including Snaptube, which offers 70, 128, 160, and 320 kbps, as well as the M4A format for lossless audio. Audiomack, on the other hand, offers free streaming and download options, but the downloaded music is exclusive to this app. Finally, Download MP3 Music also offers various quality options, ranging from low to high quality. All of these apps are free to use, but downloading music may require a subscription.

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