As the internet continues to become more accessible, we now have access to a plethora of information on the web, be it about a query related to work, personal development, or any other use-case. So much so that, oftentimes, we find the need to take notes on information — that resonates with us or might be helpful in the future — to deal with the information overload.

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While, for the most part, a regular notes app serves well in this scenario, it lacks the features found on some of the modern note-taking apps. For instance, a lot of note-taking apps these days offer users the flexibility to take personalized notes with support for all the different kinds of media. Not just that, these apps also help teams in a professional setting as well by providing collaboration and task management features.

Although there are numerous note-taking apps out there to choose from, the one we are checking out today is Nimbus Note.

What is Nimbus Note?

As its name suggests, Nimbus Note is a note-taking solution that allows you to create notes, wikis, tasks, databases, and spreadsheets, among other things. It is available for Android and iOS on the mobile side and PC and Mac on the computer side of things. Besides, there is also a web version, which can be accessed from any device using a browser, irrespective of its operating system.

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Nimbus Note comes from Nimbus Web, which also owns two more products: Nimbus Capture – a screenshot and screen recording service, and Nimbus Clipper – an online content grabber utility. Both Nimbus Capture and Nimbus Clipper are available to download and use separately. However, if you use Nimbus Note, the company offers complimentary access to both these products.

What are the use-cases for Nimbus Note?

Being more than just a note-taking app, Nimbus Note has numerous use-cases. To give you a quick rundown of these, let’s broadly classify the use-cases into two categories: personal and professional. In the personal category, you can use Nimbus Note to manage a personal CRM, scan and save documents, run a personal repository to store your important documents and information, save anything from the web (using web clipper), and lastly, create notes, to-do lists, wikis, databases, and more.

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On the other hand, with professional use-case, there are a bunch of different domains in which Nimbus Note can prove to be helpful. For instance, if you are an engineer/software developer, you can use the service to keep track of all the documentation, take notes in markdown (with syntax highlighting), create a roadmap to follow and track the progress of your projects, among other applications. Of course, these are just a few use-cases where Nimbus Note can help you stay on top of your work and function efficiently.

Nimbus Note Features

Now that you have an understanding of the instances where you can use Nimbus Note to your advantage and get more out of your time, both personally and professionally, here are some of the notable features that the service offers:

1. Editor – a note-taking editor that enables you to take notes and customize them to your preference using a range of formatting options. Besides notes, the Nimbus Note editor also allows you to add tables, to-dos, lists, and media. And similarly, it provides the ability to add files and embed items from the web.

2. Workspaces – working with Nimbus Note involves using workspaces. You can create multiple workspaces to organize all your different projects. And you can also have folders within workspaces to better manage the information and structure the projects.

3. Collaborate – one of the most significant use-cases of the service is the ability to collaborate with other people on different projects. So, if you have multiple people working on a project, you can add them to specific workspaces and grant them permissions to perform tasks and access the workspace resources. Users can then work on notes together and post comments to keep track of the progress and communicate with peers.

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4. Public sharing – for times when you need to share documents or any information with people (with no Nimbus Note account), you can use public sharing to share content (folders, sub-folders, etc.) by generating a public link. Furthermore, to add protection, you can also password protect items before you share them.

5. Scan documents – the service features a document scanner that allows you to create digital copies of printed documents. In addition, it also comes with image-to-text recognition (OCR), which lets you search for text within images and extract them into documents.

6. Permissions – with Nimbus Note, you get a total of three different kinds of roles on the service: owner, manager, and members, which are critical for the management of any project. Of these roles, the owner holds the highest privilege, which grants him permission to do almost anything with a workspace or group. On the other hand, the manager also gets to enjoy almost the same set of permissions, with the members (admin, create & edit, and read-only) coming in with limited permissions.

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7. Record audio and video – for times when you need to express a situation in a more effective manner, Nimbus Note gives the option to record audio and video. Moreover, this feature can also come in handy to help you record a meeting to revisit it at a later time.

8. Nimbus Capture – a complementary utility that lets you record the contents of the screen (audio and video) to share with your peers or add to your personal workspace. You also get a few editing tools, which can help you annotate the screen captures.

9. Nimbus Clipper – another Nimbus Note complimentary utility, available as part of the service. It makes it easier for you to grab any content from a webpage and save it to your workspace.

10. Two-step verification – a must-use feature to secure your account and prevent unauthorized access to the same — in case the credentials are compromised.

11. Cross-platform sync – since Nimbus Note is a cross-platform app, you can use it on any device and have access to all your workspaces and information across all devices.

nimbus note cross-platform support

12. Offline access – the company offers offline access to a lot of the features on the platform, which allows you to access the supported ones without requiring an active internet connection. Nimbus Note supports offline access on all plans.

How can Nimbus Note help you better organize your life?

All the features we’ve listed in the previous section apply to both categories of subscription plans: individual, as well as professional. And having gone through those features, you should now have an idea of how you can use Nimbus Note to organize both your personal and professional life in a more effective manner. Since a majority of people coming across this article would likely consider the service for their personal use, here’s how it can help them better organize their life.

1. Organize information – using Nimbus Note, you can organize and manage all your information in a more effective manner. The information can be stored within folders that reside within workspaces, which can further be categorized into groups.

2. Create and manage CRM – the service also lets you create and manage personal CRM that can make it easier to keep track of your contacts’ addresses, workplaces, contact information, and the likes.

3. Scan documents – in addition to creating notes, you can also scan documents like receipts, bills, etc., to save all the important information in one place.

4. Web clipper – for times when you come across anything on the web that interests you, the web clipper feature helps you capture the entire content of the webpage and annotate and save it to your account.

5. Personal digital asset management – one of the best ways to take advantage of Nimbus Note for personal use is to use it as personal digital asset management. One that acts like a central repository to help you store and organize all your ideas, information, and knowledge documents in a single place.

Nimbus Note: Pricing

Nimbus Note offers four subscription plans: Starter, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. If you plan to use the service for personal use, the Starter plan should suffice for most of your needs. It is available for free and offers two workspaces (50 notes per workspace), with a 100MB monthly upload limit and offline access. However, if you need more, the Pro plan, priced at $39.99 per year, comes with an unlimited notes limit and 5GB of monthly upload limit. Moreover, it also provides support for five workspaces, offline access, OCR (optical character recognition) scanner, priority support, along with a few more features.

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On the other hand, if you plan to use Nimbus Note for professional use, the Business and Enterprise plans give you all the features you need. These plans build on top of the individual plans and add a bunch of other features, along with support for more workspaces and increased upload limit.

Furthermore, the company also offers a 30-day moneyback guarantee on the Business and Enterprise plans. So in case you pay for either of the subscriptions and are not satisfied with the service, you can apply for a refund within 30 days.

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