Computers slow down with time. No matter what you do to fight against it, it happens eventually. A significant cause of this slowdown is all the downloads, documents, and software you accumulate on your system over time. On the whole, most of these files are often unused, and they continue to hog up your disk space, ultimately slowing down the entire system.

An ideal way to handle this problem is to clean up and optimize your system periodically. Typically, you could do this manually. However, dedicated software makes the processes easier and more effective.

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Cleaner One Pro from Trend Micro happens to be one such disk cleaner software that facilitates the cleaning and management of your PC or Mac‘s storage space to maximize its performance.

What is Cleaner One Pro?

Cleaner One Pro is a disk cleanup software from Trend Micro that lets you visualize, manage, and clean up your computer storage space. It is available for both PC and Mac and offers a host of features to help you keep your computer clean and have it perform to its full potential.

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Besides being a PC storage cleaner and a Mac cleaner, Cleaner One Pro also provides you the ability to manage startup apps on your computer and remove unwanted ones. While you can do this natively on macOS and Windows, the software makes the process quicker and easier.

What Does Cleaner One Pro Offer?

Cleaner One Pro is an all-in-one disk cleaning manager, and so you get plenty of cleaning and optimization features with it. Most of these features are available on both macOS and Windows. But, there are a few features specific to each platform. For the purpose of this article, we will check out the features of Cleaner One Pro’s Mac app.

1. Smart Scan

Smart Scan is a combination of all the core cleaning, optimization, and system diagnosis features on one console. Once you finish a smart scan, you will find the scan results are categorized into three parts including storage, diagnostics, and application. It’s easy to find the junk files, big files, duplicate files, and similar photos cluttered on your hard drive. You can get detailed information by simply clicking the View Details button. To the diagnostics part, the security posture and security suggestions are listed. You can also find the applications not used in the Application category.

cleaner one pro: a handy pc cleaner to optimize your computer performance - smart scan

2. Junk Files

Junk Files helps you find and delete all kinds of junk files hogging up space on your Mac. These files usually include everything from system caches and system logs to application caches, old documents, uninstalled application leftovers, and browser caches. Deleting and getting rid of them can free up significant disk space on your computer and remove unnecessary file clutter.

3. Big Files

Big Files helps you identify all the large files on your Mac‘s storage. So, if you have lots of installation files (.dmg) or large documents on your system that you no longer require, you can delete them to free up the storage.

4. Disk Map

Disk Map offers you a visual representation of the different kinds of files that are occupying your disk. You can also create a disk map for individual directories on your Mac to get an idea of the types of files they hold. If there are unused files, you can remove them to clean up the directory.

5. Startup Manager

Startup Manager scans your Mac to identify all the programs that run at the time of startup. In general, when you install apps on your Mac, some of the apps set themselves to run at startup automatically, causing inconvenience every time you boot your computer. With Startup Manager, you can manage what apps run at startup.

6. Duplicate Files and Similar Photos

Duplicate Files scans your Mac and retrieves all the duplicate files, so you can delete them to remove clutter. You can either select the entire storage or pick a folder to identify its duplicate files. Likewise, Cleaner One Pro also offers another utility, Similar Photos, which finds all the similar photos on your Mac. So, you can use it to get rid of similar-looking images on the system and avoid confusion.

7. App Manager

App Manager scans your Mac and presents you with a list of all the installed apps and their associated files such that you can delete them easily without having to go through the tedious route of doing the process manually. Redundant files are particularly known to cause trouble cleaning up Mac’s storage: they fall under the Other storage category and are hard to identify and delete. But, Cleaner One Pro tackles their discovery and deletion quite efficiently.

8. File Shredder

File Shredder is a highlighting feature of Cleaner One Pro that allows you to erase files and make them unrecoverable. In general, it is always a good idea to format your Mac entirely if you intend to sell or give it to someone else to minimize the chances of data retrieval. Cleaner One Pro goes one step further with File Shredder to further reduce data retrieval chances by shredding (destroying) files.

cleaner one pro: a handy pc cleaner to optimize your computer performance - file shredder

On Windows, aside from the cleanup features, Cleaner One Pro has a slightly different set of features for optimization. It includes a Registry manager, which helps identify and delete invalid leftover registry entries on your system to avoid conflicts and keep the system functioning smoothly.

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How to Use Cleaner One Pro

After getting a sense of what Cleaner One Pro can do, let us find out how to install and use it on a Mac.

  1. Head over to Trend Micro to purchase Cleaner One Pro and download it on your computer (Mac or Windows).
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.
  3. Head over to the Activation section and enter the activation code to activate the Cleaner One Pro on your computer.
  4. Grant the software access to all the permissions when prompted to start scanning and analyzing your system.

Once you have Cleaner One Pro set up, you are ready to proceed further. Following are the steps to use it on a Mac.

  1. Start Cleaner One Pro and click the app icon in the system tray. The menu bar tool will be called up and you can get a quick view of your CPU usage, network usage, junk files, and memory usage. You can simply click Optimize to free up more memory or click Clean to remove junk files quickly. If you want to explore more cleaning and optimization features, you can dig deeper with the Cleaner One main Console.
  2. Click the System Optimizer button to expand the utility.
    cleaner one pro toolbar app
  3. By default, you are greeted to the Smart Scan screen. You can either click on the Scan button to check your storage or diagnose it for any potential issues or go into the relevant section (from the left sidebar) to operate accordingly.
  4. If you want to manage your system’s startup apps, click on Startup Manager and perform a scan. Once the software returns a list of apps, unselect the ones you do not want to run at startup.
  5. To delete duplicate files and similar photos on your system, select Duplicate Files or Similar Photos, respectively, and perform a scan. After the scan is complete, Cleaner One Pro will return all the duplicate files or similar photos on your system. You can then select these files and delete them.
  6. If you have lots of unused apps on your Mac, you can use App Manager to delete such apps and remove all their associated files. While you can do this manually, using Cleaner One Pro ensures that the entire data of an app gets deleted so that there is no extra hogging of disk space by the leftover files.
  7. For times when you want to sell out your Mac or hand it over to someone, you can use the File Shredder utility to erase the files on your system and make them unrecoverable.

Optimizing Your Computer With Cleaner One Pro

Cleaner One Pro’s system optimization and cleanup features make it a perfect tool for keeping your computer clear of unnecessary files and getting optimal performance out of it. So, no matter whether you use Mac or PC, you can use the software on your system from time to time to clean it up and prevent slowdown.

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