Realme recently unveiled DIZO, its first brand under the Realme TechLife ecosystem that aims to carve out a place in the smart entertainment, smart care, smart home, and accessories space by leveraging Realme’s resources in design, supply chain, and AIoT experience.

dizo wireless review

And to kick things off, DIZO recently launched two Bluetooth wireless earphones: DIZO GoPods D (review) and DIZO Wireless. While the former is a pair of TWS-style earbuds with an affordable value proposition, the latter are neckband-style earphones that come at an even lower price tag.

If you’re looking for a pair of neckband-style earphones and have your eye on the DIZO Wireless, here’s our DIZO Wireless review to help you decide if it’s worth your money.

DIZO Wireless: Design and Build

Right off the bat, the DIZO Wireless resemble a design language that’s reminiscent of any other run-of-the-mill neckband-style earphones. It features a plasticky and rubberized build similar to Realme’s offerings in the same category. In addition, the neckband and the wires connecting the earphones share a similar texture and feel. Not just that, though, the similarities carry forward to the earbuds too, which share a similar design and finish.

Speaking of, the design of the earbuds is also very appealing. Each earbud angles in to improve ergonomics, which allows them to sit snugly inside the ear canal. Plus, since their design isn’t as clunky as that found on some of the other earphones, you can use them for hours without feeling any discomfort.

Another plus is the inclusion of the magnetic back, which lets you snap the earbuds together in place and prevent them from dangling around your neck. And, as you might expect, this also disconnects the earphones and saves battery life.

Moving to the build, the DIZO Wireless feature a hard rubber-like neckband that makes them sit comfortably around the neck without adding much bulk. It gets you the same typical Realme design for the pits, wherein you have everything from in-line controls and a microphone to the USB-C charging port on the right-hand side.

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We found the controls tactile and easy to operate. However, one gripe we have with the earphone’s build is that there’s no flap on the charging port to prevent it from getting tainted with dust, debris, and water.

Aside from that, the overall quality of the earphones feels reasonably good for the price. And despite being in the lower price range, there aren’t corner cuttings for essentials here, as key features such as IPX4 water resistance and magnetic earbuds surfaces are a part of the package.

On the whole, having an IPX4 rating, combined with a lightweight design—coming in at just 23.1g—ensures you can wear the earphones during workouts or outdoor runs comfortably without risking damage or worrying about them falling off your ears (most of the time). That said, though, we would’ve liked it if the surface of the earbud was matte, as that would ensure an even better fit during workouts.

DIZO Wireless: Performance

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The DIZO Wireless connect over Bluetooth 5.0 and offer a pretty decent connection. During our time testing them, we didn’t encounter any issues with the connectivity whatsoever. Similarly, the range offered is also quite good, and the earphones managed to maintain a stable connection throughout. Even with the phone kept in another room, we could listen to music on the device without lag or jitter.

Talking about latency, the DIZO Wireless don’t showcase any lag while consuming content on a smartphone. However, the delay in audio-video sync cropped up when we used the earphones with a laptop. Besides, if you’re into gaming, there’s a dedicated game mode that promises to get you ~88ms of latency to offer a lag-free gaming experience.

Like we mentioned initially, the in-line controls on the earphones offer a pretty solid tactility and work perfectly. What we like about them is that, aside from offering the usual play/pause and answer/end call functionality, the multifunction button also lets you reset the earphones to factory settings, saving you the effort of doing the same via the companion app. So, for example, to reset your DIZO Wireless, simply press and hold the button for 10 seconds.

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Besides, you can customize the multifunction button settings on the earphones to suit your preference via the Realme Link app. Speaking of, using this app, you can also enable sound effects such as bass boost+, dynamic, and bright, along with volume enhancer. However, we recommend you avoid using any of these modes to preserve the authenticity of the sound in your music.

Lastly, the app can also come in handy for updating the headphone’s firmware to the latest version.

DIZO Wireless: Sound Quality

Coming to the sound quality, the DIZO Wireless feature 11.2mm bass boost drivers inside each earbud. They also incorporate Realme’s Bass Boost+ algorithm, which kicks things up a notch by boosting frequencies in the lower end of the spectrum.

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As a result, what you get is a bass-forward sound signature that puts a lot of emphasis on lower frequencies. While such a sound signature has a general appeal and is suitable for listening to hip-hop and electronic genres, it takes on a very distinct character on DIZO Wireless.

You see, unlike how you’d normally imagine the bass-heavy sound signature to be, the low-end on offer here is a little chaotic, overshadowing other frequencies in the spectrum and leaving the overall audio sound dull. So when you listen to vocal-heavy tracks on these earphones, you experience a muffled sound output that subsumes the vocals and audio in the mid-to-high frequency spectrum.

Although you can slightly fix this by using the Bright preset in the Realme Link app, you are unlikely to see a huge improvement. In our experience, the preset bumped up the treble levels significantly, to the point that the highs started sounding shrill in certain tracks.

Likewise, Bass Boost+ isn’t very effective either, and so if you go in expecting it to get you a thumping bass, you’d be left disappointed. For this reason, we recommend using the Wavelet app instead to tweak the output of your DIZO Wireless earphones.

DIZO Wireless: Call Quality

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Call quality on the DIZO Wireless earphones is satisfactory. The microphone does a decent job of relaying the voice to the other end, and we received no complaints regarding call quality from the other party. Of course, a part of that is due to environmental noise cancellation (ENC), which keeps the quality of your phone calls unaffected by background noise.

However, there’s a limit to how much background noise it can cut, so you shouldn’t be overly optimistic about making calls with it in much noisier surroundings.

DIZO Wireless: Battery Life

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Talking about the battery life, which is a crucial consideration for most people, the DIZO Wireless earphones pack in a 150mAh battery that delivers an impressive battery life: one that can easily last you over 10 hours on a single charge. So if you’re a moderate user, you can easily use them for 3-4 days without needing to plug them in.

As for charging, the earphones come equipped with a USB Type-C charging port, which brings along convenience and better charging speeds. We found that it takes anywhere between 2.5 to 3 hours to fully charge the battery, with a 20- or -30-minute charge fueling up enough juice to last for at least an hour of use.

DIZO Wireless Review: Verdict

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The DIZO Wireless earphones come in at Rs 1299, and for this price, you get a well-built pair of wireless earphones that offer solid connectivity, good call quality, and impressive battery life. So if any of these aspects matter to you the most, you can’t go wrong with these earphones.

However, if you desire a good audio experience—although it’s a hard find in this price range—the DIZO Wireless will fall short of your expectations. And so, you might instead want to go a little higher on the budget and get something like the Oppo Enco M31, which come with LDAC support and sound incredible.

Buy Dizo Wireless Earphones

  • Nice build quality
  • Good connectivity and range
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Impressive battery life
  • USB Type-C
  • IPX4 certification
  • Average sound quality
  • Irritating idle alert sound
  • Codec support is limited to SBC
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Build & design
Sound quality
Battery life

The DIZO Wireless are the first pair of neckband-style wireless earphones from Realme's Tech Lifestyle brand DIZO, targeted at budget-conscious consumers. But are they any good? Find out in our review.

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