Today, Qualcomm has announced its latest X70 5G modem at MWC 2022. The X70 5G is the world’s first cellular modem to feature an AI processor within the die. Qualcomm says their new modem utilizes this AI chipset to boost signal strengths amidst growing network congestion with the growth of 5G networks.

qualcomm x70 5g modem

Qualcomm X70 5G Modem with AI – How is it different?

We have seen AI implementation on mobile processors for a while, but with the Qualcomm X70 5G, we are witnessing an AI processor dedicated to network management for the very first time. The X70 5G modem uses this section of the modem to mmWave Beam management using AI algorithms developed by Qualcomm. This results in better signal coverage and strength indoors.

The new AI-powered X70 5G modem by Qualcomm can reach maximum download speeds of over 10 Gbps, which is similar to its predecessor, the X65 modem. The new X70 modem uses the same 4x downlink CA (Carrier Aggregation) technique to achieve gigabit download speeds.

However, Qualcomm has improved the upload speed with the X70 5G modem by using switched uplink, which allows seamless switching between TDD and FDD. Hence, the Qualcomm X70 5G modem supports upload speeds of up to 3.5Gbps. This is a boost from the 3Gbps upload speeds on the X65 modem.

The speeds mentioned above are the maximum supported speeds by this new modem, and real-world numbers will depend on your network carrier and the region where you live. This modem also offers dual 5G standby, allowing phones to connect to two different 5G networks at the same time.

The Qualcomm X70 5G modem supports all existing 5G bands between 600 MHz and 41 GHz. This modem’s AI processor helps utilize maximum bandwidth from the available spectrum. Since 5G uses a very broad range of network spectrum as compared to 4G, this new AI chip shall help your device to stay on the most efficient band using antenna tuning.

Apart from network improvements, Qualcomm also states that their new X70 5G modem is almost 60% more power efficient as compared to other modems. The new modem makes use of Qualcomm 5G PowerSave Gen 3 to achieve this enhanced power management. Qualcomm has also managed to save power using the 7th gen Wideband Envelope Tracker QET7100, which acts as a multi-power amplifier for 5G, sub-6, and LTE networks,

When Shall We See Devices with the Qualcomm X70 5G AI-based modem?

Today, Qualcomm has just unveiled the new X70 5G modem at MWC 2022. Their latest flagship SoC, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, uses the X65 modem from last year. Following the same timeline, we can expect the X70 5G modem on the successor of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC, which may launch around the end of this year, 2022.

The Qualcomm X70 modem will get the new Snapdragon Connect branding, which is Qualcomm’s way of letting you know that you are using the latest technology from the company.

Once Qualcomm announces its new SoCs with this new X70 5G modem, we will update this article with a list of all the processors with this new modem.

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