Files is an app that’s been available for a long time on the iPhone and iPad. While Apple’s been adding features to the app with new software updates, the pace has always been slow, and the app’s lagged behind in several useful functionalities.

quickly convert images on iphone

Image conversion is one such functionality that’s been missing on the Files app. As a result, if you had to convert images between different formats on your iPhone until now, there wasn’t an easy and efficient approach to do it.

However, with the iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 updates, Apple’s finally updating the Files on iPhone and iPad with new features. Among other features, it’s also introducing the ability to convert images inside the Files app.

Let’s dive in to see how you can use the Files app to quickly convert images on iPhone and iPad without any app.

What’s the New Image Conversion Feature on the Files App?

Apple’s image conversion feature on the Files app is essentially a quick action that lets you convert images from pretty much any format into a JPEG, PNG, or HEIF equivalent. It’s called Convert Image, and it’s pretty easy to use. Plus, it also gives you the ability to choose the size for your image, so you don’t have to compromise on the image quality.

How to Convert Images on iPhone/iPad Using Files’ Built-In Image Converter

Since the Convert Image quick action is available on iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, you first need to update your iPhone and iPad to iOS 16, respectively.

Once you’ve got that covered, follow these steps to convert an image into one of the supported formats:

  1. Open the Files app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Go to the folder that contains the image you want to convert. If the photo is in some other app, import it by hitting the Share button and selecting Save to Files in the Share menu.
  3. Tap and hold the image you want to convert to bring up the contextual menu.
  4. From this menu, tap on Quick Actions and select Convert Image.
    convert image quick action in files app
  5. When the Convert Image action runs, it will ask you to choose the format in which you want to convert the image. Tap on your preferred output format in the menu.

    selecting an output file format for convert image quick action

  6. It will now ask you to choose the image size. Available options include Small, Medium, Large, and Original. Click the image size you feel suits your requirement.
    selecting image quality for image converter quick action

Wait for a few seconds, and the Convert Image quick action will convert the image to your chosen file format. It will create a new file while the original file continues to exist, just in case you need it later.

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Can You Convert Multiple Images at Once With Files’ Built-In Image Converter?

Yes, the image converter functionality supports batch image conversion too. Here’s how you can use it to convert multiple images from one format to another:

  1. Launch the Files app and navigate to the folder containing the image file you wish to convert.
  2. Click on the ellipsis button in the top-right corner and choose Select from the menu.
  3. Click all the images you want to convert to select them. You can even select images in different file formats.
  4. Hit the ellipsis button in the bottom-right corner and select Convert Image.
  5. Again, select the output image format, and on the next prompt, choose the image size.

Sit back, and the Convert Image action will convert all your images.

File Conversion on iPhone and iPad Has Never Been This Easier

Image conversion is one of the most common image operations. You may need it whenever you want your image to use a commonly-used format, like JPEG, or perhaps in a format that helps reduce the file size.

No matter what the reason, though, the Files app now makes it extremely easy to convert images on iPhone and iPad. And the best part is it doesn’t require you to install a third-party app, use an online image converter, or set up a shortcut inside the Shortcuts app. Simply supply the images you wish to convert to quick action, and it will convert them for you.

FAQs About Converting Images on iPhone and iPad

With the new Convert Image quick action in the Files app, you can convert any image into PNG, JPG, or HEIC format. Here's how you can use it to convert an HEIC image to a JPEG:

  1. Open Files.
  2. Click and hold the HEIC image you want to convert to JPG.
  3. Tap on Quick Actions and select Convert Image.
  4. Choose JPG as the output format.
  5. Finally, select an image size based on your preference, and it will convert the image to JPG.

By default, the iPhone camera is set to capture images in the HEIF format to reduce the file size and prevent images from occupying more storage space. However, if storage space isn't a cause of concern for you or you share images with other devices and therefore want your images in a universally-compatible image format, you can use JPG.

Here's how to do this:

  1. Launch iPhone Settings.
  2. Scroll down and select Camera.
  3. Tap on Formats and Most Compatible.

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