Social media is part of everyone’s life. It is very rare that there are people who do not have social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and others are the main social media platforms where people spend more time. The minutes we spend there turn into hours without us realizing it.

best apps to break social media addiction

Over time, it becomes an addiction that is hard to break. Whatever we do, social media remains constant and takes up more and more of our time. While there are settings like Digital Wellbeing on Android phones that allow us to track the time we spend on social media apps and set time limits, it’s not enough to curb the addiction.

There are many apps in the Google Play Store and the App Store that can help you overcome social media addiction. They can help you find more time for other activities and spend more time with your loved ones and family.

In this guide, we will introduce you to some of the best apps that can help you overcome your social media addiction.

Negative Impacts of Social Media Addiction

Social media addiction has a number of negative consequences on our personal and professional lives. Some of them are:

  • Decrease in productivity: Social media is a major distraction in our lives. They invade every aspect of our lives and disrupt the flow, decreasing productivity. The focus on work and personal life slowly decreases as the use of social media increases.
  • Disturbs personal life: When we spend an excessive amount of time on social media, it becomes difficult for us to interact with the people in our lives. It already happens that families living in the same house communicate through messaging apps or other social media platforms while they are in different areas of their lives. This limits verbal communication and face-to-face communication. This can create distance between people, and the risk of misunderstandings in relationships is high.
  • Worsen Mental Health: Increased use of social media isolates you from your family and society. It can make you feel lonely and lead to an increase in anxiety and depression. Social media is a colored reflection of real life, where everything shines. We can unintentionally start comparing our lives, which can disturb our mental peace.
  • Sleep issues: Social media use is a difficult addiction to break, just like drugs. It’s not easy to limit the amount of time we spend on social media. It has become normal for us to spend more time on social media, even when it is time to sleep.

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How to Break Social Media Addiction

Breaking social media addiction is a big process that requires a lot of commitment. It’s hard, but it’s not impossible. If we are committed to improving the quality of our lives, we can overcome social media addiction. Some of the tips to overcome social media addiction are:

  1. Set time limits: One of the most important tips to overcome social media addiction is to set time limits on app use. Analyze the amount of time you spend on social media apps using your smartphone’s built-in tools. Then set a time limit that’s easy to stick to and start gradually reducing the amount of time you spend using them as you progress.
  2. Find activities you enjoy: We all look to social media for happiness and things we miss in our real lives. If we start spending our time on activities that we enjoy instead of wasting it on social media, we can easily overcome social media addiction.
  3. Stop putting updates: We update most of the events in our lives on social media in the form of status updates, stories, posts, etc. They are acknowledged by our friends, followers, and strangers in the form of likes or comments. We constantly check the insights and details of the posts we make on social media by opening the apps or websites several times a day. If we do not update our profile with our events or opinions, we can reduce the time we spend on social media apps.
  4. Deactivate accounts: It is possible to deactivate and reactivate social media accounts. Deactivate the social media account you spend more time on for a few days and focus on real things in real life. Over time, you may notice a change.
  5. Uninstall apps: One of the main reasons we spend more time on social media is because it’s easily accessible on our phones in the form of apps. If you are struggling with social media addiction, you should uninstall social media apps on your phone.

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Best Apps to Break Social Media Addiction

Sl NoApp NameDescriptionPlatforms
1FreedomFreemium app to block distractions, websites, and apps. Sync data across devices.Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, ChromeOS
2YourHourSmartphone addiction tracker and controller app. Set usage limits and notifications.Android
3Digital DetoxApp to overcome social media addiction. Tracks usage time and provides reports.Android
4AntiSocialReports smartphone usage, app time, and provides a usage score.Android
5HelpMeFocusBlock distractions and apps, set active modes with scheduled times.Android
6UnpluqUnique app with a physical tag to control app usage. Requires NFC support.Android, iOS
7Lock Me OutBlocks apps and websites to combat smartphone addiction.Android
8StayFreeBlocks apps and websites to increase productivity.Android, iOS
9Screen TimeTracks screen time and sets app locks and time limits.Android
10DigitoxScreen time tracking app with app usage reports.Android

Freedom – Block Distractions


Freedom is a freemium app that helps you block websites and apps, block the Internet, create blocklists, etc. It can be used on multiple platforms and you can sync the data as well as the choices across platforms.

You can create custom blocklists with selected websites and apps from the preset lists or create your own list that suits your needs. You can even schedule the blocks or freedom sessions in advance and break the social media addiction.

The Freedom app is available on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and ChromeOS.

Get the Freedom app on Google Play Store & Apple App Store


yourhour app

YourHour is one of the best smartphone addiction tracker and controller apps. It helps you control your phone usage by tracking app usage. With the daily, weekly, and monthly insights you see on it, you can form an opinion and make decisions about app usage.

You can set usage limits for individual apps, set notifications to remind you of excessive app/phone usage, or set Do Not Disturb to prevent you from being distracted by incoming notifications. If you are worried about privacy, the YourHour app is secure as it stores data locally on your device. YourHour is a freemium app that unlocks a whole bunch of features when you buy the paid plan.

Get YourHour on Google Play Store

Digital Detox: Focus & Live

digital detox

Digital Detox is one of the best apps to help you overcome your social media and smartphone addiction, with good reviews on the Google Play Store. When you install Digital Detox: Focus & Live on your smartphone, it tracks the usage time of each app and shows you a detailed report.

After seeing the reports, you can plan to limit usage by setting time limits, scheduling detox times, and breaking the addiction.

Get Digital Detox on Google Play Store

AntiSocial: phone addiction

antisocial phone addiction

AntiSocial app has all the features that can help you overcome social media and smartphone addiction. It has the ability to report your smartphone usage clearly and lets you understand things clearly.

Some of the things you can understand with the AntiSocial app on your phone are the number of times you unlock your phone in a day, the time you spend on social media apps, apps that consume more of your time, etc.

You can even get a score for your phone usage by comparing it to others. The chart feature makes it much easier to understand phone and app usage over a period of time.

The AntiSocial app comes in two versions: AntiSocial Personal and AntiSocial Paired. With the personal version, you can see and control your phone usage. With the paired version, you can monitor and control another phone.

Get AntiSocial on Google Play Store

HelpMeFocus – Block Apps, Stay

help me focus

HelpMeFocus lets you block apps and stay focused. It is a good choice to block distractions and have self-control and limit the use of social media as well as your smartphone.

On HelpMeFocus, you can create modes and set days and times when it should be active. You can choose how you want to use the HelpMeFocus app to block distractions, apps, and time spent on your smartphone.

With the HelpMeFocus app, you can block any app on your smartphone and keep yourself away from social media or other apps that take up a lot of your time. This app is a good choice to install on your phone and stop social media addiction.

Get HelpMeFocus on Google Play Store 

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Unpluq: Focus Your Screen Time


Unpluq lets you take control of your time and reclaim the time you waste on social media and smartphones. It is a unique app with a physical Unpluq tag to control your app usage.

It helps you break your bad scrolling habits and become more productive. It breaks your smartphone and social media addiction by creating a physical barrier. If you want to access apps after a certain time, you need to tap the physical Unpluq tag.

The Unpluq tag works on Android and iOS devices and requires NFC support. To use this app, you need to order the Unpluq tag from the Unpluq website.

Get Unpluq on Google Play Store & Apple App Store

Lock Me Out – App/Site Blocker

lock me out

Lock Me Out is designed to free you from your smartphone addiction by blocking apps and websites. You can manually set the blocking times for a whole week and focus on important tasks instead of wasting time on social media or other apps.

With the Lock Me Out app, you can block apps, allow selected apps, block or allow selected websites, automatic locks, lock in a selected location, view usage statistics, etc.

It is a free app that does not display ads to users. It focuses solely on fighting social media and smartphone addiction.

Get the Lock Me Out app on Google Play Store

StayFree – Screen Time Tracker


The StayFree app helps you free yourself from distractions and excessive app usage. StayFree lets you block apps and websites and ban time-wasting distractions from your daily routine. It visualizes your device usage and helps you stay productive.

StayFree is a free app that helps you overcome your dependence on social media and focus on important tasks.

Get the StayFree app on Google Play Store & Apple App Store

Screen Time – Restrain yourself

screen time

Screen Time, as the name suggests, tracks your screen time and gives you detailed reports daily, weekly, and monthly. You can get details about every single app you use on your phone and the time you spend on it every day.

With the detailed data, you can set app locks, set time limits on app usage, and focus on your personal life instead of wasting your time on your phone and distracting social media apps.

Get the Screen Time app on Google Play Store

Digitox: Screen Time


Digitox is another screen time tracking app with all the necessary features to limit app usage, block notifications, and restrict screen time. It gives you detailed reports with app-related screen time to give you an idea of how much time you spend with them.

Based on this data, you can decide to limit the apps that waste your time and distract you from important tasks. Digitox helps you with your digital detox.

Get the Digitox app from Google Play Store

Limit Smartphone Usage by Curbing Time Spent on Social Media Apps

It is well known that social media apps increase your screen time compared to other apps. If you can limit your social media usage, you can quickly reduce your screen time. These apps will help you do that. Regardless of how many apps you install on your device, it’s ultimately your commitment to overcoming your social media addiction that will be the main focus.

FAQs on Best Apps to Break Social Media Addiction

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That depends on the individual and what kind of content they like. As per recent research by Social Media Behavior Report, TikTok seems to be very popular with Gen Z because the content is addictive, and the algorithms make it hard to stop watching. It's followed by YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

There are many apps that can help you stop cell phone addiction by blocking apps and websites and limiting screen time. You can install any of the these apps and start your journey to stop cell phone addiction.

  1. YourHour
  2. Digital Detox
  3. AntiSocial
  4. HelpMeFocus
  5. Unpluq


While these apps can help limit access to social media, they cannot provide foolproof blocking. Some apps rely on blocking certain websites or apps, but there may be workarounds or limitations based on the device's operating system. Additionally, new social media platforms or updates can sometimes bypass the app's blocking mechanisms until they are updated by the developers. It's important to set realistic expectations and combine these apps with personal commitment to break social media addiction effectively.

These apps can be effective tools in breaking social media addiction, but their effectiveness ultimately depends on the individual's commitment and willingness to change their behavior. These apps can provide support, reminders, and tracking features to help you stay on track, but they are not a magical solution. It's important to combine the use of these apps with other strategies like setting goals, finding alternative activities, seeking social support, and practicing self-discipline to achieve long-term success in overcoming social media addiction.

Yes, these apps can certainly be used to limit your social media usage without completely quitting it. Many of these apps offer features that allow you to set specific time limits or schedule breaks from social media. You can customize the settings based on your goals and preferences to create a healthier balance between using social media and engaging in other activities. It's all about finding a level of usage that works for you and helps you maintain a healthier relationship with social media.

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