UPDATE: RS for RSS Contest – Win FREE Rapidshare Premium Accounts

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Rapidshare has been dominating the file-hosting web services over the last couple of years. As we know, you can download the files from rapidshare either as a free user or a premium user. The amount of restrictions on using the free service is magnanimous. So, the best way to handle this is to opt for the Premium account!

There have been lots and lots of discussion on How to get Rapidshare Premium accounts for free? There are lots of Rapidshare premium account generators available but most of them spread malware and spyware, basically good for nothing websites.

So, how to get Rapidshare Premium Accounts for FREE?

UPDATE: RS for RSS Contest – Win FREE Rapidshare Premium Accounts

Well, the answer is simple. I will be sharing some links to sites which gives away premium accounts for FREE!! Thanks to some loyal readers like Abraham! Simple guidelines first –

  • do NOT try changing the password, this account is not meant for you alone, understand the rule of ‘Sharing is Caring’.
  • do NOT overuse the account, use it only when necessary.
  • do NOT forget to logout from the account once you are done.
  • do NOT forget to SUBSCRIBE to Technically Personal either by RSS or by Email. This is to ensure you do not miss out the updates and get to know about the exciting posts instantly!

Here is the link (regularly updated). Please digg/stumble/share the link if you like it.

Free Rapidshare Premium Accounts

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UPDATE: RS for RSS Contest – Win FREE Rapidshare Premium Accounts


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  • Philippine Blogger

    Where did you get those accounts? I am just a Philippine blogger being curious. I smell something “PHISHY”

  • Mabaks

    Can you give me rapidshare premium account . . ?
    This my email

  • sirdurex

    Can you give me rapidshare premium account? Thanks

  • Ashish

    People have changed 2 or 3 accounts passwords.
    And in each account it says you have exceeded the download limit.
    What the < !love!> it is bro..???

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      There are people who are selfish and try to keep the account to themselves, and others who leech out the download limit to the max dont even bother to comment and say thanks. People who come in last will see leeched out accounts, that i cant help, if you want to keep yourself updated, subscribe to the RSS and bookmark this page and make sure you check it out often.
      and no bad language tolerated here, pls mind it

  • manish

    thanks dude…but most of accounts have no dwlds left!!! so how to solve that issue…

  • Abraham

    Hi manish,
    I am one of those few guys providing RS accounts to raju and i can tell you that at the time when this page gets updated (almost daily), all the accounts will be valid and be having enough bandwidth left, those who use acc dont care for others and dont leave comments also

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      Thanks a lot for clarifying, you are very right.

      you do have a point, I must find out a way to update my readers right at the time I update the post. I will think about a way.

  • Arun | BE Folks

    Thanks for sharing!!! I enjoy downloading!!

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      Welcome :)

  • iref

    it is indeed a pain my head. look around for premium account RS. i have tried a lot of account and yet when it succeded, it has exceeded it limit. can anyone give me a hand.

  • Malik

    Thank u so much, all day i come here

  • Mate

    I managed to get hold of free rs acc couple of times, thx 4 that mate

  • faltu0email

    some do work, txxx

  • Moris

    so coolman

  • http://rapidshare.com juan

    i need a rapidshare account please


  • tieuly

    pls help… i need free rapidshare account.

  • http://josm.blogspot.com/ Jeff

    Heyya, Dropping by to say thanks.. Am gonna check out the accounts.. =D Doing some testing on Rapidshare.. ^^

    Jeffs last blog post..Distraction is What I Need…

  • Asim Ahmed

    hey dude i m a musician and i leave in a country where there is no good music tutor so i download tutorial from rapidshare and I learn by myself….can you share me a rapidshare account….i promise i ll be greatfull to you……….please…..

  • evil

    try this..



    its a collectors account…you will b surprised to see whats inside

  • yang

    could u plz can you share me a rapidshare account.thx XOXO

  • Hiren

    Somebody can give me free premium user account and password

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  • Marchelo

    I need one too please Raju

  • Huy

    Hey, Thanks for your generosity, Raju. Looking forward to getting some free stuff!!

  • shuvo

    raju, i need a rapid account..

  • Rapidwanter


    ive been dying to get a rapidshare premium account and it would be really important … anyway you can help me out m8?

    thanks in advance

  • rahul

    thanks in advance….

  • manik

    mahn !!! this thing is awsome thanx fr all those efforts of urs, we guyz really appreciate it !!! and keep uploading free acc …

  • a

    can you me send a premium account pl??

  • Ventus

    PLz send me a Rapid share acccount!!!!!

  • Prazz

    Would love a premium account if possible….thank you for all the effort you put in to allow others to be able to get the access

  • matinovich

    Hey, could u please send me an account ?
    I really need one :)

    Thx ! =)

  • meysam

    Could you please give me rapidshare account?

  • ALex

    I will gladly appriciate you, if i can get an Premuim account for free!!! Its really needed, to get important stuff…such as software, games between others…you know what i mean!!!

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  • Marcolenis

    Hey, can u please send me a RS account.

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    hey could you please sen me one please?

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      Thanks everybody. This giveaway is now closed. Winners will be announced in a day or 2

  • Pooyan

    I would Highly appreciate if you could provide me with a premium account ID. sure i agree and will participate with rules of sharing :)

  • Weldee

    Hi could i get a premium acc?? feels like 4ever when u have to wait to download files…

  • kate

    hi..send me rapidsharepremium acc for free.Thanks in advance.

  • Jay

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    so,pls help me out in getting one.pls give the account details to my mail id raju.
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  • Heather

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  • http://yahoo.com ashok

    i have the working ID for RP but that password has been changed somebody.is it possible to find the password for that ID…

  • Dween

    Please give me a free premium account, im geting confused witht the way this website is layed out. please please please give me one for free.

    Thank you

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