iPhone is the world’s best smart phone available today without any doubt. People carry their phones everywhere they go, and hence there is always a chance of them forgetting their iPhone somewhere or the iPhone getting stolen. Learn how to track, message, erase and recover your lost or stolen iPhone.

Locate or Track iPhone


1. Track iPhone via Find My iPhone app

Apple has announced a new service called Find My iPhone that will allow iPhone owners to remotely locate their lost or stolen iPhones using the iPhone’s GPS. The service will be available as part of Apple’s MobileMe online subscription service.

Find My iPhone will pinpoint the iPhone’s current location using Google Maps and let owners send and display a message on the iPhone even if it’s locked, presumably to provide information on how to return the phone to the owner of the phone. The Find My iPhone feature can also force the iPhone to play a sound for 2 minutes, which is useful for not only getting the attention of the finder of iPhone but also locating it between couch cushions.

The Find My iPhone feature will require a subscription to Apple’s MobileMe service, which costs $99 a year (currently $65.99 on Amazon.com) after a free 2-month trial. Update: Find my iPhone Goes Free with iOS 4.2

Update 2: Find my iPhone is now part of iOS 5 via the iCloud.


2. Recover your Lost/Stolen iPhone with Navizon app

Navizon is a hybrid positioning system combining GPS, Wi-Fi and Cellular triangulation techniques. It calculates the geographic location of a wireless device by analyzing the signals from nearby Wi-Fi access points and cellular towers and comparing it against a database of known data points. A new option called Locate-by-SMS allows you to locate your lost iPhone by just sending an SMS text message to it.

Download Navizon

3. iPhone anti-theft solution – iLocalis

iLocalis lets you track your iPhone device location and also remote control it! It is considered as the best theft-tracking and remote control utility for Apple iPhone.


iLocalis has the following uses-

  • Never lose your iPhone: If it is missing, just log onto the iLocalis site and you’ll know where it was located last.
  • Retrieve a stolen iPhone: If your iPhone is stolen you can log into the site and check out where it’s at. Extra features built into iLocalis allow you to send text messages or make calls on your iPhone when you don’t even have it with you. If your iPhone is stolen, log in and send yourself a text message. If the thief changed the sim card you’ll have their phone number!
  • Allow your family and friends to know where you are: iLocalis will send a message to your friends when you are near by. You can also set it up to allow your friends to locate you. If your friend also has iLocalis you can send messages to each other for free. No text messaging charges.
  • iLocalis can also be used for a business that needs location services for their employees. Employees carrying iPhones with iLocalis can be tracked via the web site easily.


Note: iLocalis needs a jailbroken iPhone with Cydia installed and supports all firmware versions on iPhone 3G and 3GS.

4. GPS Phone Tracker

GPS Phone Tracker is location based social app aimed to keep track of your friends and family members all the time. It maps the location of your phone and everyone else’s pretty accurately on a virtual map. This can help you find lost or stolen phones when required. A must-have app, considering it’s free!


Alternatives include Footprints, Device Locator and GadgetTrak.

5. GPS tracking for iPhone with Mobile Spy 3.0

Mobile Spy version 3.0 spy software for Apple iPhone from Retina-X studios allows users to track GPS locations, SMS messages and calls of employees, teen or family mobile phones by logging into SSL secured online control panel from any computer or phone’s web browser.


Mobile Spy allows users to monitor their handsets in real time and runs in the background behind all other applications. After the spy software is setup on the cellphone, it will silently record SMS messages, GPS locations and call activities, and then upload the data to your private Mobile Spy secure online account.

The Mobile Spy version 3.0 software is compatible with all iPhone models, Windows Mobile or Symbian OS based smartphone and is priced at $99.97 (1-year subscription).

6. Find and Recover your Stolen iPhone with iHound


This free security program alerts you when your iphone is connected to another individual’s computer. It will also track down the location of where your device is being used.

When your missing iPhone is being plugged in to a computer, you will:
1. Get an email saying that your tracked device is being located.
2. Get a detailed report on where it is being used by logging in to iHound’s website.

The second method can be very useful when the stolen iPhone is switched off and later gets connected to a computer for changing software or formatting the memory card.

Download iHound for iPhone or iPod Touch

7. MyFoundCast


Oh yes, this is a bonus. MyFoundCast, a patent pending technology is the internet’s first lost and found service that allows you to create custom wallpaper and embed information into that wallpaper so when somebody finds your iPhone or iPod Touch they will know how to return it. All members are given a unique tracking ID and automatically registered in our lost and found database. You may register the serial number of any iPod or iPhone.

I am not sure if this really works. If someone is honest enough to return your iPhone he/she will do some basic research on the owner of the iPhone and return it back. Isn’t it?

Other Options

8. GadgetTrak

9. FoneHome

10. Phone Trace


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451 thoughts on “10 Ways to Track and Recover Your Lost/Stolen iPhone

    • Just a comment for lost phones. If you have AT&T you can track the phone through the family tracking service. It is a decent service, but it will cost you a little bit. Usually the first month is free. So you can get an idea of where it is as long as there is some power left in the phone.

  1. wouldn’t this all be useless if the thief that took my phone restores it since they’re all apps? is there any programs that could get pass this problem?

    • restoring it wont change serial # or anything gps w/ the gps. the gps is the key to finding it, so unless the thief can change the gps transponder it can b found no matter what.

  2. ok so i lost mine on friday night. i didnt have any of these apps. what is the best way of goin about this? i dnt mind paying a fee or anything..just need it back.

    anyinout would be much appreciated.

    • I lost on my Phone yesterday, did you recover your and any suggestions on how I can get my phone. I also didnt have any of these features on the phone. I just want my phone back! please reply back and let me know how you found your phone.

    • Sherry you should call the last couple of numbers in the call log and see if they can contact the owner! I lost my iphone yesterday and would really appreciate it if someone did that for me!

  3. good to know that any new smart phone can protect by this application software,…but i wolud like to know that what about those who had lost there smart phone which dont have this software application,…i had not get my ans???

    • hey i found a way to trace the iphone without the apps but it costed me abt 20-30$ i had lost mine in a bus.. I i traced my cell without the app the robbers were put to jail i was lucky.. those robbers didnt know how to switch off my cell or remove the sim

  4. I got my iPhone back!! Here is the cold hard TRUTH! Forget all you have read and heard except http://www.rewardingreturn.com/ or a similar technology to encourage honesty through bribery because nothing else will work! Here is how I got my iPhone back …

    Unless a reward that appears on the phone works nothing else will, here is why. My phone was stolen from me and the thief removed the Rogers (Canada) sim card (so my number was gone) he then installed a new sim card. He also did a device erase (too easy to do) so all the apps were gone. Rogers was told 15 minutes after it was gone that it was STOLEN. Rogers did not care … they had a new customer and would sell me a new phone at FULL PRICE $699, that is ALL they would do even though they know it as put back on their network within 8 hours.

    Call the police. Get a sympathetic officer who actually wants to do their job. Go to your iTunes and click on “preferences” then “devices” and rest your pointer on your device’s last backup. Information will appear including the IMEI number. This number is golden as the police with this number and a call to the correct department of your cell provider can easily locate the phone and thief even with a device erase and new sim card installed. Rogers has a police only department for this that will NOT speak to you the rightful owner but if detailed information is required, Rogers requires a WARRANT. Rogers Law Enforcement Division (416)935-5300.

    The police who picked up my phone would not lay charges but I did get my phone back a little worse for the ware.

    Two last pieces of advice … lock the phone and enable “erase if 10 bad passcode attempts” because “restore” is amazing and restores EVERYTHING and no personal info has wound up in the wrong hands. Lastly write down the MAC address before you loose the phone as if is not in iTunes and it could possibly be used to locate it as well.

    Ontario, Canada

  5. Hi,

    These applications are Awsome but i was not aware of these beofer and now i have already lost my phone is there any way to find it.. as i dnt have any tracker application installed or registed in my phone .. i jus have the serial and IMEI key with me ..

    Please frnds any one help me out . !!

    Syed Zafar Aman

  6. iLocalis is the best if you dont want to go with Mobile me. Unlike other solutions, it runs in the background (need to Jailbreak) and is very simple to use. The price is right.

  7. Apple Stinks. Ive been purchasing products from them since 1998. Never a complaint. But now I buy my son the iphone, it was stolen by some creep & bum, and now apple nor at&t will do nothing for us. It was our fault, but we were looking for some sort of help or replacement plan or insurance or even advice with the situation. I’ll be buying every other computer & phone manufacturing company other than apple for here on out. Whats the point of having a built in GPS phone with the ability to locate it if the company won’t locate it when its reported stolen. Blow me apple.

  8. If your iPhone is lost or stolen, Apple will support the device who ever has it. You can however call Apple iPhone Support at 800-MyiPhone (800-634-7466) and leave your contact info if someone honest calls in and wants to return in to you. I have GPS Thief Tracker on my iPhone and it sends an email with Lat & Long of it’s location to my email. One think I want to be clear about is, the iPhone is YOUR responsibility to take care of. So if it’s lost or stolen please do not blame ATT or Apple. Same would be true if you lost your dog, dont call the Humane Society and ask for your dog back or a replacement. Does that make sense?

    1) Contact the Police and report it is stolen. You can get the serial number on the box or by opening up iTunes. In iTunes hold down the control key on your computer and click on About iTunes. Hit the space bar to stop the info from scrolling. Take a screen shot of it for your records and to offer the Police.

    2) Call ATT and stop service.

    3) Call Apple and report it. Ask for a case number.

    4) If recovered, the police will need to call with case number and ask to speak to Apples Corporate Security department to get/give info on the lost/stolen device.

    Of course having an application like GPS Thief Tracker ($0.99) can help the police.

    I also recommend MobileMe because you can Find My iPhone with it. you can also Remote Wipe you iPhone and last you can remotely turn on your passcode lock on the iPhone. This way if the person who has it wants to use it they have to RESTORE AS NEW. Leaving your info safe.

  9. Note: These instructions are for OS 2.x. MobiFindr is not yet included in the OS 3 version, but it will be soon.

    Navizon doesnt work b/c
    Please note that MobiFindr/Locate-by-sms is only available on jailbroken phones having Navizon installed via Cydia.

  10. i also lost my iphone just today when i had lunch at MLC centre in sydney…someone took it huhu…tried calling it and hoping whoever finds it returns it, but the person already turned the phone off! i don’t have any of the above applications, and if i knew i would have done it before..i was still using the phone for a month, and i’m still in contract with 3mobile for 23 months more 🙁

    • dont 3 mobile just give you another iphone coz it was only the first month? and dont they track down your phone even if it doesnt have your sim still in it?

  11. What if the person that finds or steals my iphone, resets its to factory settings? can i still track it then? and they would obviously take out the sim card.

  12. my dad found an iphone like last june
    he jus told me about it like a month ago
    he didnt noe it was an iphone -he dont care about the latest phones and things]
    he thought it was a toy

    so anyway
    there is nothing on the phone
    i cant seen to contact the previous owner as the sim is pinlocked and i cant see the phone log
    so i took sim out and i restored it

    i tried to find the owner but i couldnt [i didnt wanna go to police as too much work n scaryy sort off]

    so like can i use the iphone now?
    its been about 6 months
    so i think its alright that i can use it now?
    and the police wont come looking for cause they think i stole it
    if they track it by the gps?


  14. So my iTouch was stolen a few days ago and i didnt have any of those apps installed on it either. But in my situation i think im slightly luchk but i would like feedback first. I am in charge of an club at my school. We need music so its my job to provide it. once the club was over i went to pick up my ipod, which were attactced to speakers, but it had been taken. So i know everyone that was in the room and i dont think that they are smart enough to know how to wipe it and junk. So here is my question, should i just interrogate every single person that was in the room, or should i go to the police and then ask them to do something about it? Thanks for your help and any help at all.

  15. Does anyone know what happens if someone “restores” a stolen iPhone and then Jailbreaks it & unlocks it? Will these tracking and recover programs still work? Thanks!

  16. Apple encourages the theft of iPods and iPhones so they can sell their theift protection crap. What a useless company to deal with. It is all about the money for them and they couls care less about helping their customers. In their words when I called for support, “buy another” . The company is useless to deal with. Apple is the theif here.

  17. Is there any way to track my iphone after it was stolen even if I have no tacking softwere (th thief is using my email from the iphone)

    • interesting situation… so many web services come with geo-tagging these days (like twitter) but email doesn’t have geo-tagging. So, I can’t think of any way to track him.
      Edit: In case the email is GMAIL, then you can check “Last account activity” at the bottom of your web browser and see if you can get any info with the ip address used.

  18. i just misplaced my i phone about 2 hours back…
    and i assume its been stolen from my bag….
    i dont know how to get it back cause i dont have
    any of these softwares …
    is it possible for me to get it back by just giving the imei to the police ?!

  19. I have locked my phone after installing iLocalis, I clicked on the panic mode button, and I can’t get it unlocked, HELP PLEASE!!

  20. i got my i pod touch stolen this tuesday at school and i realy need to find it its a 3g 32gb one
    i need help please

    how would i find it if its all ready stolen

    i also found out that someone used his schools wireless network to find how would do this

  21. “iPhone is the world’s best smart phone available today without any doubt.”

    Actually, there’s lots of doubt. iPhones suck. People who have never had anything better consider them the best, the way former customers of AOL were satisfied. Buying the iPhone was a very big mistake on my part. Wish I’d never let the salesman talk me into it.

  22. So i lost my iphone 3gs 16g a week ago… I was at a get together with some friends. This guy i meet once a week ago was talking to me an flirting an asking me out , an i wasn’t that interested but i didnt let him now so anywyas ..he was like let me charge ur phone for u , an i was like no he was like dont worry trust me an i was like okay …five minutes latter he leaves with me phone…a week latter i see him an i ask him for my phone back he says no i have to pay him $200. I didnt because i knew he would take my money an fight me becuase his that stupid . True story :(((

  23. i`ve lost my iphone two months ago please help me find it,i only got the serial number and imei nr.i stay in namibia the police and network operators is not of much help pls pls

  24. Lloyd is wrong. he said something about not blaming att or apple if your phone is lost. He said its like blaming humane society if your dog is lost.

    You pay apple for the device and att for the service(which apple gets kickbacks from). They have a responsibility to help you find it. Worried about losing it.. there are companies that insure laptops and i am sure they will insure your Iphone. good luck

  25. What if the phone is shut off or battery is dead?…can the stolen phone still be located via GPS? Is the iPhone (on or off) still emitting a GPS beep/beacon?

  26. I have just had my iphone stolen. The low lives broke into my house, stole cash and my car keys, took my car for a joy ride and burnt it! I have no insurance for anything! If someone out there who may know of how to track a stolen iphone, please post a reply as this will help me find who broke into my house and put my wife and daughter at risk.

  27. Lost my iPhone at Bounce U in Plano, TX on February 27, 2010 between 12:30 pm and 3 pm. The owner and staff were very nice in helping me look for it, but we were unsuccessful! I have iLocalis and MobileMe, but the phone was dead when lost. I was at a 3rd grader’s class party with my daughter and her friends, and I wonder if it’s worth asking the principal or teacher to announce it in class, in the event a kid picked it up! I’ve already asked the owner to contact the party planners for the parties that followed. Lucily, the phone was locked, and I have the IME and SN, and the Sim Card #, but it’s all no good unless the phone is charged and turned on. There’s also a Lost and Found msg that will pop up should it be turned on! It’s suspended, but I’ll keep hope alive!

  28. Lost my IPHONE 3G March 3rd in Lexington KY…Pink cover on it. Serial # 848302N6Y7H… If you find it please let me know. Also took my new pink coach person, wallet and all my keys:(

  29. I had my iphone stolen at a party. I noticed this a hour after it happened. I did not have any theft apps on it. I called the phone several times to no avail. I sent the iphone texts that read: “If you found my phone please bring it back to jen’s house or I will have the police track it.” “Please bring the iphone to jen’s house because I can track the iphone through GPS” My friend jen also announced at the party that no one could leave until the phone was produced. Of course no one gave it up. We frisked everyone that left and everyone’s cars also. No phone.
    I reported it to the police(it would take them months to find it). But the only way I would get it back is by knowing who took it. Stupid girl sent the wrong text to the wrong person and we now know who took it. Ha ha sweet revenge.
    Moral of this story: If you did not install the apps before the iphone was lost. The only thing you can do is search for the phone physically or hope the police get it.

  30. I lost my iPhone a week ago and did not have any of the above services. I tried calling it numerous times to no avail, so I ended up going to get a new SIM card and put it in my old phone, as I needed a contact phone. Does anyone know if I can still track the iPhone down? I have the serial/IMEI number and everything, and I would love to have the phone back. Many thanks, Don (in NYC).

  31. I just had my iphone 3g3 stolen 3 days ago. I was unprepared for this and did not have any security gps tracking or password protection. I have terminated my service for that phone with ATAT. I have since purchased a new iphone. Even though it was an expensive learning lesson I would like my lesson to stop with the cost of the phone.

    Moving forward:

    I have changed the passwords liked to my e-mail and facebook accounts that were on the phone.

    Does anyone have other suggestions of what I can do to limit the damage of my other person informationon the phone. (ie thinsg on teh e-mails accounts?)

    I appreciate all the help,


  32. my iphone was stolen about 5 to 6 months ago… i already have a different with but kan i still locate my iphone through the serial number??

  33. okay so i had an iphone 3gS about a month ago and i had relized that i had activated the mobile me free trial but it had expired and didnt have the program no more i was wondering if i was to reactiviate the mobileme would i still be able to activate the phone even if it was restored?

  34. I had my phone stolen this evening. Vodafone have cancelled the sim card and its no longer working and they have told me it will be blacklisted from tomorrow so cant be used. What does this mean?? I had my emails on this from hotmail, can they still access these??

  35. Hi i have lost my iPhone, but im not really that bothered of getting it back, however is therre any way i can get all my contacts back from my iPhone? As all my contacts are very important to me.


  36. I had my phone stolen this evening. Vodafone have cancelled the sim card and its no longer working and they have told me it will be blacklisted from tomorrow so cant be used. What does this mean?? I had my emails on this from hotmail, can they still access these??

    This is what im worried about most!
    All my businesses are based online and yes i too have lost my iphone yesterday, IF the service providers lock the phone can they still view these mails ?

    Someone please answer me for crying out loud

  37. Theres an cydia app called findmyi it can locate multiple iPhones with one account you can lock the iPhone with a message and much more if you use it for free only the area near your iPhone will be shown but for $2 a month full tracking is enabled, also cylay from cydia is exellent you get 15 days free trial it will pinpoint your iPhone,forward SMS,send logs,disable power buttons, take pictures with your camera and gives you all info like battery power phone number ect.. Even wipe data commands Ive tested both and I cant fault either but with findmyi you can use the free service and if your device is lost just pay to use full features.

  38. To Jason
    change all your password for every email then non can be read anymore without the new passwords, I.e. The iPhone cant collect new mail from the server

  39. I lost my phone on April 3rd. It was my fault really. I left it and someone else picked it up. I noticed 2 minutes later and used my sisters phone to frantically call and text. After 5-10 min the thief turned my phone off. I knew then that was the sign I wouldn’t see again.

    Reading through all these posts….I guess I won’t be able to track it. I’ve only had that phone for 4 months…I guess the ppl that take it/ find it think they hit a MILLION bucks when the person who lost it lost everything in there…personal things…everything.

    I just re-purchased another iphone and boy did it cost more then the first. I know I won’t get my first iphone back….but one thing I do know for sure…

    KARMA is a B*tch!!!

    to the thieves….enjoy your new found phone…..but expect karme to find you next.

    *Bitter sweet…….miss my first iphone…..

  40. AT&T is synonomus with the word “SCAM”!! I lost my iPhone and they told me there was nothing they could do except sell me another iPhone for DOUBLE what I paid for the first one! DOUBLE!! They told me I should have had MobileMe installed on my phone before I lost it. Another scam! That costs $100 a year! The greatest part is that I just found out that I could have signed up for the Family Map for FREE and found my iPhone for FREE!!! As long as you are on the Family Plan, the temporary password for FamilyMap is sent to all of the phones on the plan. All you do it sign on, and within 2 minutes, it locates the cell phone!! Please save yourself hundreds of dollars and do not buy another iPhone if lost. Just take 5 minutes outof your day and sign up for this easy to use program.

  41. well where do i start,

    1st, My iPhone was my life and it got taken away from me just like that.
    2nd, How could someone even think about stealing a phone never mind anything for that matter.
    3rd, i find out after paying £460 i realize that with this all new and great ‘GPS’ hardware that it can not be tracked, Don’t you find that disgusting!.

    So i conclude that i am pissed off and that i am seriously thinking about stealing an iphone myself now, but knowing my luck i will be caught!

    If you think i am just as bad as the thief well your proberly right but i need my iphone back or at least an iPhone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. There are a few solutions out the DiskAgent is one that works for jail broken phones and it is reasonably priced (first month is free). If your phone is stolen you should ask your carrier to deactivate the IMEI so that it is not used on the network.

  43. i lost (maybe been stolen) my i-phone. but the battery was low and now it’s probably not on. is there a service that can locate the phone if its off. please let me know anyone. thanksssss

  44. QWERTY,

    I have to say that you are probably one of the most unintelligent sounding people I’ve ever come across. Go back and read what you wrote…you are hilarious, you sound like a total sissy and I hope you get caught stealing someone else’s iPhone, for your sake just hope it’s not mine. HAHA.

    The fact that you’d be willing to put someone else through what you just went through shows what a gutless bag of crap you are, I don’t think I have to tell you what an inconvenience it is to lose your phone but maybe someone will remind you while they’re smashing your face in for trying to steal their’s.

    If I were you I’d seriously consider going back and getting your GCSD’s or something, it might help you sound like a little bit less of a jerk off.

    Hope you don’t make a habit out of posting stuff like that online too often.

  45. I lost my iphone a week ago, is there any chances to track the phone if it was switch off.
    Any freinds could help me?

  46. Bill45 sounds like an iPhone thief to me… be careful iPhone owners, guard them with your life… trust NO ONE!

  47. I lost my iPhone 2
    iI hate aneyone who ever took leal an iPhone, or my iPhone
    please note I love Apple, but movile me may be free!!!
    i dont want to loose my iPhone again!!
    if aney one knows a way to recover it using it´s serial number, please!!! HELP!!!

    • i have the problem but in my case my sisterin laws brother stole it and well im pretty sure his not givin it back so i beat the living crap out of him and well he still he says he didnt get it after i saw him get it

  48. Hi I have lost my phone that i sent to Rogers via UPs. i had sent two phones in one bag and they said only one was found and now i’m being charged full price for the Iphone that I dont have. And I’m not willing to pay for something that i know that I have sent…..is there anyway to track down the phone although the phone is off?

  49. Greetings,

    I left my phone in a comfort taxi (in Singapore) which dropped me and my wife and kid off at a hotel. Letting it slip away it totally my mistake as I know that an Iphone lost in Singapore is lost for good (other than Germany or Japan where it MIGHT actually pop up).

    Anyways, in the absolute impossible case that the finder (which also might be the cab driver who claimed that he didn’t find anything) reads this blog… The iphone is German-Telekom branded and locked. Since it was updated to the latest iphone os it cannot be jailfreed that sonn I guess and other than my german sim card will not be accepted!!!

    So the finder might just as well return it to the Park Royal Hotel Kitchener Road in Singapore for a reward. It useless even if reprogrammed outside of germany.


  50. A note to Takeyoshi – a iphone lost in Singapore may not be lost forever.

    I lost mine 3 wks ago in a cab too (must have slipped out of my pocket), and the kind cabbie returned it to me after i left a message with my contact details with the help of web sms.

    There are kind souls around, no harm trying to text ur own iphone to get it recovered. Hope no one loses their beloved iphone.


  51. hello all.

    my apple i phone was stolen. can someone please tell me how to trace it. i have lodged a police complaint and have given the imei no. i had not installed any softwares to track the phone. will be greatful to those who will give me their valuable information. i am in India. thanks

  52. so my iphone was stolen today and the person was smart enough to atleast turn it off.. for the time being.
    does this mean that they’ve already taken out the sim card?
    and am i still able to track it without it being turned on?
    i wasnt prepared and had none of the above apps installed and im in desperate need of help or an honest enough person to return it.

  53. My I phone was stolen 2 weeks ago. I had none of the apps they say to have. I’m sad as all he’ll. Atnt told me to f my self pretty much. Is their a way I can get my phone back and put these people in jail. The phone has the f in gps if cops wanted to find you they could lost or stolen. Pls some one help me get this back.

  54. i guys my iphone stolen last night and the mobile was switched off already ,and i rang it many times and goes to voicemail but now it says mobile is switched off ,,does this mean that they’ve already taken out the sim card?
    and am i still able to track it without it being turned on?
    i wasnt prepared and had none of the above apps installed and im in desperate need of help or an honest enough person to return it.

  55. i just lost or had my i phone stolen form me today and that’s bull S#$^ 600 phone gone no kind of help from att or apple of recovring this expensive A#@ phone

  56. Foosty666, i had my iphone cracked and has findmyi installed via cydia.
    but the feature u were talking about, can u explain yourself further?

    I know the IMEI and s/n of the iphone doesnt help in retrieving my phone. How many phones are lodged as lost but are never retrieve. So im not pinning my hopes along that line.

    I was thinking iTUNEs. when the person register and rename the phone as his, he will have to setup a new itune a/cs. assuming he purchase something of fm itune store, shouldnt APple will have the s/n and credit card details of the person who did the purchase?
    I called apple and they told me they dont track the s/n. Again is all bullshit to me, its a matter of whether do they want to do it.

    I m also considering IP address that might lead to the person who stole in from me.
    Maximum effort to push apple and my telco and the local police.

  57. hey guys, if somebody could track my iPhone plz send me a mail. I’ll give you the infos of the back of my iPhone-case. Thx

  58. I sold my iPhone on ebay and didn’t double check to see if erase had completed. I have eBay, email, facebook and contacts on it. I may have left the sim in too. What can happen? What should I do?

  59. I lost my iphone, but can u find the phnoe to the address? So i can just go to his house and say hallo??? Need answer!

  60. Hello guys,
    Someone has stolen my iphone on last Thursday. I didn’t have any apps on it. What shall I do? Thanks..

  61. The best app I’ve found so far to track my iPhone is FoneHome. It runs in the background and keeps track of where my phone has been, and where it is now, so I can find it if I lose it or it gets stolen. Super cheap too, everyone should have it. (works on iPods and iPads too!)

  62. i went over all the posts here,,, almost everybody is asking questions, but nobody seems to have any answers!

    i have all my personal info on my iPhone.. and i didnt back it up!
    neither apple, rogers, or even police could do anything about it!

    like most people here, i only have the serial # and IMEI.
    and no tracking app on the iphone!

    this totally sucks!!!

  63. So i came on here to get helpful advice on finding my iphone, i realize im basically screwed, att screwed us all from the beginning when they didnt offer theft or loss protection so its our own fault. im also realizing theres a bunch of idiots crying and complaining on how they lost they iphone, who the hell cares how u lost it!! lost dog , humane society story lol?? giving ur phone to a random person to charge? lol idiot!! Bottom line is none of these programs work unless you pay and then theres probobly some other catch. Im going to buy another iphone and attach to my body permanently somehow because losing it sucks real bad.

  64. i lost my iphone please help me! LOOOOOL idiots! for jesus christ read all you can before posting, u expect a miracle?

  65. I don’t understand why AT&T would put a stolen phone back on their network under a different account, or why Apple would standby and watch. You can not register a stolen car at the registy of motor vehicles.

    There is a lot of money to be made for the people that steal/find the phones, AT&T for selling another phone (at twice the price) or service, and Apple for selling another phone. The consumer looses again.

    AT&T had no problem tracking down illegal cable boxes on their networks, why can’t they do the same with the phones. Customers pay hundreds every month to AT&T for each iphone, get they help the customer by black listing the lost or stolen phone.

  66. Is there a way to track my stolen i-phone 4? I didn’t have any of the listed apps and I called AT&T to have the phone turned off, so I can’t just call it. Please someone help, if you can. I am more upset about the recent photos of my daughter that I lost. I am sure those are gone, but I can always hope!

  67. You can try an app, ” find my phone”, I believe you can download it on a friends iphone or ipad. I think you have to sign up for a mobile me acct and use the trial. Read about it while trying to find a way to track Gf’s lost droid, which appears to be hopeless.

  68. Pray to the lord Jesus Christ and enlighten yourself with his love and miraculous powers. You will find everything in your life, including that lost iPhone!

  69. lost an iphone 3g in a London Cab on august 3rd 2010 at around 8pm
    the IMEI # is 012154006551973
    if found please do email me at awasha-88@hotmail.com
    willing to give a reward for it, the phone has a lot of business contacts and and carries family memories!

  70. dont you think this is scary, people can get killed by locating the criminal. just a thought but at least there are ways to find who is the robber.

    • well sorry good on the ppl that can actaully catch the bastatrds that wanna steal other ppl property, kharma a bitch mate,but all i can say if u dont have insurance on it not worth looking for it if you aint gonna download the app.

  71. all those options hav to be setup when the phone is in your possession tho, i hav lost mine but i didnt set up any software on it to help find it before i lost it so is there any other options???, is there no way u can track a phone just using the imei number? my phone is still switched on and ringing


  73. Ah >: My Iphone 3gs was stolen 2days back while working in the F1 event. Any ways i can track it back if i do not have any of these tracking apps installed? I know my imei number, tho. Help, please? >:

  74. i have at&t family map but my phones dead and stolen so it wont locate it. also its locked so its useless to the thief. cant they just switch my sim card out and my tracking be pointless? if so then im screwed cause its my life. ALOT of business stuff on there

    i cant get back on here to check replies so can u email me with any info??


  75. here is another way AT&T FAMILYMAP. i found my iphone 4G after 10 HOURS in the same bus.

  76. How do I see what someone is doing on their iphone when they connect it to the internet via wifi? What websites they are visiting, emails, chats etc

  77. Hi, I lost my iphone on Friday night. I don’t have MobileMe but I want T Mobile to not only block the sim card (already been done) but to block the handset itself. I know this could be done a few years back with Nokia phones as i had a handset blocked but they say they dont think this can be done?

    Also I synced the iphone to the laptop before i lost it… can i log into the itunes website without connecting an iphone to it. Will i be able to recover my photos from there. I cannot find a way of logging into the itunes site now i have lost my iphone.

    Finally, when you save tellf numbers do they save to your sim card or the iphone handset?

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


  78. Hello,my iPhone 4 was stolen at the work on 5th of October between 3p.m. – 5p.m. .What`s I need to do??Please,give me advice. 🙁

  79. hey traded work on car for a iphone know im scared could been stolen dont seem to have any aps for locating it and they took their sim. should i look for police to show up when i put my sim in and turn it on email— lonniehall72@yahoo.com

  80. So today, i dropped my phone near the car; when i back-tracked to get it back, it was gone. O__O i have this strong feeling this girl i was talking to stole it, she left immediately after she knew i noticed my phone missing,i know she was in no hurry– that leaves me feeling skeptical. IM TOTALLY FLIPPING OUT!!! I been crying on and off since 8:30am about it. I have my LIFE on there… no joke! Theres enough information on there especially with my email to even steal my identity. I went to report it to ATT and the police but they claim theres no way of tracking it especially if its not a crime (meaning if they arent using it, its not consider stolen but lost) and im sitting here like people call 911 from their cells all the time and the cops and ambs. always show up… ALL SMART PHONES CAN BE TRACED…. problem is… it depends if the cop is willing to help or not.

  81. Want to return this 3G i found but dont know how !! No message is being displayed when i turn it on . Lock is activated so no access to contacts . What if i take out si
    And put in my i phone 3Gs ? Will that work ?

  82. My iPhone 3GS was stolen right out of my purse by a pickpocket in Whole Foods in NYC on Oct 23. It had thousands of photos of my family on it, including my cat who died last year. Of course I had no tracking or MobileMe installed on it (a mistake I’ll never make again). I’m not eligible for upgrade pricing until July 2011. I got a great look at the guy who kept bumping into me, filed a police report, and identified the guy through a mugshot. Still, I’ll probably never get my phone back along with hundreds of precious photos & all my contacts, because I didn’t want to spend $99 on MobileMe. If you have an iPhone, it’s money well spent. The NYPD told me if I had MobileMe they could go right to where my phone is & get it back. I’m telling you, don’t have what happened to me happen to you. It’s well worth the money you will spend to (hopefully) be able to recover your phone.

  83. What happens if the thief does a factory restore for the iphone. That would wipe out any of these apps. Will it still track it down from the IMEI?

  84. Thanks for the reponse Raju.
    So if they manage to factory restore the phone, there is no way to track it huh. I and heard that is not too hard to do. But I heard with AT&T, you need to buy some kind of plan to be able to disable the Iphone 4 in case you need to. Is that true? And if you disable the phone with AT&T, will it also not work on other network like T-Mobile (Provided the phone is unlocked). Sorry for the questions, but I’m thinking of getting a Iphone 4 and want to know the best way to protect it.

  85. My daughter had her I touch taken about a month ago. I just found out NOW how to possibly recover it.What I found is Best Buy ( Where we bought it ) Doesnt register the ser # Luckly I found the box. It has I think all the info. needed. But I didnt buy or install any of the software for recovery. Can it still be retrieved if I buy the software and enter the Model, ser,etc. of what I have? I do not know the IP address of phone.If so what software shold I purchase in this case? Or am I TSOL? Thank You.

    • You are SOL. Sorry to tell you this. The tracking software of course has to be set-up in advance to phone-home the info as to where the phone is, etc. Although AT&T could find it if they wanted to, they won’t do anything to help you recover your phone without a court-order to comply and that only comes with things that are determined to be national emergencies… OH yeah, knowing the IP of the phone is no good since IP rotates every time you change networking configurations… 🙁

  86. So I lost my iphone 3GS and I was wondering if there is a way I can access the GPS inside it without downloading software to the actual phone. Please help! It’s brand new and not locked.

  87. If you and your girlfriend share calendars on Mobile Me, how do you block her from seeing where you are if she uploads this tracking device?

  88. My son had his iphone stolen last week I have the box etc is there anyway that we can trace it if we don’t have any of the traking software on it?

  89. i lost my ipphone which is still unlocked, no softwares are updated or installed.
    can my iphone be tracked if it’s switched off. pls give me the solution in same asap.

  90. DO NOT recommend at@t family p. My daughter lost her phone yesterday and immediatly got the service. I tracked her phone to 16 miles south of where She lost it. Ifiund that odd,beings i live in a rural area. So I tracked my own phone which was next to me,and the familymap tracked it to a town 12 miles east of my house. I think it tracks phones to the nearest tower is all.Luckily it was 30 days free.I no longer have it.(or the phone,yet.will e looking agan today 🙁

  91. You know tracking your idevice should be an Apple freebie.

    Even if the restore the device’s ID is the same. Itunes and therefore Apple knows this ID. Users should have the option of setting up their accounts of having their device moved to a stolen list so when that device connects for apps, even from a different accounts, Apple or the owner would get notified. Squeezing out more money via of MobileMe, Mobile Sucks. Guess it sells more devices if people don’t sign up. I am retired, I have no need for MobileMe.

  92. family map is not a solution to stolen phones. they have to send a text to the phone.. asking authorization from the user.. what theif is going to accept a question that basically says “hey can you please hit ok so we can track you “….. you think that with GPS in all these phones it would be SIMPLE to track them…….. instead we have o worry about ID theft bc there is no feasible way to protect the data that is on the phone once it is stolen. Sure, you could have already had mobileme or some other program installed as a remeasure, but most of us here didnt. so now we are all just fucked….. and by fucked , i mean fucked by apple and at&t bc they CAN track the phone.. they just refuse too bc of the legal shitstorm it would cause in our great country of lawsuit minded individuals. Hooray for the USA..

  93. Ohkay, so last night my IPHONE 4 was stolen in a club is san bernardino.. i have at&t familymap but whoever took it turned the phone off.. what should i do? i didnt think my phone would be stolen!! should i tell at&t to lock it? if so, could i still uses familymap? omg help plz

    • first off, call AT&T & have the SIM card disabled. you don’t want someone
      running up your bill using your SIM card. when my iPhone 3G S was stolen, my mom called AT&T i they said that a tracker comes standard in iPhone 4’s so definitely look into that. but idk. i’m going to apple tomorrow to find out whatever i have to do to make sure i can track this baby if it happens again because they aren’t cheap.. smh.

  94. Funny how most of these comments are from parents. Here’s an idea, stop buying your kids phone-crack for $300+ plus $100/mo service. If you can afford an iphone to begin with, then you should be able to afford to buy another if you lose one or get it stolen. Don’t buy a smart phone for a kid who guilts you into it, and don’t make the excuse that they need a phone so you can call them and check on them or emergency calling. You can buy them a $10 phone at any convenience store to do that. Parents are their own worst enemies, and look to the govt and someone else to bail them out when they behave irresponsibly. It’s no wonder they breed irresponsible kids.

  95. I lost my iphone4 and i didn’t purchase any of these applications or software. is there any way i would be able to track it down?

  96. hmmm, so you need to have these app installed and active?.
    Beside mobileme. Its onlogical but privacy stable.
    If they restore it to factory setting. If you have a iphone pincode installed it will wipe your iphonedata after 10x fail.
    Take insurance for theft, and if you lost it. Just go to your localpolice HQ and make up a story that “some guy(s) bumed into you and stle your phone. Its theft with violance then. and with the report just go to your insurance.And you will have a Brand new Iphone. i pay 10$ extra for this cause these things happen , and people dont wanna give back what they have found.

    • Hey Billy,
      How much Crack do you smoke a day, man? Seriously! You admit in detail to 2 Felony crimes on a Public Forum–then try persuading Another person to commit the Same crimes? Come ON, dude-you don’t Dislike your Freedom THAT much-do ya? This reminds me of the Bank Robber using his Deposit Slip to write his Hold Up Note! Don’t mean to b an Ass, but ya might Ease Back on ‘whatever’ you seem to be on!

  97. hi Raju, i lost my nokia 3600, it is stolen probably 🙁 and is switched off.
    i have the Imei number, any chances that i can get it back?

  98. I forgot my white iPhone in a public restroom as I was driving to visit my dying husband in the next state over. (he was hit by a drunk driver- head on) Not only did my husband pass before I made it there:-( my stupid phone was never returned. The last thing my dear sweet loving husband did for me was buy me that iPhone so we could keep in touch as he traveled often. That was 18 months ago. When the iPhone 3GS was new. I had it for two days- never putting a code in it. My sister in law tried to call the phone- but nothing. When I see a white iPhone- to this day- I smile as I recall the day I received ‘mine’.
    Too bad some people are only out for themselves. Too bad some people don’t want to do what is right.
    I hope my iPhone is enjoyed by whomever just had to have it.
    Jaclyn Mostafa

  99. my iphone was stolen at a public place,even the passcode was set to it,how can i trace my iphone using my number even when it is switched off(any GPS or ihound settings are not done to it). so please give me a solution.

    • F*ck you! its assholes like you who are the reason they have this shit. maybe you should work for 4 months just to be able to afford the damn thing and have someone steal it? Or maybe you should just get the shit beat out of you.

    • The best way is to contact the owner via his email. In order to find his email, go to Settings–>Store and look for “Apple ID”. Other options include checking the “Mail” app, but that would breach his privacy.

      PS: I really appreciate your honesty

  100. @pierre
    You look at the contacts and phone some one and phone them and return their phone to them. You are doing the right thing, great job, I wish there should be more ppl like u:))

  101. Wow I just got my iPhone 4 stolEn at da gym and apples a ass and so is att so I’m fuced… End of story… And fuc all the phone stealers. ANd fuc mr stealalot you can suck my dic! I want my fucin fone back

  102. All of these methods suck if you haven’t installed these programs yet. Apple could make it possible to find your phone just by the serial #, but they know you will just go out and buy another iPhone. So they win twice.

  103. My iphone was stolen yesterday at the beach – i didnt have any lost phone apps, is there a way i can track it through GPS or something?

    • You know if they can get into the iPhone all they have to do is turn off the GPS locator… Then just reset all data and jailbreak it and they are home free… That’s the stupid thing that comes from this! Oh well
      Posted from my iPhone 4 meaning I’m fo real bitches!!!!!

      • If you have more than one iPhone on your plan, set the one that hasn’t been stolen as the primary number by calling your provider… Then tell them you would like the family locator plan added on your plan.(2 lines through AT&T is 9.99 per month.) they will the. Send you a text message with the web sit and temp password. You log in and activate the service, put in the stolen phones number and you will be able to track it up to 500 ft depending on how many towers are located around it. In my case my phone was located in a rural area and it couldn’t get any closer than one and a half mile radius. Mine was taken from me in a walmart on sat 7-2-11… The police say that in the area of town that it is in, the people couldn’t afford a plan for that phone, let alone the phone itself. The signal went cold, as if the phone was shut off, about 4 hours after it was taken… 5 minutes after my wife texted that we were in their town looking for them… And she actually put the name of their town.. I can only hope they destroyed the phone…. I don’t think they were smart enough to figure out how to shut it down

  104. I lost my Iphone on Sat night, left it in a taxi. Anyway I had signed up to Mobile Me so the next day I tracked the location. It was so accurate, it said my phone was in the middle of the road so I went to the road and knocked on a few doors in the middle and all the neighbours were helpful and told me that 3 taxt drivers lived in that bit of the road. I waited around and none of them were home so I went home and typed up a 3 sentence letter and copied and pasted it 5 times on 20 A4 pages and went back and dropped a note through every door on the road explaining the situation and my contact details. 8pm Sunday night I got a phone call from the Taxi driver and he had recieved my letter 🙂 DONT GIVE UP people, where there is a will there is a way.

    • My dos lost his phone so if I am reading this right he can sign up for mobile me without his phone and have it work pls reply

      • yes u no when u get an app it asks u for your email and password u enter that info in mobile me.com and it will track it i lost mine today and it only works if that person who has it has wifi srry … i will call Apple and see what they say srry again

    • You are so full of shit. you need to add mobile me into the phone under mail. so there is no way that you signened up for mobile me after you lost it. Chacha

      • You Gabriel, are an idiot… If you HAD of read the post properly you will see she wrote HAD…. as in HAD you have been educated correctly you would known better than to be such a foolish person… or “I HAD signed up to mobile me”… Try and be nice, it’s not that hard!

  105. Where do I bring an iphone? I was out jogging and found it on the road and the glass is smashed. I can’t tell who owns it. So where would I take it?

    • if the phone has a sim card that matches your phone put it in your phone can call some of the numbers saved in it

    • I just went through this. Go to Apple and they can find the ESN. They can then tell where the phone was purchased. If it was purchased through Apple they can help you in the store, if it was purchased through Verizon/at&t you will have to go to a store. Then (I know with Verizon) they will take the iPhone and return it to the owner. I know it sounds like a lot of work but it is the right thing to do.

  106. My iPhone got stolen about 3weeks ago and I still haven’t found it…all these methods have to be paird with iPod iPhone iPad right?
    But mine wasn’t..any other tips please?

  107. My sister got her iPhone 4 stolen last night at a party. Is there anyway to locate it without previously installing apps??
    Please help me.

  108. Ok I am in school and I let my best friend borrow the Ipod for a couple days, he is fine with it until he left it in his bad and went to turn in a paper and it got stolen. The iphone is turned off, I don’t have any of these apps, it got a text free app, and it is connected to my email. Is there a way I can get it back, please help me.

  109. These 6 ways on how to retrieve lost iPhone is intended to users who lost their phones. You can simply follow the tips which are given above. Good thing there are trackers that were installed in this iPhones so they could still be found if stolen or lost.

      • Correct. All iPhone users need to be proactive. Decide which app is most likely to work for you, then set the system up on your portable device and computer. I have successfully recovered a stolen phone, and routinely track my family’s whereabouts using MobileMe. Apple is phasing that out, but these other options are alternatives.

  110. Is there anyway to track my iphone 4 without mobileme or tracking apps? it was stolen 2 nights ago off my table at a twin peaks in Addison TX.

  111. i lost my iPhone4 is there any way to find,please let me know phone is not important i need my note book,photos.contacts pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

    • Someone took my iPhone 4 from a bathroom stall I accidentally left it in there today and ran bk 2 mins later and it was gone I had none of the apps I should have had and i know its my fault but I just wanna say I hope whoever stole it gets hit by a fucking Mack truck.

  112. i am 12 i lost my i pod touch 4th gen at school when i left it in my nap sack i no its stupid but i didnt install the apps i need help plz i bought it with my own money thanks alot

      • Same here…I wasted 400 dollars and it had so many memories on it now ruined. Is there any way of tracking it without the apps

  113. Hello, the other day I was in p.e at school and I had my ipod touch 4 in my pocket of my jacket and when I got back it was gone! It has find my ipod touch on it but the app isn’t at the latest update so I don’t know if I can still use my laptop to track it!!! Please help

  114. so my iphone got stolen on june 6 and i don’t have any of those apps (since it’s stolen i can’t download the apps) what can i do now can’t search the phone number either….. 🙁

  115. I lost my iphone last week, together with my ipad and macbook pro, stolen right from my house while I was sleeping. I have another iphone and installed theMobileMe finder app. Still not able to track the phone or ipad. Today a message came up that “the iphone4 location services were disabled. Is there anyway to turn it back on to try and locat it?

  116. i have lost my apple iphone 3GS 16 GB…..can anybody tell me how to track my phone when there is no such application installed…but i know the IMEI number…help

  117. I wish i knew about all this info BEFORE mine got stolen yesterday. 🙁 Really upset about it.. it has irreplaceable pics/vids of family, and important dates/appts to remember. I miss my iphone v much. 🙁

    • Anyone knows how i can get mine back please. I live in Australia. I had it for 8months. But i still have to pay the monthly fees till Nov 2012! If you are anyone that steals phones, please return it to the owner. It really hurts that something I’ve worked so hard for is stolen and now i can’t afford another… because you steal with it memories in there, lotsa heartache.

  118. Sounds good for those lucky people who had opportunity to install the software before the device has been stolen. I have just bought Mac book, iPad, iPhone and have been robbered at the same day. Please, I am in shock and do not know what to do. Can I find the present location of the stuff and catch the criminals

  119. My sister lost her iPhone and we trying to find it but don’t know how because we didn’t sign up for any of these so how can you find a iPhone like that

  120. Hi i lost my iphone recently and im in singapore. how can i get back my phone,? pls help.. my phon is switched off and i can find the location of my iphone. if my iphone is sent to another country can i still locate it..? pls help 🙁

  121. Is it possible to track the phone if i did not install any of these devices?? I’ve lost mine, and now wishing i had a tracking software installed..

  122. Hey. I lost my iPhone 4 6-7 weeks ago. I never had any tracker apps on it ( stupid, I know ! ). Is there anyway of tracking it. I had a pin lock on it and also blocked the sim, through my network provider. Which I was told would block the iPhone. Is there anyway of tracking it? Is there any way the person who found it be able to ‘jailbreak’ it? I need help !!

  123. Raju:
    The Caption is misleading. It should read “6 ways to Track your Iphone, IN CASE YOU LOSE IT IN FUTURE”

    This article is useless for people like me who have already lost the Iphone and have not installed any of the applications!

    Ofcourse, if they buy Iphone again….then its useful.

    • I have to disagree. I guess you came here via Google or some other search engine. But this blog is read by thousands of regular visitors and the article is aimed to alert & empower them.

  124. If you have never downloaded any tracking applications prior to losing or having your phone or other device stolen; really- all you can do is file a police report and hope that it shows up somewhere. Make sure you have your serial number available. If you were able to download a tracking device-and track your, lets say iphone- you have to decide whether or not it is worth going and retrieving it yourself. It wasn’t for me. (mine was easy to track-but located in a not so great part of town) The police will not actively investigate a stolen and especially lost iphone, for the most part-unless you are lucky. First file the police report. Hope this helps.

  125. i lost my iPhone4 Saturday night…I know I lost it in my house but where! I looked everywhere, checked my whole house, in every spot I could have put it…checked the car, my dads machines, and ect…. No iPhone4…I am so pist and don’t want to give up, but I dont know if I should. My parents offered to get me another one, but it’s just not the same!!! 🙁 :'(

  126. i just recovered my iphone 4 it was stolen and they took out the sim card but the phone connected to a wifi and got it back from a cellphone store

  127. This is worthless.
    I lost my iPhone and i’m desperate to get it back, i’m almost positive someone has it and is keeping it.
    I don’t have any of this installed in the phone so this is just plain worthless.

    • This isn’t worthless – you’re just mad because YOU lost your iPhone. How about looking in the mirror and asking yourself why YOU didn’t install one of these very worthy apps before YOU stupidly lost your phone. A device like that should be treated properly and that means NEVER losing it. But hey, this article is “worthless” right? Ha ha.

      • GEEZ!! Why the smart manufacturers don`t develop and orinally install to the smartphone an application that could send us (recognized owner) a simple SMS with a very simple answer to a very simple question: what are is your locatio/coodinates now ? GEEZ!! Why anybody thinks about this possibility ? Why there is no interface between the cell phone O.S. software and the cell phone companies system to allow that ?

    • Al same here! ): Ive just experienced it last week i miss it ):i want my iPhone back ): did you have any luck finding it? its so pointless i haven’t either downloaded tracker app 🙁 if only i knew ):

        • hi, i read your comment and you said you can help locate an iphone without a pre installed app? emial me back either way. thank you for your time

    • same here i lost mine in school and i cant find it. i havent downloaded an tracker so its really hard for me to find it

    • I tried above apps but it is expensive.
      I found one app it named “OmegaSpy” comes from Omega Software LLC, it is very cheap. In particular, it has more quality (do not lose battery life, spy call work well, have more functions such as “Photo Log”, “App Usage Log”…)
      Just post for compare…

  128. My iPhone was stolen yesterday. I have MobileMe, but it hasn’t found my phone or been able to wipe it. Does it work if they remove the battery and/or SIM?

  129. my white iPhone 3GS was stolen from the Cricket Amphitheater / Toby Keith Concert.
    I just got a brand new screen protector for it, and it is in a blue silicon Lucky brand case.
    I was unable to locate it yet but am hoping someone may help if found I have the serial number…. Please email if you have any information – REWARD will be offered!!!!

  130. I have been using this great free app Tracesaver for couple months now, couple weeks back I lost my HTC phone thanks God I had the app installed before, so I was able to trace my phones whereabouts location.

    • did anybody answer your question?
      I lost mine too.. and I didn’t know such a thing like this even existed. ha.
      Why can’t verizon or AT&T do it themselves?
      No wonder. than they won’t make money.

  131. I had my iphon stolen from the Registry Office at 20 Dundas St. West, 4th Floor, Toronto on Friday, August 12th by a co-worker. If anybody knows who he sold it to or how I can get it back there is a reward.

  132. Latin guy stole my Iphone 3GS today in Down Town at 4.20pm. Pico and Union, from my hands!! I tried to fund but I was repoted to the Police and they said is impossible my Iphone back …I m furious!

  133. I found and installed the best app on my phone, it’s so good that I want to share it with everyone. The app tracks my phone location; in fact it does much more than just tracks my phone!!!! It records my call history, signal strengths (so if what, I know how well my mobile network operator is performing) and much more. I recommended the app to all of my friends and family, because it’s great, I mean if I lose my phone I can track its location using tracesaver website. I can add as many phones to the same account and track them. I think this app would be so great for parents so that they could track their kids at all times…..as far as i know you can download the app on Blackberry, Android, Iphone and Windows phones. I’m telling you this application is really good, everyone should at least give it a go, trust me you will get addicted.

    • hey Rachel, that’s great! whats the app called? its too late for me, ): mine got stolen after college, i haven’t downloaded an app… cause never new about it. 🙁 do you know any other ways to track the iPhone when the tracker app hasn’t been downloaded? the thief picked up the call when i rang my number on the day it got stolen, they decided to prank me “/ its blacklisted now by the network provider. i miss it so much!:”( Ive got the iPhone box which got all the details of my iPhone would that help in anyway to track it down?

      anyone else know how i could get it back?

      • I’m
        So sorry and I had my phone stolen but returned by theif(long story) BUT it was thanksgiving dinner and I didn’t have my newniphone and was so sad .

  134. someone please help! some ** thief took my iPhone last week, Ive managed to block the phone by my network provider, its got all my important info in it. ): got prank when i dialed my number so whoever got it obv don’t want to give it back ): Ive got all my iPhone details, imei, serial number, everything. would that help in anyway getting it back? stupid me didn’t download tracker app only if i knew there was one ): please help ):

  135. i just lost my white iphone 4 last week and now i had find my iphone cracked from cydia and if i would send a sms to my phone it would show me where it is n google maps but my phone has a simcard from a another country therefore it is blocked …….now i heard a rumour that you can find it by putting ur itunes account info onto some tracker and it will find all the apple devices that you have signed into but i cannot find that tracker can anyone help ….if someone finds the phone i will reward them , i tried getting my serial number from my local simcard provider and they told me the serial is on the iphone box but i threw the box ;/

  136. i got a iphone apple in the street yesterday but i dont want to get back to the owners co’s im afraid plss help me what i will do now

  137. I lost my Iphone last week. I know my IMEI number of the mobile. Is there any way to track the mobile knowing the IMEI number and with the help of the telephone network Service provider. I have not installed the tracker software. Can’t the network service provider track IMEI number of the iphone and track it?? HELP??

  138. HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE GONNA ASK THE SAME QUESTION? “I LOST MY IPHONE BUT DID NOT INSTALL ANY OF THESE APPS. CAN I GET IT BACK?”. The answer is the same for all of you. NO YOU CANNOT GET IT BACK !!!!!! The whole premise is that you install these apps BEFORE your phone is lost/stolen!!!!! GEEZ!! Is it that hard to figure out people????

    • @u r slow

      I agree, I’ve had the iPhone 3GS and 4 now for three years and I had installed the app find my phone with MobileMe when it first came out. I was dumb enough to lose my iphone4 on the train but smart enough to track it when I got and lucky enough to get it back the next day. The train conductor found it and was actually driving home with it and not taking it to lost and found. He could not believe I was actually tracking his location. Smartest move I made was installing the app on all my iPhones in my household (3).

  139. Hi all !
    Last week my iphone was stolen ! I had 3gs present from my bro! i am very upset now , because i don’t have any app on in and i can’t use this apps to track it . Please if someone knows any solution to use any other way please contact me via email ! thanks! p.s ( I was thinik that my hotmail account syncs with iphone maybe can do somthing with this )

  140. A girl at my daughters school stole her iphone right in front of an eye witness. The girl was confronted by other kids still denies it nomatter what. Shes a good liar for such a young age. Anyway I told the principal but it looks as though its not a high priority for her. It has been a few days no word yet. I guess thiefs just get away with stealing.

  141. Hey, good news. I got the new iPhone 4S today and right in the setup it asks whether you want to turn on the find my iPhone feature. No more of wishing you had known.

  142. hi! i recently had a friends friend give me an iphone to jailbreak, but she said she couldnt remember her pass…i m wondering, is it stolen?! if so what should i do? oh it is an older model before the 3gs, 8gb

  143. I LOST MY PHONE OMGGG. Luckily I got the Find My Iphone app in my lost iphone. Now I’m hoping the guy who stole it will turn on the phone so that I can trace it. 🙁

  144. this is a real, I also lost a Iphone4, when i went taxi from the airport to go home. earlier, I had to install monitoring software omegaspy. so i just found out that the person taking my iphone as a taxi driverand I have regained iphone. The time track and get back less than 2 days

  145. I recently had my iphone stolen by a coworker. I had the GPS app but didn’t link it. I heard there is a new app that can turn a phone back on once it has been turned off. This would have been great to find my phone and suspect. Does anyone know what the app is?

  146. I recently had my iphone stolen by a coworker. Knew who it was but couldn’t prove it. He immediately turned the phone off. I noticed it was taken immediately and had a friend call my number. I heard there is a new app that can actually turn your iphone back on once it has been turned off by someone. Anyone know what it is? (I had the GPS app but didn’t link it, won’t happen again)

  147. when i got out of the hotel, i realized that i forgot my iPhone 4 64 gb. when i came back, it was gone. i felt doomed. three days later, i cancelled my plan. i thought i would never get it back. 4 months later, when I’m walking down the street, i see a guy holding an iPhone with bad scratches on the metal (i did that to distinguish mine in case it got stolen), i asked him where he got that, and he responded, like most stolen items, “Craigslist”. i told him that it was mine, and surprisingly, he gave it to me after i showed him the markings. i felt bad for him, knowing that he was just looking for a good deal, so i paid him what he paid for it ( $150, because of the marks) and the early termination fee. just never give up, if you truly want it back, although i gave up after 2 months.

  148. Someone took my iphone4 yesterday, it has a 4 dgits security code I only have the serial #. how can I get back to me, is there any possible way?

  149. my iphone 4 was stolen!!!! how can i track it?! i dont have any apps for finding it. im finding a lot of apps to download in case it ever gets stolen but of course i cant put them on my phone bc its gone!!! i need to get my iphone back asap!!!

  150. my iPhone 3G is stolen how can i track it ? ! i dont have any apps for finding it. im finding a lot of apps to download in case it ever gets stolen but of course i cant put them on my phone bc its gone!!! i need to get my iphone back asap!!!

  151. I lost my iphone 4s on new years eve 2011 and did not have:find my iphone.app installed could any one help me get it back asap.

  152. You know, you people have real sad stories. I’m willing to bet odds 20:1 that you bought your phone so you can show off to your friends your nice cool phone, and that you can afford to have one. Such people deserve to have their phone stolen.

    People like you drive the price up for people like myself that have need of the phone for business applications that are run on it. (If you give me the same excuse, I’ll ask the name of the app).

    Hey, buy a $2,000.00 diamond necklace and wear it around, don’t cry when it gets stolen. Same with an $800 phone (when bought new w/out contract) that, isn’t worth $800.

    Self important delusional snobs are sickening.

    • You’re an a@@hole. Being poor doesn’t make you special. It looks like it just made you an ignorant, sad, angry person. I’ll buy my son a new phone today and this chapter will be closed in our life but you . . . well look in the mirror. I know it is hard but only you can make yourself a better person. I feel so sorry for you.

    • if you don’t want to hear about people talking about their phones being lost or stolen you shouldn’t be on a blog about tracking stolen/lost iphones. just because people buy these phones doesn’t mean they are snobs, but the fact that you’re complaining about it means you’re a douche. so do everyone a favor and shut your fat face.

    • Kind of a Communist notion that people with nice things “deserve” to have them stolen or taken away. I hope your house, dignity, security, or sanity get stolen because there are poor people all around the country or world that don’t have access to such things. Or your health. Or your family, do you know how many people don’t have a family? You’re rich in comparison to a lot of people, considering you have access to the internet and some kind of machine that helps you view and comment on the many things found there. If you want fairness move to a third world country where your livelihood and survival are in direct proportion to the amount you worked by hunting down gophers and walking to the river that day. They don’t have pedestals down there, though, you might be uncomfortable.

    • Your an ass, ppl also buy these phones because they are awesome phones! iPhone hater much?!?
      Keep your hateful miss-informed opinion to yourself , or go find another forum to bitch in

    • @j70141

      The only sad story is your sorry @ss. You need your @ss kicked and I hope it gets done soon.

      Ooh look at me, I want people to feel sorry for me because consumers buy products increasing prices and my broke @ss can’t afford one. Sounds like you need to find a better business since it sounds like yours isn’t doing to well if you cry about the price of the phone.

      I wish I did know you that way I could show off all my flashy things to you and rub it in your face and tell you what a real piece of $hit you are.

      Thing is, since my phone got stolen, I will go buy another one because I have so damn much money. More $ than I know what to do with and it’s just a material time only. I can buy one at the drop of a hat unlike you, who probably has to save up 13 pay periods to buy the phone. HaHa, I don’t feel sorry for you at all and only laugh at cries knowing you have something coming your way.

      • Hi folks, the apps will only work if the iphone is on and connected to the internet. If your phone can’t connect to the internet, forget it.

    • how freaking rude, my daughter worked her ass off at 18, she works goes to high school, college and has a full academic scholarship to a state college and yes she wanted a nice phone, which she deserved if she worked to pay for it herself, she bought it at a phone store, but not at & t it was used, oh well. she didn’t pay $800 dollars for it, but even with a plan the news ones are around $200. so get over yourself!!

  153. my iphone 4 has been stollen its at&t and i canceled the service and every thing but it has been two days i dnt have anny trakeing appes like that unless around me counts is there any way it could be tracked.

  154. ii had my iphone 4 s stolen on the bus i was sitting down listening to music when all of the sudden the bus stops this guys come from behind andt ake it from my hand and runs out of the bus with it!!!!!!!!!! wat is wron withh pppl?!?!?

    wishinng i would have download that app!

  155. please help my daughter had her ipod touch stolen and I am going to all these site to find a ipod ,I need the best free way to locate it.      collegemom

  156. Looking for the way to trac your cellphone, should it be displaced or ripped off. I had been also seeking a route to finding my cellphone after I lost it. I stumbled upon this software program where I could do far more then just trac my cellular phone It might do almost everything that I want it to do..

  157. if the phone had not been registered yet and was stolen, can it still be tracked by the carrier…I managed to make one phone call before it was taken. Can the carrier track this phone

    • that’s tough, specially if the thief takes off the SIM card. The carrier needs the IMEI number to track the phone which they’d get only on activation

      • i have my imei number, i still have the box my phone came in and the original receipt. how do i use this to retrieve my stolen iphone?

        • IMEI tracking can be done by the carriers. More often than not they require an order from the police or court. So, better file an FIR with the police and take their help.

  158. If U didnt download any of these apps to track uor iphone its too late sorry. if u do hav it theif can turn off the location service, and u cannot do ****

  159. In my opinion I someone wants to steal your phone they can if they know the how to get around it , I’m not explains how because not into helping thieves.
    Our a password,I have findnyiphone app and love it but without password it’s useless in a theft case.
    I’m going to look further for a better app.

  160. when my daughters phone was stolen we had not downloaded anything to the phone but when I set up the phone I set up the icloud… From icloud you can track the phone without any apps installed on the phone. We were able to pin point the exact location.

  161. i lost my iphone 4s, i was not able to install any of applications needed to track the iphone.., i just have my apple id…, could anyone help me get back my iphone 4s.., i’m from the philippines

  162. a friend just had hers stolen last night and i was curious is there a way to track it even though the theif has disabled gps tracking?

  163. Hi there, my son lost his sister’s iPhone 3Gs , we were not able to install any of applications needed to track the iPhone… But i just have my Apple ID…could anyone help me to get back my daughter’s iPhone 3Gs pls:-(

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  164. I am not finding my IPad 1 since Nov 12….
    It was synched with Icloud. On 9 Nov typed on Notes on my IPad1 and it was synced on my Iphone.3G

    Is there any way I can track my IPad 1 using ICloud

  165. god i lost my ipod 5 and i am almost certain that it was stolen, if anyone can help me use the tracking device then please help

  166. Some app to track phone. I google search and find “HelloSPY” app. It help to track phone location, text message, call history, spy call and more. Hope you like it! 🙂

  167. My sister’s iPhone got lost but for shure it is at home but we r afraid it got stolen and her phone is off so what should I do ??

  168. Someone stole my ipad on Christmas Day. It has been offline since then. How can I find, track or locate it. Thanks. Michael

  169. i have lost my iphone 4s and there’s no way that i can find it.. moreover i dint turn on the ‘find my iphone’ app so that it could be tracked.. please help??

  170. My phone is missing from my house along with the charger. So, I’ve either had a senior moment and don’t recall putting it somewhere I can’t find or someone took it from my house while I was away – though no signs of forced entry and doors were locked. Anyway, when I charged it the night before I had turned it off…any ideas on what else I might do as the Apple app can’t find it.

  171. I have lost my iPhone 4s, but did not install any apps, is there any other means of tracking my phone whereabouts? Thanks

  172. ugh this is a useless article! im trying to find a way to find my boyfriends iphone 4s that was stolen yesterday from and gym and apparently theres no way without the app! how frustraiting! also there was a security password on it, can someone break this? cause there was very private stuff on there and im afraid the thief will get in and see them!

      • yep 😀 but FORTUNATELY the dumbass who stole the phone never turned the phone off and the gaurds were able to track it down and got it back for him with a day or two :)))

  173. Not a complete list of useful Security Apps. Try updating this with some more recent and successful apps such as Cerburus, Kaspersky, Norton, Webroot and McAfee. Cerburus has been extremely useful for me across all Android versions and provides even more with rooted devices.

  174. i’ve lost my iphone 4gs but i cant understand how to find out that…. i dont have its IMEI number or tracker is also not on…. what i should do???

  175. Hi I am from Botswana. My IPAD was stolen but I never activated my ICloud account nor installed any apps. I am able to locate my IPAD. Please someone advise.

  176. I lost my iphone 5 but never downloaded any of the tracking apps. Is there anyway that i can locate it?

  177. Hi my iPhone was stolen and I have find my iphone on it but whoever has it has turned my phone off so I can’t locate it. Is there any other way to locate it? Please help

    • If it’s off, you are pretty much screwed. However, you could try calling your mobile carrier and see what they can do. I wish you the best of luck in finding your phone.

  178. this is a stupid post, how can you find your stolen iphone if you dont already have these apps….. you cant go back in time and download the apps before it gets stolen. seriously.

    • If you want to spy on a cell phone for FREE, you can download this FREEWARE key logger at BOSSPY.COM

      This small apps record everything (whatsapp chats, text messages, any password like Facebook, gmail, yahoo mail etc…) and send to you by email the report key logs.

  179. my Ipad had been stolen but my find me ipad wasn’t connected, so is their anyways to track it down somehow.? plz HELP ME 🙁

  180. I lost my phone it’s still on I only had it two day iv no apps down loaded as I’m new to iPhone how do I find it

  181. My iphone 5 64 gb was stolen around detroit. I did not have find my iphone app on my phone and with this application . When I was trying to find my phone with icloud as wrongly I erased my information like app ID and picture email ets on miye phone … After that still I am sad because my phone was a 64 gb , new and unlocked. Still can I find it with any way like serial number or IMEI number because I still have my phone box . Plesae give me answer If you know some way about it!!!!

  182. I misplaced my iphone5 four days back,but it has been located at specific point yesterday. I had been there with police and i was clueless, since then it’s turned’off! I failed to find the current location. Can I locate through IMEI number without SIM card inserted?

  183. Hi guys, all the apps mentioned above or any other app works only when u phone has these softwares or it is connected with internet. There must be wayto track the apple id which is already setup and when it access apple store..

  184. Im not sure if ill even get any answers but I lost my iphone and I think the battery might be dead. although im not even 100% positive that someone else might have it but Im getting pretty desperate and Im asking for HELP…. PLEASE

  185. ipad 4 STOLEN from centrelink greensborough Victoria Australia and it belongs to my 9 yr old daughter. She is an only child and had so many photos of her achievements on it. We can never get those back unless it is returned. So many ways for the person to give it back from all the info in it. I wish they knew that we don’t want to punish them, just get our daughters photos back. Just turned 9 on Christmas day and had not downloaded them yet. WE ARE HEARTBROKEN!!! Can even hand it in as found to greensy shopping centre head office and they will get info and contact us PLEASE.

  186. It’s been a month since my iphone 5S was lost, but I can’t still track my phone on find my iphone app, maybe the thief still did not connect it to wifi. May I ask, how could the thief alter an iphone even it is protected withpasscode and the sim card is already terminated by the carrier.

    • they can factory reset the phone by doing the DFU mode forcing it go into recovery to flash to restore to a new phone system. thats why you couldnt read anything from your phone once its wiped

  187. My iphone was stolen the day after I had an open house. My cell phone is the only contact number the potential buyers were given.

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  189. Well this sucks. Its always after the fact that “oh, you must have Find My iPhone pre-installed”. I DONT HAVE IT!!! I called Verizon and they said they couldn’t track it. You mean to tell me VERIZON can’t track the phone. I also called the police department and they weren’t allowed to track it. Its so stupid. Well, now I know to “pre-install” all these apps, cause thats the first thing I’m going to do when I get my new iphone

    • Are you sure you don’t have anything in the cloud? Go to iCloud.com and type in your apple name and password and Find My Iphone is one of the options.

  190. we need help! my phone was stolen 2 months ago! and i want to block it! anyone can help us? or anyone can bring the head of the thief please? i really wanna kill them!!!

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  196. hi. m iPhone 6 was stolen from me 3 days ago and I can’t still locate it on iCloud… Is there anyway that the thief can tampered or hacked my phone? my phone has passcode too…

  197. I have a friend who lost their phone but the police said it is a too small case to be dealt with. Any ideas on how tk legally recover it without the police?

  198. Losing phone makes so many trouble to the users. I think you may use ikeymonitor for tracking your lost phone easily. Anyway thanks for sharing an informative post.

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  200. can someone locate an iphone 6 plus even if is offline my iphone got stolen but its offline and i can’t locate it what should i do

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