Motorola Droid is the first phone from the DROID series and will be the first phone to be powered by the new Google Android 2.0 operating system and will be available, starting from Nov 6th for $199 (after a $100 rebate) with a two-year contract on Verizon.


Over the last few years, several devices, from the BlackBerry Storm to the Palm Pre, have hit the market hoping to be an iPhone killer, but none of them have so far succeeded. And now, Motorola Droid is hoping to pose a serious challenge to iPhone’s supremacy in the ever-growing smartphone market.


Amongst the wannabe iPhone killers, Motorola Droid is probably the fastest and has one of the best display screens available. So does the Motorola Droid has enough in it to place any pressure on the iPhone?

iPhone 3GS vs. Motorola Droid

1. Hardware

Droid runs on the TI OMAP 3430 processor, one of the top processors on the market, which is also used in the Palm Pre. In addition to its application-switching capabilities, the TI OMAP 3430 is also a very fast processor. Infact, Droid is pipped as “the fastest Android device till date”.

iPhone 3GS uses Samsung S5PC100 processor which also runs at 600MHz and includes a CPU, a graphics processing and a memory controller all on one chip. Even the iPhone’s processor is capable of application switching functionality, but Apple hasn’t utilized the feature as yet.

Round 1: It’s a draw, though Droid has a slight edge because of it’s application switching capabilities. But Apple can use that anytime.

2. Operating Systems

iPhone’s OS has always been rated high by the experts for its reliability and ease of use. On the other hand, the Android OS is still relatively unknown, being used and tested by different devices and manufacturers hasn’t helped its cause either. Moreover, Android 2.0 OS is being used for the first time in Motorola Droid.

Round 2: For the time being, iPhone operating system is still the best OS around. We need to wait and see if Android 2.0 will match up with iPhone OS.

3. Keyboard & Screens

Many of those who dislike iPhone, don’t like it for the fact that it lacks a physical QWERTY keyboard. Using this to their advantage, Motorola Droid provides its users a full horizontal slide-out keyboard that features broader keys than devices such as the BlackBerry Tour.

As for the screen, Droid displays video at 854×480 pixels, which is higher than the 640×480 pixel display that is used by the iPhone 3GS.

Round 3: It’s Motorola Droid all the way. Atleast by the initial reviews and tests, Droid’s keyboard and screen are a notch higher than iPhone 3GS. Let us wait and watch how it works out in real life.


4. Applications

Apple’s app store has been around for few years now and there are more than 95k apps currently and it has served more than 2 billion downloads approximately. Android as well, has an app store, but it is not even comparable to that of Apple’s “as yet”. May be, we will get to see more applications in the coming months, when more and more Android based phones come out.

Round 4: Without a doubt, iPhone wins here.

5. Camera

iPhone 3GS features a 3 mega pixel camera with video recording and editing capabilities. Though it’s good enough for a smart phone, it succumbs meekly in front of Motorola Droid’s 5 Mega Pixel camera. One thing to note here is, though Droid comes with video recording capability, but no editing feature as yet.

Round 5: Discounting the video editing feature, Motorola Droid features a much better camera than Apple’s iPhone 3GS.

6. Battery Life and Talk time

iPhone 3GS is powered by lithium-ion battery. On 2G network, it can provide a talk time of upto 8 hours, while on 3G network, it provides 5 hours of talk time.

On the other hand, Motorola Droid is also powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, but Verizon claims that on its 2G network, it can provide talk time of upto 12 hours and on 3G network, talk time of upto 6.4 hours.

Round 6: Motorola Droid. Though both of them features lithium-ion batteries, Droid wins over iPhone on the basis of talk time. Note that this is just as per the claims made by Verizon and Motorola.

Final Take

It is very tough to beat Apple on the music and applications front. But looking at the specifications and initial reviews of Motorola Droid, it does have lots of things going for it that previous devices have not. We need to wait and watch if Droid matches up the hype and expectations. If the Droid doesn’t get the basics down, then its flashy extra features won’t mean much.


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38 thoughts on “iPhone 3GS vs. Motorola Droid Phone – A Detailed Comparison

  1. As far as the OS goes I believe you have done practically no research, right now there are a fair amount of reviews available about android 2.0 and even the car dock on itself would nearly give android 2.0 the edge over the iphone os, secondly it also features multitasking (a OS feature), widgets and in general more customization. So to be quite honest, despite the iphone OS being extremely idiot proof, the android 2.0 OS beats the iphone OS from the technical point of view.

    • good to see an Android fan (or rather a iPhone hater?). I completely respect your opinion. Just to clarify, iPhone OS does support multitasking, just that Apple hasn’t implemented it yet.

  2. Personally, I am looking forward to test this phone out. I have the BB storm and cringe thinking about how it could have been better and failed to even tease iphone with a challenge. Music and apps alone do not make a smartphone it’s functionality, smoothness of OS / use and of course the actual coverage.

    Iphone definitely rose the bar but with verizon pushing a market with not so subtle ads and google pushing android and their heavy push into music content, i’m sure we’ll see some massive changes. The only fear i have with this phone is the bulk and keyboard fucntions. I would also like to see more application storage. 256 will run around 9-12 apps smoothly, i’d love to use more of the disk space to run thins smoother.

    Looking forward to your follow up.


    @david it’s hard to say anyone has done true research as most reviews are just propaganda. Until each of us use this phone as we would to compare our previous or existing use, that my friend is true research.

  3. iphone, whatever it has done has never been done before when it was launched.And other peoples started to think about beating it by making iphone killers.
    But the real fact is this that apple is a real BAD ASS becoz it doent really want to compete with others in case of technology.And the price compared to the hardware that is inside iphone is horrible.

    You cannot always fool people.People are not blind.Though Droid is in its beginning stage,it will surpass iphone with huge leap in future surely.And then iphone will only look good in the museums.

  4. iPhone displays (including the 3GS) are 320×480, aren’t they? IMO the resolution on the Droid isn’t just “higher”, it’s on another level.

    • I want a droid, and will probably get it this february. I am using the iphone now, and i have been for 3 years. I figure i might as well get the droid because its better in everything but apps and music, which i will use an itouch or my old iphone without a SIM for. No downside now =).

  5. Though the Droid has many technological capabilities, Apple could easily update the iPhone to a better, faster, more efficient phone. The Droid has longer talk time (by one hour), but the iPhone has longer standby time. iPhone beats the Droid in music quality, being a iPod and phone in one. The iTunes store is accessible and App Store (many which are free) add to the many goodies an iPhone can hold. Overall, it depends on whether one wants a sturdy phone that has tons of features (which can be updated), or a phone already with excellent 3G service and quality.

  6. I own the DROID and a Blackberry Curve for work. I have never owned an iPhone but have used them.

    For those that say that iPhone beats the DROID in music quality is completely off base. The DROID comes standard with 16GB micro SD card and that is a complete tie with iPhones storage. Are they serioulsy arguing that iTunes is a great application? Amazon has been selling DRM free music in .mp3 format for a couple of years now. Is the music player so much more intuitive and easier to use than the DROID? I just dont understand. They both do the exact same thing when you activate a song. They play it.

    The DROID can download a song directly through Amazon. The DROID can hook to any system that supports USB and directly copy files to its card. The DROID can connect wirelessly to a network and can move files over that network.

    Please explain where this huge advantage is in the realm of music quality.

  7. My husband just got the Droid and it is insurable through Verizon.

    I really wanted an iPhone but couldn’t get past the fact that all you get is a one year manufacturer warranty for manufacturer defects. Then for 68.00, you can extend for an additional year. If your phone breaks you have to pay full price for another price and they extend your contract for 2 years from the end of contract date not the date you get the new phone.

    Just cant justify making that purchase without innsurance!

  8. I have had my droid for about 2 weeks now its amazing internet is lightning fast (im actually writing this comment on my droid) it certainly will have the iphone on its toes and the droid is more user friendly than the iphone duh. And it is insurable haha

  9. I have the prepaid unlimited plan through the new Staighttalk service and it runs on the verizon network. If i get an droid or an unlocked droid would it do me any good? I mean could I use the apps and stuff? Just a dumb question.

  10. Good write up. But it always bugs me whenever somebody mentions the number of apps that the iPhone App Store has.

    So what if it has 95k apps? Am I ever going to need that many choices? And how many of those apps are unique. I mean, last time I checked there were 20 grocery list apps.

    Then there is the issue of quality and purpose. The fart app, the dancing girl app.

    If you’re going to say that the app store is the biggest, then there is no argument with facts. But is it the best? Right now, since its pretty much the only game in town, people would say yes.

    • not really, Android has 20k apps now, so obviously even it will have some percentage of useless apps. That is not the point. More options = more competition = better for end user

  11. I’m down with the DROID, or Milestone as it will b called here in Canada.

    I can look past the iphone. Droid seems to have a better resolution.

  12. You guys are idiots, apple is leaps and bounds ahead of everyone even if they quit today it would take google 5+ years to match apples iPhone profit. Simply put every technology available in the iPhone 3gs they knew about when the original iPhone came out. It’s all about playing the field they had a revoloutionary product and they knew if they spread it out it would take awhile for anyone to come close so they made a ton of money. Remember droid is jumping in to the market with the bar already set. iPhone sets the bar and the rest follow. Say what you want about either os’s capability but the fact is that people will always buy iPhone simply because it is the “iPhone” you can’t say that droid will be better than iPhone really ever I mean outside of the physical features you must remember the os in both are really really similar. Apple spreads out the features and droid had to jump in where apple already was so all apple has to do is flip the switch.

    • well looking at this from the companies’ perspective iphone may look better but i am an idividual looking to buy a high quality phone. i do not care wich company has made more profits or made the first smart phone. i want the currently better working phone which appears to be the droid. i just dont care which one is the original. verizon may have just got into the race but judging by how well they started, great inovation will come from them. google is always updating and is integrated well throughout the web. verizon is also a better company than at&t. there is a reason apple came to them first for the iphone.

  13. all in all both sides have good arguments, but the iPhone will come out on top. why? you can JAILBREAK it! once you do that. its just on a whole new level. also Please don’t use aftermarket chargers on your Droid. You will only make it mad and cause it to do bad things. First it will text and call people at random, then it may take more drastic measures. Please think of the children! lol its true

  14. I just switched from verizon to AT&T 2 months ago to get the iPhone, I’ve played around with the droid phones and I must admit I do like the resolution and virtual Keyboard better on those phones but I didn’t like the Interface as much. I think the droid phones will temporarily be better than the iPhones but like some others have said, Apple has already set the bar. They’ve had this technology in place for a few years now and they’ve only been holding back to keep competitorrs aiming to beat what’s already there and to mlik every penny out of what was already in place. I can see Apple and AT&T flipping the switch and giving the iPhone a HUGE upgrade once the Droid starts to surpass them and then they will be king again. It’s all a big game to them really…like the saying goes, if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it and that’s what the iPhone has been doing, silently waiting for someone to think they’ve got the upper hand so they can pull the ace out of thier sleeve and say “oh no you don’t”

  15. I have both the iPhone as well as the droid. The iPhone is super easy to use, as is the droid. I feel that the droid though, is alot smoother and faster then the iPhone. The iPhone, being on ATT, lacks alot of coverage. The iPhone supports 3G/HSPA for data but I’ve never seen my iPhone get those speeds…ever. Drop calls….don’t even ask. On my drive home, my iPhone drops at least 3 times. I know its the network and not the phone but a phone is only as good as the network its on. My droid works everywhere….i mean everywhere. Verizon has done a really good job upkeeping their network and having coverage where all the other carriers dont. I would have to say the droid is the better phone because not only does it works great and run really smooth, but its on a reliable network. I know others may have a different opinion…but in my case, ATT sucks really bad.

  16. I am a huge Apple fan, but I broke down and bought a Droid today. Why? Verizon! I love the Verizon network, and their customer service has always been exceptional. I wanted an iPhone, but I won’t give up Verizon. The Droid seems to be my answer! It feels a bit bulky compared to the iPhone, but I can handle that.

  17. Ok yeah the droid does have alot of good specs but remember. The iPhone has been number one for years now. And Im pretty sure that apple is a huge company that is working all over the globe. Like I said. The droid is better FOR NOW. Apple is going to come back and smack all you droid lovers in the face when they release the new this coming summer. Besides motorola is know for their horrible phones. Just like the razor. Im sure you will be using you warranty a few times for your droid.

  18. iPhone 3GS Vs. Droid Vs. BB…..put simple.

    Without competition, products cannot improve.

    This is for all you Black Berry Enthusiasts. I have met many BB owners with Storms and they all have the same attitude when it comes to the iPhone…denial. As long as Research In Motion is managing the production of the Black Berry, they will NEVER surpass the iPhone…EVER!! The Storm is glitchy, slow, and just a plain awfully designed OS. Btw, Storm owners, prepare to replace your phones within the next year or so if you havent already, the spring mechagnism under the screen will start failing. A clicking screen?? awful idea. Anything that clicks will eventually fail.

    Droid- looking forward to the competition. I think the Droid is going to do great and will certainly heat up the smart phone market. If anyone is going to be putting their phones in a museum, its going to be Black Berry owners!!!!

    But one thing bothers me…the fact that SOO many people are suddenly dissing the iPhone because there is FINALLY some competition worth looking at. It almost makes me laugh at how ignorant some people are being with this. The iPhone was the first of its kind and it took 3 years ….count em…not one, not two, but THREE years for a respectable company to come out with something to compete with the iPhone. That just goes to prove that Apple is a power house and they know how to play the game. The Droid has some truly amazing features and will most likely surpass the iPhone. If you havent already guessed, I myself am an iPhone user, a once Black Berry user that gladly switched and sacrificed lower quality network coverage to own an iPhone, a Mac and PC expert, and a Computer Technician….just in case some of you all were doubting my credibility. But Droid fans, hold on to your butts, Apple is only going to put out something more superior, its just how they play!

    Oh, and one last thing. Just because the Droid has a higher screen resolution, doesnt mean its better than the iPhone. : ) enjoy!!

  19. Personaly I think the iPhone is better because apple is getting a lot of money witch gives the apple company more money to spend on supply’s to make the iPhone better than than the droid.And I have seen at least 20 people that have Iphones and I live in Roxbury and I have an iPhone myself and I can’t wait to get it gailbroken and I’m 12yrs old and I got my iPhone Christmas day and when I saw it I almost fainted I was so happy and I treasure it till this day forever until they make a new one I will use my old iPhone for more dirty work so overall the droid is better but you guys just wait apple will come back at you an will nock you dead just watch!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. to start with i have an iphone and i totally love it, so does my gf and a few other people i know… i have never had a drop call or being in an area where i have no coverage, i guess i have to say i love my network since i havent had any trouble… i had a few coworkers who owned an iphone and then went to get a droid and they all had both phones at the same time, and with no doubt they all returned the droid within a month saying that its no match for their iphones,that said i do believe the iphone can take the droid anytime.

  21. Honestly, No Flash Player is the straw that broke the Iphones back… Sure the Droid lacks this feature but it is coming soon where as Apple won’t even work with Adobe to get Flash…

    Another area where the Droid rules is features! If you drop it in the media dock the interface changes and gives you an excellent media experience that will play aac files as well as mp3 files (if my blackberry can convert my Itunes music then I’m sure the Droid can as well)!!! Also, if you drop it into the car dock it turns into a full featured GPS and these two ideas alone make it a better setup than the IPhone for flexibility alone.

    Of course the biggest area where the phone excels isn’t just the physical keyboard (which I like by the way) but it is the Multi-tasking and Freedom of the App developers… With Apple you get a Nazi Regime that can refuse your application for no other reason than you list it as being a big hit on the Droid and applications that won’t multi-task unless they’re built by Apple!

    Anyway, watch how this plays out because this is Apple vs MS all over again and Apple continues to make the same mistakes they did back then but ultimately Freedom and Flexibility will win out!

  22. Oh and one more note, Apple isn’t far ahead… In fact they’re behind! They keep adding features that other companies have had for years and their faithful just seem too blind to notice!

    Seriously, cut and paste? That was on the original Palm, Win Mobile and Blackberry Phones for years! MMS and Picture Text? Most camera phones feature this and Apple added it what 4 months ago? I don’t get why people think this phone is all that unless I reason they’re not doing research on their own!

  23. I waited through the iphone hysteria at work and bought the droid. I couldn’t be happier there is nothing this phone can’t do by comparison. No jailbreak required. Masculine design excellent operating system. Maybe a monkey couldn’t figure it out. Thankfully I’m not a monkey and I don’t have to be talked down to by the apple geniuses.

  24. for those of you asking about insurance. Contact your local insurance agent. You can get a personal articles policy to cover the phone. The one I have with State Farm Insurance costs $30 a year & has a $0 deductible. The phone has to have a min. retail value of $400, which as you know these phones do. I hope this info helps.

  25. to doug:the droid is inshurable, I’m only 14 so im very hard on phones,ive broke it 4 times,but its very durable to because one time i dropped it in the snow and it was there all night and it didnt brake. i think the droid is 10 times better,my dad had a iphone and when i got mine my dad used it for a day when i was out of town and couldnt take a phone and he then ended it AT&T contract and joined me&my moms so he could get one. I LOVE DROID<3 (I'm on it now)

  26. Android is unknown and everything is nt Dere. Like ebooks. Everywhere it’s written comming soon……..
    iPhone is far better and superior . Used both of dem and somehow android sucks……

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