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The biggest sporting event of the year is here. The 2010 FIFA World Cup, the premier international football (Soccer if you are from US) tournament kicks off on June 11th 2010 and will be held in South Africa. This will be the first time that the tournament has been hosted by an African nation.


While Italy are the defending champions, the tournament will see 32 nations fight it out for the glory. The World cup 2010 has already started to create a huge buzz amongst the online users with at least 20% of all searches in the UK being related to world cup. There are 64 matches being played during this world cup which culminates on July 11th 2010. You can check out the Fifa world cup 2010 fixtures to keep track on the world cup 2010 dates. The first match of the tournament features the hosts South Africa and Mexico on June 11th.

The FIFA world cup 2010 matches will be aired live on television via different channels across the world. BBC & ITV in UK, ABC & ESPN in US, Doordarshan & ESPN-Star Sports in India and CBC in Canada will be the official broadcasters for the mega sporting event. Some of them will be Free-to-air channels while others will be subscription based. ESPN will also telecast some of the soccer matches in 3D (only in US).

But what if you are at work or if your cable gets disconnected? You cannot afford to miss your favorite match. Not to worry, you can always watch world cup 2010 matches live online wherever you are and that too for FREE! We have done all the hard work in order to help you find the live streaming links of FIFA world cup 2010 which are really free and actually working.

The below list will get updated frequently with working live streaming links, so make sure you bookmark this page and keep checking back often. And yeah, feel free to share this with your family and friends and help them watch football world cup online for free!

10 Ways to Watch World Cup 2010 Live Online for Free

1. Watch world cup 2010 football live online for free on atdhe – much recommended link for live online streaming of football matches.

2. Watch world cup football matches live online for free on ESPN – high quality live streaming of FIFA world cup, but US only. Use Free VPN services to access it.

3. Watch world cup soccer 2010 live streaming online for free on MyP2P – another recommended link which lists multiple sources for watching world cup 2010 live. You would need to download few harmless software though.

4. Watch world cup 2010 Live online for free on TVBunch – multiple streams available for each match.

5. Watch Soccer world cup 2010 live online for free on FromSport

6. Watch 2010 world cup soccer live online for free on IraqGoals.net – another popular link for live football streams.

7. Watch live football 2010 world cup for Free on Live Foot forum – Live-foot forum gives the best guidance for finding the exact channels where to watch the match.

8. Watch FIFA world cup 2010 football matches live + Highlights on Justin TV – another site which contains multiple live streaming links, but hard to expect high quality streaming over here.

9. World cup 2010 Live streaming links for free on UStream – very similar to Justin tv. Mirror link here.

10. Watch wc 2010 live football matches online for free on ChannelSurfing

More ways to watch world cup 2010 Live online for free

11. Watch world cup matches online for free on FirstRow – Live streaming of world cup 2010 matches, multiple options available

12. World cup 2010 Live streaming links for free on RojaDirecta – collection of high quality working live streaming links of all the world cup matches

Other untested options

13. http://livefooty.doctor-serv.com/

14. http://www.watch-free.tv/watch-live-tv-sports-online/

15. http://streamick.com/

16. http://livesport1.us

Watch World Cup 2010 Matches Replay or Highlights Online for Free

Some of the readers requested for links which have replays of world cup matches to be listed down in the post and here they are –

1. Watch World Cup 2010 matches Replay + Highlights online for free on FirstRow

In addition to these websites, Youtube must also have the videos of goals, match replays and highlights.

Depending upon your geographical location and broadband internet speed you can choose one of the above links to watch live football world cup 2010 online. Feel free to share a helpful, genuine link. All comments are moderated, so do NOT try to spam with those paid affiliate links.


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