The much expected Nokia – Microsoft marriage strategic partnership was announced today which has shaken up the smartphone market place a bit. The two firms are proposing to build a new global mobile ecosystem that will challenge the likes of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, which are stealing market share from the Finnish & Redmond giants.


Under the new alliance, Nokia would adopt the Windows Phone as its principal smartphone strategy and add additional functions in areas such as imaging. This partnership has lit up Twitter and the blogosphere, and has left many Fandroids fuming, as they were hoping Nokia to choose Android over Windows Phone 7 as their primary smartphone OS.

Why Nokia ditched Android?

During the Q&A session of the just concluded press conference, Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO, revealed that Nokia did talk with Google about adopting Android but decided that it “would have difficulty differentiating within that ecosystem” and the “commoditization risk was very high — prices, profits, everything being pushed down, value being moved out to Google which was concerning to us.”

This makes perfect sense. Adopting to Android would have made a good short term approach for a company with diminishing sales. But for long term success, any company must have a unique differentiating factor. For Nokia, Symbian was always that differentiating factor. Though, they are known for their above-ordinary hardware design, in smartphone market, a true smartphone OS like Symbian was the unique differentiating factor for Nokia till 2007.

If they went ahead with Android, Nokia would have been reduced to a mere hardware player like LG & HTC. Even Samsung, which doesn’t have a mentionable history when it comes to software, is trying its best with home-brew Bada OS. Nokia has always taken pride for their superior user experience and app-based approach and hence going for Windows Phone makes much better sense.

Why Nokia-Microsoft Partnership is good for us?

We, the consumers, stand a great chance to exploit the situation in the near future. Apple and Google have had taken a real big share in the smartphone space and the outdated Symbian was fundamentally too weak to compete. Windows Phone 7, in-spite of a superior UI, is found lacking in terms of app/developer support.

With Nokia joining hands with Microsoft, expect a real boost to Windows Phone ecosystem on the whole. Nokia would help drive the future of the Windows Phone and contribute its expertise on hardware design, language support and help to bring Windows Phone to a larger range of price points, market segments and geographies.

We have a three-way fight here-on. Google vs Apple vs Nokia-Microsoft. Competition breeds innovation. Innovation breeds Success.

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10 thoughts on “Why Nokia Ditched Android for WP7? And Why it’s a Good News for us?

  1. But, I think only Apple’s and Android has future. There’s no future of Symbian OS of Nokia,so they have decided to switch themselves to new environment. But, Nokia has chosen a wrong platform for them. As we know, Android and Apple are the leading smart phones. And when it comes to windows mobile, they are not able to compete with another phones. Though Samsung has no history but it’s doing better than Windows phones, and Samsung has already take a strong stand on market using Android.
    Thus, It would have been far better, if Nokia has decided to choose Android. Its really tough to compete with Android’s smart phones.

    • Contradictory views! Samsung, HTC and LG (and even Motorola) have adopted Android. That’s not a bad thing for them as they have always been purely hardware players. But Nokia is more than a mere hardware player. With Android, Google retains most of the power and advantages which comes with the OS. But with WM7, Microsoft has given enough flexibility and ownership to Nokia.

  2. well MR Elop or wat ever… sucha dumb , unconvincing argument! MR elop be a man and say you were biased to MS considering your past history!
    You seem to give contradicting statements…Its ridiculous to say Android is risky to adopt than WP7.. This should be a joke of century! And he says Nokia should differentiate itself from companies like Samsung HTC and sony ericsson. Now HTC was shipping windows phone and i dont see any difference now with Nokia doing the same.. dont know what was Mr.Elop thinking while he made this statement. prices ,profit with WP7 greater than Android, well this is one more bizarre statement. We all know who
    has the business model to charge for its OS $$$$$. If some one use there common sense they will understand definitely android would be easy in terms of price and profit compared to WP7. I dont even wanna speak about Long term approach coz i dont see nokia being a part of WP7 OS developement or any where close to that.. So Mr Elop.. all your justifications doesnt make any sense..

    • Though it’s not yet clear how deep the involvement of Nokia will be in WP7 development, it will definitely be more than what Nokia would have got from Android. From the press release: We have established a relationship with Microsoft that allows Nokia to jointly drive the future of Windows Phone 7. To jointly define the language, functions and customizations that you’ll see in the future of Windows Phone 7.

      We have the ability to do customizations and extensions to the software environment that are unique and therefore differentiate.

      It might not turn things around for both, but both of them had to give it a try.

  3. Yesterday’s announcement made a lot of things clear. Symbian, as was discussed, will not just “die”. Nokia’s plan to pump in more powerful devices running Symbian is positive news for Symbian lovers like me.

    And I believe Nokia-MS partnership might actually prove to be a tough competition for Android if and only if, Nokia puts in efforts to bring out a good solid hardware viz. GHz’s processor, strong build, etc and MS does the same with Wp7. I am really looking forward to the the first Nokia-MS device.

  4. I believe it’s great news for consumers to have another good alternative to android and apple’s IOS. Competition will push companies to produce better products and software. However Windows Mobile 7 has to be fast, well designed…Previous windows mobile platforms were not good enough..

  5. Just wait and see! Nokia will be the number 1 smart phone again with the release of Windows Phone Mango, there is still hope! in the future Microsoft may release its newer version of Windows Phone with more features and Apps. The current windows phone has Goog UI, live tiles, and apps have been developing, Besides Nokia has the ‘best Hardware’ and reliable features, good battery packup, etc. my best wishes to Nokia and Microsoft.!!!

  6. I think that they (nokia) r not sitting there nd picking their teeth…
    Nokia has always improved its product line nd it will continue to.
    Nokia nd MS are best in their fields nd we can expect only “THE BEST” results with their merger.

  7. Windows will die off like the palm pre and soon blackberry android is just to strong and has so much of the market no one gets excited about a windows phone

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