The Latest Apple iPhone 4G – Burning Hot!

by: - Last updated on: December 17th, 2016

Never before I bothered to write about Mobile phones or any other gadgets, simply because they don’t interest me as much as the latest web application or Web 2.0 service. Lo behold!! Pictures of iPhone 4G just changed all these things. Its burning HOT and Sexy!!

Just have a look at this gorgeous new gadget from Steve Job’s stable.

iphone 4g new specs

It is pitted as a MACBOOK in a Phone!!

iPhone 4G Burning Hot New Specs

• Titanium and Glass.
• OLED screen
• 3G
• Front camera for iChat
• Removable battery
• 3.2 Megapixel camera
• Video
• 32 GB

Can’t wait to see more of this beauty.

Thanks Gizmodo

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  1. Ofcourse it looks pretty good… the main problem is they will not be available in India very soon..

    Even if it comes to India most of the people cannot afford the high price tag :(

  2. Not this time atleast, I expect them to release in India as soon as it is available in US & Europe. price tag is always a concern though.
    and did you just say “pretty good”? It is DAMN GORGEOUS B-)

  3. I just got a regular 3G one! Why does this always happen? It is a beauty though.

    Right now I am test a Nokia N85. If I could get that phone’s camera on the iPhone, it would be the perfect phone.

    1. @Tracy
      Welcome to my blog :)
      Just to let you know, this is just a rumor floating around and Apple has NOT officially released any details about the new iPhone :)

  4. You do know that these images are fake, right? While it is obvious that Apple is working on a new phone to be revealed around June, what everybody’s talking about is just a rumor. These designs are total fake.

    1. @Sebastien,
      Welcome to my blog! At the time of writing this article I didn’t know its fake, but yeah I got to know its just an artist’s impression after that and have mentioned in one of the comments above