After Ashampoo Music Studio 2009, Corel Paint Shop Pro X & Iolo System Shield 3 Free promotions in the last few days, here is yet another exciting Free promotion from Paragon – Paragon Drive Copy 9 Special Edition.

With Paragon Drive Copy, you can quickly and easily create an exact copy of your hard disk, including the operating system, applications, preferences, settings, and data.

Paragon Drive Copy 9 Features

* Copy your entire hard drive or individual partitions to a new drive
* Create a quick disk-to-disk backup copy of your hard drive
* Make the new drive bootable in the event your hard drive fail
* Schedule drive copy or partition copy operations for backup and archive

You can have a look at this link for detailed information on Paragon Drive Copy 9.

How to Grab a Copy of Paragon Drive Copy 9 For FREE

1. Visit the Promotion page and enter the basic details. Make sure you enter the eMail address properly.

2. You will receive the Product key username and serial number on your eMail.

3. Download and install the software from this link

That’s it! Register the copy and have fun. you have just saved $29.95 !!


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