Like it or not. Facebook is the most popular Social networking service currently and possibly the best way to keep in touch with your friends all over the world. But many people (including me) find Facebook really annoying at times, especially when more than 75% of notifications (marked with little red button at bottom right) are updates sent from numerous stupid facebook apps.


Over the last month or so, number of friends in my network who have started playing FARMVILLE has increased tremendously and so has my frustration. I was desperately trying to figure out how to only receive important notifications, such as comments from friends, and skip the stuff various applications send across. Would you like to know as well? Read on.

3 Ways to selectively turn off Notifications / Updates in facebook

Method 1

Take your mouse pointer to Top Right portion of the notification area, an Hide button with a drop-down appears as shown below


Click on Hide (Ex: Hide Farmville). This will hide all the updates from the app.

Method 2

In the small notifications roll-up window on the bottom right, an “x” will appear as you hover the mouse pointer over individual notifications. Clicking on it will remove any further notifications from that application.


Method 3

Click on the “Notifications” button at the bottom right corner in Facebook. Click on “See All.” On the right, you’ll see a long list of every application that sends you notifications, and you can turn them off by unchecking them.


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