This is a Tiny Twitter Tip on how to know when your tweets are favorited by someone. As you know, Twitter has the facility to favorite the tweets you like. Favstar is a new service that tracks the most favorited tweets and finds some pretty funny stuff that way. The service will also tell you who’s been favoriting your tweets and tonight it added RSS notification to its features.

That means you can now subscribe to an RSS feed showing you who likes your Tweets, even if they didn’t reply, retweet or respond otherwise. Isn’t that cool and interesting?

Here is the RSS feed for me –


Just replace my username “rajupp” with yours and open in your browser!

In case you wish to just see on the browser


It shows how many people have favorited your tweet and who they are! This is only on the site and not in the RSS feeds.

This is a nice service to have. Getting to know what kind of tweets are being liked by your followers is a big boon if you are an Internet marketer or a blogger. Even for others, It is surely nice to know who all have favorited your tweets. Isn’t it?


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