DeskTube is an interactive way to watch, explore, record, and upload video to YouTube from your desktop, complete with Twitter and Facebook stream integration. It provides an excellent user experience for searching and listing YouTube videos and providing instant access to all of YouTube videos.


Apart from all the YouTube specific features, it also provides Twitter and Facebook support. You can view your Twitter stream and your replies, along with posting updates and replying to tweets. All these while you are still watching your favorite music video on Youtube.


The Facebook services offers close to the same experience allowing you to view your home news feed and post status updates as well. You can post status updates on Faebook while you are watching a YouTube video.


The new four-way chat feature, however, makes it possible to video conference with up to three friends at the same time. You can even use it to share the YouTube videos you’re watching with chat members, essentially creating a shared video watching experience.


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