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best twitter alternatives

You are not wrong if you think the same thing about Twitter right now. Everyone has a certain point where they can not take it anymore. And some people feel the same way about Twitter. Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, there have been so many reasons to do so. Some of them include getting rid of the legacy checkmarks, putting a paywall on most previously free features, closing full API access (for creators), limiting the reach of tweets for blue subscribers, and more.

If you are tired of these changes and looking for the best alternative to Twitter, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will share the best Twitter alternatives, along with the pros and cons of switching. Before that, you should consider some important factors before choosing the best alternative.

10 Factors You Should Consider When Looking for Twitter Alternatives

  • Privacy: Your privacy is the first and most important point. It is incredibly important when it comes to social media because it is where personal information is shared, often including information about yourself, your location, interests, relationships with other people, and more. Make sure you check how the platform protects users’ data and privacy, as well as other features like end encryption and more.
  • User base: the size and diversity of the user base can have a significant impact on the popularity of the social media platform. A large user base can be beneficial for both creators and consumers to create, interact with, and engage with a wider range of content.
  • Content-Type: Different social media platforms are designed for different content times, e.g., Twitter focuses primarily on text, while Instagram focuses on photos and YouTube focuses on videos and more. When you switch to other platforms, make sure to check the types of content that are allowed on the platform, including text, images, videos, and more. This is especially useful if you are creating content yourself.
  • Interface: the platform’s user interface, including its design, similarity, and usability, can largely influence user behavior on the platform. The user interface is a critical component of any app or social media platform, as it is the primary means through which users interact with the platform.
  • Features: Social media platforms constantly adapt and introduce new features to improve the user experience and attract more users. Twitter has also introduced many new features recently. Some of them add value, while others make the app cluttered. If you like a particular feature of Twitter and can not live without it, you should consider another platform.
  • Algorithms: This was not a big deal a few years ago, but lately, every social media platform is setting its own algorithms to recommend content and more. Make sure you know how the platform’s algorithms work and if they favor certain users or content over users.
  • Moderation: moderation can play a very important role in ensuring a positive and safe user experience on the platform. Effective moderation can help prevent harmful content on the platform. Moderation can take many forms, including moderation of content, accounts, users, comments, and more. Review how the platform moderates content and how it handles harmful content on the platform.
  • Decentralization: decentralization in social media refers to a model where control and ownership of the platform are distributed among users rather than centrally in the hands of a single organization or individual. The potential benefits of decentralized platforms include greater user control, better privacy protection, greater ownership, and more. There are several decentralized alternatives for Twitter. You can switch to them if you are tired of Elon Musk owning all of Twitter.
  • Compatibility: Finally, check if the social media platforms are compatible with different devices and operating systems.

Best Twitter Alternatives

Instagram Threads

instagram threads app

Considering the volatile situation at Twitter due to the series of events and changes at Twitter led by Elon Musk, Meta saw this as an opportunity and announced its new Threads app, which is considered a direct competitor to Twitter for open public conversations. The app is now available to everyone and can be officially downloaded from the Google and Apple app stores.

The biggest challenge for any new social media platform, including Threads, is attracting the user base and getting them to create content. Meta is playing it safe here, using the Instagram account system to get users on board. One can sign up with their Instagram account and once successfully signed up, they can follow the list on Instagram. I can already see some popular posts (posts) from creators on the app.

In the main feed of the app, you can see posts (threads) from accounts that you follow, as well as accounts that are recommended by the Instagram algorithm. Similar to Twitter, you can repost, reply, and like the thread. Posts in threads can be up to 500 characters long and contain photos or videos up to five minutes long.


Meta uses ActivityPub, the decentralized protocol for social media, which allows Threads users to interact with other social media that use the same ActivityPub protocol (Mastodon users) and take the account with them if they want to move to another platform.

The Threads app is initially available in 100 countries, including the U.S. and India, but not in the European Union. Finally, there is no paid verification system, Instagram blue checks are transferred to Threads accounts.

I have been using the app and really like it so far, but it needs improvement to match what Twitter can do today. There are a lot of common elements between Twitter and the Threads app, but you’ll still miss Twitter if you see the Threads app as a direct competitor to Twitter. Overall, we finally have a Twitter alternative that we can actually use.



If you are looking for a straightforward alternative to Twitter, Mastodon is your best option. It’s in the news when there’s a discussion about the best alternative to Twitter, and it also holds the distinction of being the largest decentralized social media platform available today.

Unlike Twitter, which is now wholly owned by a single person, Elon Musk, Mastodon is maintained by a network of independent servers controlled by users. Each server has its own topic area and can set its own rules, allowing users to determine what they see on the platform.

Like Twitter, Mastodon is a microblogging platform where users can post up to 500 characters of text (compared to 280 characters for non-blue subscribers on Twitter). These posts can also include photos, videos, and other media. Users can post public and private “toots” (called tweets on Twitter). Other features include retweets, hashtags, followers and followers, and more.

mastodon home page

Posts on Mastodon are displayed in a timeline format, where users can scroll and refresh the feed to get the latest content. The user interface is similar to Twitter’s, with a simple and clear interface. Besides, it offers a free experience that makes it even more appealing.

According to recently released statistics, the user base is not quite as large as Twitter’s. Mastodon has been compared to Twitter. And the diversity of the audience is also large compared to Twitter.

Overall, Mastodon is the best alternative to Twitter, with the advantages of a decentralized network and a bias towards more technical content rather than mainstream content and a broader audience.



Bluesky is almost like Twitter, but it is decentralized. Currently, it is only available to a few people in a public beta. You can sign up here and get on the waiting list.

The app looks and feels almost like Twitter. You can see the screenshots below, shared by Theverge reporter JAY PETERS (link). The app almost looks and feels like Twitter, with a similar interface and design. Blue Sky was founded by Jork Dorsey, who is also the former CEO of Twitter.

bluesky app

Like Mastodon, Bluesky lets you choose from various hosting providers. Once you choose a hosting provider, you can select a username and start using the website immediately.

The site already has an active user base, which makes it even more interesting for regular users. Similar to Twitter, you can follow each other, view other people’s tweets, like retweets, and also set your own algorithms for feed recommendations. If you want to leave the platform in the future, you can transfer your followers to another app.

We do not have any more details about the app, as we tried to sign up for the beta program but have not been able to use the app yet. Once the app is available, we will share more details about the app and share personal experiences with how the app works and feels. As I said earlier, you can get on the waiting list. You can visit the website and provide your email address. You may receive an invitation to test the public beta.

The Bluesky app is now officially available on Android. You will need an invitation code to create an account and use the app. You can download the official Android app from the Google Play Store. 



reddit logo

Reddit is the best choice if you are looking for a community-based social network. Over the years, Reddit has built a community of passionate users and established itself as a platform for real discussions.

Different communities can join Reddit and discuss various topics, from the latest tech trends to gaming, weddings, health and fitness, food and drink, movies, TV, and much more.

Unlike Twitter, the content recommendation system on Reddit is based on the Karma system. It calculates the karma score based on the sum of upvotes and the sum of downvotes of a post in a particular category. Reddit users can post various content, including text, photos, videos, or links. All content on the site can be downvoted or upvoted by other users.

reddit home screen

Reddit also contains subreddits that focus on specific topic niches like travel, technology, and more. You can also subscribe to the subreddits. This adds the sub-Reddit topic to the main feed.

If you are used to Twitter’s simple interface, you might have difficulty getting used to Reddit. To keep things uncluttered, we recommend subscribing to only a limited number of subreddits and joining only a limited number of communities at first. Once you get used to the platform, you can subscribe to more and make it interesting, as I did.

Unlike Twitter, you do not have to provide personal information like contact details, birthday date, full legal name, and more. Users can use Reddit without revealing any personal information. You can log in to Reddit with your username and email address.



Discord is another popular community app that has been gaining attention lately. Discord was originally made available as a chat room for gamers but has since expanded to cover a variety of topics.

Similar to most other social media sites today, but unlike Twitter communities, users here can create communities called Discord servers. You can create your own Discord server for friends or build a local community, or join other Discord servers via an invitation link. You can use sites like Disboard to find popular Discord servers based on the niche topics you like.

You can follow individuals through the friends section. With the friends feature, you can connect with different people, send messages and also make voice and video calls, find mutual friends, servers, and more. You can join the active and popular Discord servers to keep up with the latest developments in different areas.

discord home screen

The number of servers you can join is limited – 100 servers for regular users or 200 for Nitro users (premium Discord subscription). You can sign up for a Discord account for free. Discord does not contain advertising but earns its money by selling upgrades for users.

When you create content, you can create your own Discord channel, set your own rules, and promote your content. To increase reach, you can promote your Discord channel on various other social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and others. The advantages of Discord over Twitter are that Discord allows direct communication with users, and you have more control over the information exchanged.


linkedin logo

If you are specifically looking for a Twitter alternative to build a professional network, Linkedin is the best choice for you. Linkedin is now owned by Microsoft and is known for professional networking and job sites. Most people use Linkedin for job hunting and to network with other professionals in the industry on the platform.

LinkedIn is also a well-known place to keep up with the latest news. Most of the time, however, you get updates directly from the company rather than from users who post, retweet and engage in discussions.

discord home screen

After attracting attention during COVID, Microsoft is constantly trying to improve the platform by adding new features. The user experience is simple and uncluttered, but it still feels like Microsoft is giving you a cluttered experience at times.

You can post different types of content on LinkedIn. You can follow others and send a request to connect. You can also send DMs, repost, like, and comment on other people’s posts. All your likes, comments, and posts are publicly visible.

You can sign up for the LinkedIn account for free. Linkedin also offers a premium subscription that provides additional benefits to most people looking for a job and wanting to hire people.


post.news logo

Most people use Twitter to keep up with the latest news and trends. However, since Elon Musk acquired Twitter, news publishers have been looking for alternative platforms to publish their content. That’s where Post.news is a new and exclusive platform that allows publishers to generate revenue through micropayments instead of ads.

Post.news offers both free and paid articles. You can buy points for real money and spend those points on reading news articles. You get discounts if you buy higher levels – 1,500, 5000, or 10000. Post.news doesn’t use advertising and earns money by taking a small percentage of these sales.

Major publishers of Post.news include The Boston Globe, The Brookings Institution, Fortune, The Independent, Bussiness Insider, LA Times, NBC News, Politico, ProPublica, Reuters, Semafor, SF Chronicle, MIT Technology Review, USA Today, Wired, World Politics Review, Yahoo Finance and more.

post. news website

The user interface is very similar to Twitter. On the home screen, you can switch between the Explore tab and the News tab. The Explore tab shows you the timeline of feeds posted by other users, while the News tab shows only articles published by publishers. You can also view recent topics with popular #hashtags and the “Accounts You Follow” section below them.

All in all, post.news is the best option for you if you want to keep up with the latest news and are looking for an alternative platform to Twitter. It can definitely get better in the future if most people and other publishers sign up for the service to offer a wide variety of content. Creating a post.news account is simple and straightforward. Go to the post.news website and sign up to create an account. From now on, you can use post.news only on the website.



Tumblr is described as a micro-blogging site that is a hybrid of Twitter, WordPress, and Facebook-owned by Verizon and later sold to Automatic, which also owns the popular blogging platform WordPress.

On Tumblr, users can publish text, images, and posts and follow each other to see others’ posts. The latest updates on Tumblr are displayed as a feed. Tumblr can also be used to get the latest updates. It displays content as a stream. You can follow individual tags and accounts to discover more content in your home feed.

Tumblr also has an instant messaging feature, similar to Direct Messages on the platform, that lets users send messages to each other.

Overall, Tumblr is the best platform if you are looking for an alternative to Twitter to build social networks and connect with other users and share information. You can also use Tumblr as a microblogging site. With the dashboard and other creator tools, you’ll be able to publish and manage your content on Tumblr with ease.


koo logo

Next, we have Koo. The app was developed for India, which itself was founded as a domestic replacement for Twitter. The app works and feels almost similar to Twitter. Koo is now the second-largest micro-blogging platform in the world.

Similar to Twitter, you can tweet and retweet. You can post content that can include photos, videos, gifs, polls, and more. Koo allows you to post up to 400 characters, while Twitter is limited to 280 characters in the free version.

The Koo feed is divided into different sections. The main feed contains all the content from the account you follow, with additional add-ons like rewards programs and more. And then, there are specific people, hashtags, and more. You can also sign up for a custom premium account and get access to exclusive content.

Unlike Twitter, Koo requires a mobile number version to ensure security on the platform. And with the direct messaging feature, you can chat with others instantly.

discord home screen

The app is also available outside India, and more countries are on the expansion list. The app is available in more than 20 languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Turkish, and Hindi, as well as 12 local Indian languages.

Overall, Koo is the best option for people looking for an Indian-oriented microblogging platform where most of the topics and discussions revolve around the Indian region.


substack logo

Next, we have Substack, which promotes itself as the best alternative to Twitter for creatives. As I write this article, there is an ongoing debate between Twitter and Substack.

To better understand, on April 5, 2023, Substack announced new notes feature that looks almost like Twitter. Creators can post short content that can include posts, quotes, images, links, and more.

Notes shared on the platform will appear in a special short-form feed that is very similar to Twitter. Users can like, comment and restack posts.

subsatck notes feature

Substack’s biggest advantage over Twitter is that many people already use the platform, including well-known writers and others. According to the blog post, there are more than 35 million active subscriptions from writers on Substack, including more than 2 million paid subscriptions (official numbers shared by the company via a blog post). Twitter has recognized this problem and completely removed Substack links and accounts from the platform.

There is no exact date for the launch of this Notes feature. The official announcement says that it will be available soon on the web and in the official Substack app. We will update this article with more details once the feature is available for testing. Until then, you can try other Twitter alternatives listed in this post.


micro.blog logo

Micro.blog is another micro-blogging site if you are looking for the best alternative to Twitter that offers a curated social media experience with a focus on longer content.

Similar to Twitter, Micro.blog allows its users to publish short posts, interact with others, and discover new content. However, the focus is on longer-form blog posts rather than quick updates like tweets. Users can follow each other and interact with others through likes and comments.


Micro.blog is not driven by algorithms and advertising. Instead, it relies on user-generated content. The content is more tailored to individual experiences. As the creator, you have full control over your content and its presentation.

Overall, Micro.blog is the best option for you if you are looking for an alternative to Twitter that offers a curated experience and focuses on long-form content.


clubhouse logo

Clubhouse is not a direct competitor to Twitter. Both platforms are designed for different content, but they are alike when it comes to audio.

Twitter focuses primarily on text, supplemented by photos, videos, and also audio, called Spaces. Clubhouse, on the other hand, focuses only on audio. If you want to give up Twitter and feel that you will miss Spaces, Clubhouse may be the best choice for you.

Similar to Spaces on Twitter (By the way, Twitter-Space is a copy of Clubhouse). There are special audio spaces where you can join and listen to the audio. You can choose different audio rooms depending on your interests. You can also follow people you know, create your own Clubhouse, and invite people to join.

Overall, Clubhouse is the best choice if you miss Twitter Spaces. With the right spaces, you can improve the overall experience of the app.

Other good Twitter alternatives

12. Gab: Gab is a social media platform that describes itself as a free alternative to Twitter. Gab has a similar interface to Twitter. Users can create profiles, follow other users, and share posts, pictures, and videos. They can also join groups, participate in discussions, and send private messages to each other.

13. Minds: Minds is another alternative to Twitter with a focus on privacy, decentralization, and free expression. It is an open-source platform where users can create profiles, connect with other users, and share posts, images, videos, and more. It uses blockchain technology, which means users’ data is decentralized and not controlled by a single authority like Twitter.

14. Parler: Parler is another alternative to Twitter that launched in 2018. It was founded as the best alternative to Twitter for free speech and did not have the same content restrictions as Twitter. Similar to Twitter, Parler allows users to create profiles, follow other users, and share posts, images, videos, and more.

15. Facebook: Facebook by Meta can be another best alternative to Twitter. Millions of people use Facebook to keep up with the latest news and trends. Twitter is primarily focused on short and text-based updates, while Facebook allows its users to share long content like posts, videos, and longer text updates. Facebook relies primarily on algorithms to create personalized content.

16. Ello: Ello is a social networking platform launched in 2014 with a focus on ad-free and privacy-friendly content. It was originally a network just for artists and designers, which was later opened to the general public. Users of Ello can create profiles, connect with other users, and share posts, images, videos, and more. Ello is ad-free and also does not track users’ data or sell information to advertisers.

17. Newsletters: Newsletters are commonly used by businesses, organizations, and individual publishers to share information and updates with audiences. They are not necessarily a direct alternative to Twitter, but they can be the best choice for people looking for more curated content to stay up to date on the latest news and trends. Here are some of the most popular newsletters to stay up to date with the latest news.

18. Medium: Medium is an online blog publishing platform that allows users to write and share articles on a wide range of topics. It was founded by Ev Williams, who also co-founded Twitter. Medium uses an algorithm to curate articles based on your interests. Users can also follow other authors and publications.

19. TikTok: TikTok is a social media platform designed for short video content. It allows users to create and share videos that are up to 60 seconds long. According to a recent report, young people use TikTok to keep up with the latest news and trends. If you like short videos, you can follow individual news channels on Tiktok to stay up to date.

20. Personal blogs: Almost every well-known journalist has their own website where they post news and the latest trends. They can also be a good alternative to Twitter to keep up with the latest news and trends directly from the journalist, without third-party apps like Twitter.

Update (06/07/23): Added new Threads app by Instagram.

Comparison of all Best Twitter Alternative apps

Type of Content
Content Format
User Base (estimated)
Device Compatibility
Decentralized social network
Mostly tech-savvy and privacy-conscious users
Short messages, images, videos
2 million
Chronological timeline
Community-driven, instances set their own rules
Decentralized, open-source
Compatible with web, Android, and iOS
No ads, privacy-focused, community-driven, decentralized
Social media and news platforms
The general public, journalists, celebrities, businesses
News and opinions
Short messages, images, videos
330 million
Algorithmic timeline, trending topics
Moderated by Twitter, users can report violations
Compatible with web, Android, and iOS
Hashtags, retweets, trending topics, ads, verified accounts
Social news aggregation and discussion website
Internet enthusiasts, hobbyists, activists
News and discussions
Text posts, links, images, videos
430 million
Algorithmic front page, sorted by relevance or popularity within the subreddit
Moderated by subreddit moderators, users can report violations
Compatible with web, Android, and iOS
Subreddits, upvotes/downvotes, comments, moderators
Professional networking site
Job seekers, recruiters, professionals
Career development and industry news
Professional profiles, job postings, articles
740 million
Algorithmic feed, personalized recommendations
Moderated by LinkedIn, users can report violations
Compatible with web, Android, and iOS
Network building, job searching, industry news, endorsements
Social News Publishing Platform
News Publishers and consumers
News and Discussions
Images, videos, text posts
10 million
Chronological timeline
Moderated by Post, users can report violations
Compatible with web
No ads, focuses on news reposting, follows hashtags
Microblogging and social networking site
Mostly young adults and teenagers, artists, fandoms
Creative Expression and Fandoms
Images, videos, text posts
400 million
Chronological timeline
Moderated by Tumblr, users can report violations
Compatible with web, Android, and iOS
Reblogs, likes, follows, tags
Microblogging site
Mostly Indian users, politicians, journalists
News and opinions
Short messages, images, videos
10 million
Algorithmic timeline, trending topics
Moderated by Koo, users can report violations
Compatible with web, Android, and iOS
Regional language support, trending topics
Microblogging and social networking site
Mostly indie bloggers, writers, podcasters
Blogging and microblogging
Short messages, images, podcasts, blog posts
Chronological timeline
Moderated by Micro.blog, users can report violations
Decentralized, open-source
Compatible with web, iOS, and macOS
No ads support IndieWeb standards, encourage ownership of content
Audio-based social networking app
Tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, celebrities
Conversations and discussions
Live audio chats, rooms, clubs
10 million
No algorithm, discovery through clubs and connections
Moderated by Clubhouse, users can report violations
Compatible with Android, iOS
Live audio conversations, clubs, celebrity appearances
Newsletter publishing and subscription platform
Writers, journalists, bloggers
Subscription-based newsletters
Text posts, images, videos
No algorithm, discovery
Moderated by Substack and can report
Compatible with Android, iOS and Web
Reblogs, likes, follows, tags. New Notes features similar to Twitter.

FAQs on Best Twitter Alternatives

loader image

Almost every app listed in this post has a standalone mobile app for Android and iOS, except Post.news. It's important to note that not all Twitter alternatives have mobile apps or offer limited functionality on mobile devices. Before choosing a Twitter alternative, you should check if it has a mobile app and if it meets your requirements.

Yes, you can use Twitter alternatives to promote your business, just as you'd on Twitter. Many of these platforms have similar features, such as the ability to post updates, connect with followers, and share content. However, it's important to note that each platform may have its own rules and regulations for businesses. So it's a good idea to read the terms and conditions before you create an account.

The answer to the question of what is better than Twitter is subjective and depends on individual preferences and needs. Some people prefer alternatives to Twitter such as Mastodon, Gab, or Parler because of their more open policies on free speech and content moderation, while others prefer Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn because of their different features and focus on visual content, professional networking, or personal contacts.

Twitter is blocked in China by the country's "Great Firewall". Instead, there are several social media platforms, such as WeChat, Sina Weibo, and Douyin (also known as TikTok). These platforms have similar features to Twitter, such as the ability to share updates, photos, and videos, but they also have features that are unique to their platform and tailored to the Chinese market. It's important to note that social media in China is heavily regulated by the government and users must adhere to strict rules and regulations regarding content and censorship.

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