Most of the online users download pirated music from the internet, which results in loss of million dollars to the entertainment industry every year. Now you can download and listen t0 a wide range of songs for free, and that too legally! Below are the top 10 sites where you can listen/download your favorite songs for free which we will always update to include online the best online places for your music pleasure.

This list does not have a particular order, even if the websites are listed from 1 to 10. You will discover that at the end of the lists there are brilliant websites to help you find your favorite artists and download their music creation legally, for free and without having to worry about Digital Rights Management, as well.

download listen music legally online

1. Amazon

amazon music

You may have already purchased music from Amazon, but few of you know that Amazon offers hundreds of songs and albums to download for free. Currently, they offer more a wide collection of songs to download legally and they keep on adding new albums from time to time.

At the moment of updating this article, there was an impressive collection of more than 50,000 songs that you could listen to or even download, legal and totally free! Isn’t that terrific?


last fm is the one of the most popular internet streaming radio service and they too offer a wide range of MP3’s to download for free. You can also find some of the rare old songs from 60’s and 70’s at Many people think is only for radio purposes but now you know that you can also get awesome music downloaded to your computer, totally free, also DRM-free and without breaking any laws, whatsoever.

3. Music

in dot com music

If you love Bollywood music, then is the ultimate destination for listening latest tracks from the upcoming Bollywood movies. This site also offers various regional, traditional as well as international songs. offers million of songs to listen online for free. However this site does not allows you to download or purchase any of the songs. If you live in India or you’re just a fan of Bollywood soundtracks, you can always keep a tab open and listen for free to this music.

4. Legal Torrents

legal torrents

If you thought torrents are only for sharing pirated stuffs, they you are absolutely wrong since you can download torrents legally via LegalTorrents. LegalTorrents is an online digital media community that distributes high quality open-licensed (Creative Commons) digital media and art. They distribute content with the full permission of the rights holders and use the peer-2-peer file-sharing technology. You can find hundreds of free mp3 songs at LegalTorrents.

Update: this website is no longer active

5. Free Music Archive

free music archive

Free Music Archive is a great site for downloading legally music. As the name says, all the music in this site is available for free. It has the widest collection of amazing songs and they keep on adding new mp3 songs from time to time. As of now, there are about 65, 000 songs that you can download perfectly legally and listen to in your player or to your computer.

6. is one of the most famous websites for legally downloading free music, but I’m sure that most of you don’t know that it has a special section for free music. It means that you can download paid music as well as free music from Their collection includes thousands of free tracks from small and large artists. Some of the tracks available in the free section are from extremely popular artists. And when you don’t find free online music from popular artists, it’s just a great way to discover others.

7. Jamendo


Jamendo is a community of free, legal and unlimited music published under the Creative Commons license. Jamendo has over 31000 free albums to download. If you are an artist, you can even promote your albums via Jamendo. This site also allows you to donate some bucks to the artist of your choice. Even if it is lower on this list, Jamendo is one of the best sites to download free music from their ever growing songs library.

8. Amie Street

amie street

Amie Street is a unique site where the priceS of the songs increase as they get popular. At the starting point, a song is offered for free, once it gets popular, you need to pay a small amount to download it. So, whenever a new song is released at Amie Street, you can grab them for free before it gets popular.

Update: the service is no longer active and has been acquired by Amazon

9. StereoGum

stereo gum

StereoGum also offers popular songs from small and large artists for free. This site allows you to download the songs of famous artists such as Kanye West, Ben Gibbard and Ryan Adams. Stereogum regularly features unknown artists who go on to become mainstream sensations such as Vampire Weekend, Arcade Fire, and Fleet Foxes. A free music download service everybody should use!

10. Live Music Archive

live music archive

Live Music Archive is a part of the Internet Archive. It has a collection of over 60,000 concert recordings in various audio formats. You can also find thousands of public domain music songs and expired copyright tracks at Live Music Archive.

More awesome new music services to listen to and download legally free music

We have included in the list below some more music services, because more free music is not going to hurt anybody, am I right? You’ll find below streaming services, public domain websites and even some free trial options. So, if you want to have a collection of free and legally downloaded songs in your computer or player, you can use all the music services presented here to help you with that.

  • Spotify – only available for U.S. residents, the service has more than 1 million songs to listen to for free
  • Pandora – limited to customers from United States, Australia and New Zealand, the service provides free online music through radio stations. You can also create your own radio stations.
  • Grooveshark – the perfect mix between the search engine functions Spotify offers and free streaming radio stations like Pandora.
  • MOG – albeit ad-supported, you can listen to a whopping 16+ million songs. We also featured the service in our guide on how to get cheap music.
  • Wikipedia sound list – most of the free songs featured there belong to the classical genre but you will also find other songs that now belong to the public domain.

The above are what we consider to be some of the best, but there are even more services, such as MusicBot, PlayList, ShoutCast Radio, Sky.FM, Jango, RadioTuna and others. You can also check another article we did on the same subject that features more services that have some unique features you definitely might be interested in. Also, have a look at the video below as you might find something interesting.

According to you, which one is the best free music downloading service from the above list? If we haven’t mentioned any of your favorite service, please let us know in the comments, as we are always eager to learn new stuff that our readers want to share with us.

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