If you want to enjoy listening to the music of your favorite artists, you also need to pay attention to copyrights while trying to obtain your favorite songs. You might try your luck and use some services that allow you to listen or download free music legally. But, those music download services might not be enough since there is a limited offer of free songs that you can download. Also, some websites only let you stream songs for free, but what if you want to put them on your player or take them to a party?

You might not be able to afford, like most of us, to pay a high price for your favorite songs, and you will definitely get bored of listening to them only on YouTube. Therefore, the best solution, in this case, is to use a cheap music download service. But how to know which are good and which are rotten apples? We’ve researched and come up with a list of what we consider to be some of the best services to use to download cheap mp3 songs.

Be careful when using cheap music download services

What needs to be said right from the beginning is that there is a huge number of websites that promise to deliver cheap music, letting you download songs 100% legally. Most users believe that if they pay for something, then the product they are getting is totally genuine. And by genuine, in this case, we mean songs of irreproachable quality.

You also want to know that part of the money you’re paying goes to the artists. However, there are many websites that promise to let you download music for incredibly low prices, such as around $1.50 per album or only $0.10/$0.15 per song. One of the ways to spot these websites is to see if they accept other payment options besides credit cards, such as PayPal.

It seems that some of them don’t offer any royalties to artists, and they also might let you download pirated songs of questionable quality. They seem to be based in Russia, despite having .com web addresses. Therefore, you will find a few services in our list that might offer you very cheap music to download, but we will ask you to approach those services with maximum attention.

Also, another thing you should know is that services such as Apple’s iTunes have serious (DRM) Digital Rights Management software on the music downloads you have paid for. We will include only those cheap music download services that are also DRM-free. If you want to stop downloading music illegally, then using the following online services to get cheap mp3 songs might be the best solution.

4 of the best Cheap Music Download websites

These music download services won’t let you buy tracks for only 10 cents, but at least you know they are the real deal, and you get what you pay for. No compromises in the quality of the mp3 songs, and extra features, and obviously, the artists get their share of the profits.


mog cheap music download

After seeing so many different websites that offer cheap music download services, I have made my opinion and consider MOG to be the best out there. It started out just like any other music streaming service that you use after paying a monthly fee. But what makes MOG different is the fact that for only $10 per month, which usually represents the price of a music album, you get access to unlimited streaming music, no ads, access on mobile and unlimited downloads. The $9.99 per month plan is called Primo and should definitely interest you if you’re a heavy music listener. And with more than 16 million songs at your fingertips, I’m sure you’ll find the music you’re looking for and download it at very affordable prices.


cheap music download emusic

If you use Winamp, chances are that the first time when you downloaded it, you also got 50 free songs from eMusic. At least, that’s how I got to know about this cheap music download service. Even now, they still have a similar deal – you get to download up to 25 free songs of your choice when you sign up for the trial. eMusic has one of the best prices for digital mp3 downloads, with an average of about half the price of Amazon or the iTunes store. Membership plans start at $11.99 per month, and the average price of an mp3 song is around $0.50. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel your membership at any time without paying any fees.

Amazon MP3 Store

cheap music download amaozn

Well, this is not a surprise, at least not for me. Amazon knows how to sell everything, so it should definitely be on the list of cheap music download services. Amazon should be the place to go when you’re looking to buy cheap music in bulk if I can say so. Thus, if you’re looking for cheap albums and you haven’t found a good price yet, then I strongly suggest you to browse on Amazon. For example, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album is only $7, with a separate song being priced at $1.29, so you save $4.5 on your purchases. This is the case with many other music albums.


cheap music download 7digital

You won’t find too many cheap mp3 songs right away on 7Digital, but you’ll become a loyal user if you stick with them for a while. The website is known to have many deals on albums, just like Amazon, and they usually discount the price to around 5 dollars on select albums. The bad part is that they don’t have low prices on separate songs, so the best idea is to use the service when you’re looking for a specific album.

6 really Cheap Music Download services

Just like we’ve mentioned, these websites will really offer you dirty cheap music, and you’ll be able to pay for most albums the price that you’d pay on iTunes for a single song. But they might be using legal loopholes to avoid paying royalties to artists, thus managing to keep the price down. So, use them at your own responsibility.

What is your own experience with cheap music download services? Is there a reliable website that you’ve been using, and you want to share it with the community? If so, then feel free to interact in the comments section just below, and we’ll consider your input.

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