One of our most loved multimedia mediums is music. An art that has been around since the dawn of time and has risen up to become one of the biggest businesses in the world and one of the most influential media of all. This billion dollar industry has sculpted generations upon generations of people and has changed with the times, evolved and has now reached the Internet era. Nowadays, music is widely available on the Internet, be it legally posted by the artists or record companies, or illegally for anyone to download.

Illegal music download is very common, in fact, don’t think there is anyone out there that does not have at least one mp3 file on their computer on which they do not have the rights to own. These copyrights help artists make money of their work, it’s just like going to a concert and buying the ticket. I urge every last one of you to make the sacrifice and support the artists whose music you enjoy, so they can do it in the future also.

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How to Legally Listen to Online Music

Also, there are other ways to listen to music online without without breaking any copyright laws. Next up, we will try to show you how you can legally listen to online music, free of charge. You would be surprised to see that there quite a few places where you can do this:

YouTube – Probably the most known source of online music there is, but I am not talking about the the videos uploaded by regular users, but on the official channels of musicians and record labels. You can listen to the latest music and see music videos from your favorite artist on youtube, all you need to do is search for their official channels.

Online Radio Stations – Radio has been the medium for listening to music for many years, and now, with the internet getting more widespread and reaching every corner of the world, music fans around the world have the possibility to listen to their favorite tunes over the Internet on any device that has an Internet connection. Here are some great Internet radio stations and online music services for you to listen to.

Top Internet Radio stations to listen to music legally

Aupeo – A great service that works worldwide and has a great selection of music. You can search for particular artists and listen only what you want to. Also, the service is very simple to use and it looks great and very user friendly.

Pandora – Known for its awesome services, Pandora Radio can also be installed on iOS and Android devices, but it is limited to US citizens only. You can listen from your computer, but also from any mobile device that you own.

iHeart Radio – A service provided by the Internet giant Yahoo! that can be accessed by anyone living in the United States. You can search for online radio stations, genres or artists so you can have a customized playlist.

Grooveshark – Another great word wide Internet Radio station that plays awesome music and gives you the possibility to personalize your audio stream and listen to whatever you want. It has a system similar to YouTube where you can add songs to custom playlists.

AOL Radio – For music lovers living in the US and Canada, AOL has a great online radio system that allows you to find your favorite music and listen to it wherever you are. Also you can upgrade your account to premium and enjoy your music with no interruptions.

Spotify – A service that is known for all Android and iOS users all around the world. One of the best media streaming systems in the world that offers you great music stations and even videos. Try it out and enjoy it on all your mobile devices as well as on your computer.listen-music-internet

LastFM – If you want to add some music to your collection, the LastFM service will help you do this. You can listen to music online and if you wish to buy the tracks, it offers you iTunes or Amazon links where you can purchase.

SHOUTCast Radio – This plugin is integrated in the Winamp audio player and it lets you listen to music from thousands of stations. But be careful that some of them do not respect the copyright law. Look for known music stations or official channels.

Artist websites – Almost all music bands and artists have websites, and there, you can listen to their music 100% legal. So, before you go and download from an illegal source, check their website first, some even offer the possibility to download songs.

All of these methods shown above are legal ways to listen to music online. Respecting the copyright law ensures that artists receive proper compensation for their work and it shows your support, as a fan to their hard work. Whenever you can, it is a good idea to support them and help them bring you music in the future by making their albums sell. It is your duty as a fan!

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