I am sure some of you will be shocked to see such a title on a tech blog. Well, it is true, but with a twist. I am talking about WeightMirror, an interesting online tool to visualize how you would look when you lose or gain weight. This tool does help people to get motivated about losing (or gaining) weight.

The process is really quick and takes about a minute. First you need to upload your photo and properly align your face. I suggest you to upload a pic with front profile of yours. Next wait for WeightMirror to get your “skinny” look. It also puts the new image next to original one so you can see the difference. You can also print out both of the pictures too.


I tried out with couple of my pics and it left me deeply impressed. It is appreciably fast and highly accurate. However simple a tool might be, it manages to impress you if it does its job as expected. This instant weightloss (or gain) visualizer falls into that category.

WeightMirror also comes as an iPhone app and costs $2.99 on the app store. It includes a BMI calculator, automatic face detector amongst other features.

Check out WeightMirror.


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