Mozilla has silently posted the first “candidate build” for the Beta 1 of its Firefox 4 browser. If you’re the type to live life on the edge, you can straight away try it out on your PC/Mac. The early version has many of the upcoming features we have already heard about, including a new menu button that aggregates the most frequently used browser menu options, native compatibility with Windows Vista and 7’s Aero Glass interface, a customizable tab bar, and a bookmarks button.

The latest Firefox 4 beta 1 doesn’t look much different than Firefox 3.7-a6-pre build but includes smoother execution, and fix to frequent occurrence of crashes. The final release of Firefox 4 is slated for November 2010, though we expect it to happen much before that.

According to Mozilla, the Firefox 4 will have new UI which will have a central permissions manager, a new add-on manager and will reduce clutter. The beta 1 candidate has also included support to HTML 5, a must-have feature now-a-days. The java script engine though, needs a lot of tuning as far as its performance goes.

The rendering of menu bar on Windows Vista remains a problem, which leaves the menu bar virtually unreadable if you are running dark windows in the background behind Firefox.

Download Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 1

The download links for Mozilla Firefox 4 beta 1 for Windows, Mac and Linux are given below. Please remember that this is a first “candidate build” for the first Beta version that is still far from being released as a stable version. It is not even an official release, rather just a nightly build of the new browser version. So the best option is to use our tip to Use Separate Firefox Builds on same system.

Download Firefox 4 Beta 1 for Windows
Download Firefox 4 Beta 1 for Mac
Download Firefox 4 Beta 1 for Linux

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