Update: For all the effort we took, GMail has officially unveiled Rich Text Signatures

Google’s GMail is unarguably the most popular free email service which keeps getting better by the day. But then, it is far from perfect. One of the quirks is that Gmail doesn’t easily support adding a graphic image (or HTML) to your email signature line.

3 ways to add a gmail signature with images - gmail signature

Adding a text-only signature is quite easy, but then for someone like me who prefers an image as the email signature, Gmail doesn’t provide any option at all.

In case you were wondering how to add your business cards or your favorite images as your email signature, then here are some of the cool and easy ways to do so for Gmail.

How to Add a Gmail Signature with Images

1. The oldest and hardest way is to create an HTML signature snippet manually (via Outlook or some html editor) and then copy-pasting the signature portion on to your GMail compose window as illustrated here. Not recommended really.

2. The second option is much better and easier with which you can create multiple signatures for the same Gmail account. For this, you need to enable “Canned Responses” and “Inserting Images” in Labs section of GMail settings. Then compose a new message and create a signature as you like with images and text and once you are happy with the formatting and layout, go to the Canned Response menu and Save.

Now whenever you are composing a new message in Gmail or replying to an existing message, just select the relevant signature from the Canned Responses drop-down and it will be inserted inline.

3. The third method involves using some browser extensions to do the needful. Here are some of the browser extensions which can help you add HTML signatures on Gmail –
a) Blank canvas – Firefox extension that makes it very easy to add graphics to your Gmail signature line. In case you are looking for step-by-step instructions, here it is. It has a chrome extension as well.
b) WiseStamp – another Firefox extension which empowers your webmail signatures in Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo!, Hotmail, and AOL. Chrome plugin is available as well. Detailed instructions here.
c) Better GMail – Firefox extension which can help you add images to your Gmail signature plus lot of other cool features.

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