Here is a quick heads up on a short time promotional offer from CNET for Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro where in you can grab a free 1 year valid license key! The software is worth $29.95 and is for one user license.


Cloud based antivirus solutions have started to gain enough traction in recent times and Panda is spearheading the technology. Panda Cloud offers proactive protection for endpoints, email and web traffic.

It is extremely light and fast as it delegates all work to the cloud (Collective Intelligence) and applies non-intrusive intervention techniques, detecting even new and unknown viruses.

Panda Cloud Antivirus – Features

  • Web & URL filtering against exploits and drive-by downloads.
  • New user interface for unified management of Recycle Bin and Quarantine.
  • Automatic and transparent upgrades to new program versions.
  • Advanced configuration.
  • No more nagging advertising pop-ups.
  • Hot updating of behavioral blocking rules.
  • “Suspicious” detection counter in the statistics window.
  • Immediate notifications of virus detections.
  • Ability to re-do detections after excluding them.

Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro – Free License

Together with CNET, Panda Security is offering free license keys for Cloud Antivirus Pro 1.3 to users.

1. Visit the promotional offer page

2. Enter the registration details and click on Continue button.

3. Click “Place My Order”

4. Check your mail inbox for trial pay link.

5. Click on the link to get the Activation code and download link.


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