Long gone are the days of the arcade. The big, shiny, colorful machines are slowly becoming nothing more than a part of collective memory. How many of you remember the pixellated screen, the big plastic buttons, the small cold levers and the repetitive 16-bit music? Even more, I would ask how many of you feel your hair stand on end when you remember those times? Are there still splenetic amid you who miss those days?

You say that arcade times are long gone and now is the time of Android and iOS? I say true, but only partly. Presenting, in no particular order, 10 classic arcade games remade specially to run on Android OS:

1. Pac-Man


Courtesy of Namco, the hungry, little yellow head is back, ladies and gentlemen, and ready to chomp on the ever well known dots and fruits! Just remember to watch out for those annoying ghosts though! The transition to Android was made brilliantly, but some reviewers say that controls are a bit tricky to handle.

2. Brick Breaker


A moving paddle, a ball and tons of bricks to break! Simple and addictive. And now available for download on your Android phone for hours of relaxing destroying action! Chilingo brings us this well-known classic and makes us relieve the good-old days.

3. Super Mario


The little Italian is back and ready to save some more princesses (just hope he gets the right one this time…). If you still get goose bumps when you hear “that” soundtrack or are able to play it in your head any time of the day and night, then this timeless classic’s the one for you.

Tons of mushroom eating, little monster jumping, princess saving fun awaits!

4. Bomberman


Ok, it’s not called Bomberman, instead it’s Bomberman Dojo. The concept and the publisher (Hudson Soft) are the same though. What does that mean?

Well, if you like running around maze-shaped rooms, dropping bombs and killing opponents, all in the comfort of your own Android phone, then this is the game for you! Just mind those dead-ends though!

5. Donkey Kong


A very fun variation on Mario, this 1981 Nintendo classic is now available for Android too. Jump and duck, run and save the girl, just keep your head up for the big ape on his mission to stop you at any cost! Hours of addictive fun to be had!

6. Bubble Bobble


A little dragon, named Bub, running around trapping enemies in bubbles he spits out! Smiling yet? If so, then you surely remember the little green guy! Just don’t forget to pop those bubbles, or you will have a pretty hairy situation on your hands.

7. Tetris


Not one, but many! One could say that for each mobile games developer, there is another variation on the old but certainly not outdated Tetris. When the world turned Android, Tetris followed.

So just do a quick search and find the version you like the most. The concept is the same, so good luck in breaking the lines!

8. Space Invaders

10 classical android arcade games - space invaders

It was just another normal day playing on my mobile…when the aliens invaded! Yes, they’re back and looking to take over the earth once more! Or at least make you lose a couple of hours sliding left to right and shooting at the descending invading troops.

9. Pong


It doesn’t get more classic than this. It doesn’t get simpler than this. It doesn’t get more addictive than this. Just two paddles and small white ball. ‘nuff said.

10. Duck Hunt


The 1980’s are back and hitting hard with this shooter classic from Nintendo. Get out your gun, get ready and shoot away! We’re having duck tonight!

Just make sure not to miss, though. You remember the giggling dog, don’t you? Well, unfortunately, he’s back also.

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