All the rumors about iPhone 5 release seems to be falling in place. AllThingsD is reporting that Apple will be holding their media event on October 4th 2011, where, in all probability, will announce the much awaited iPhone 5.


As you might know, AllThingsD, the tech arm of WSJ is known to have reliable sources within Apple and have been claiming that the next generation iPhone will be released in October. Apple, as always has remained silent without disclosing any details about either the phone or the event. The norm followed is that Apple sends out the media invites a week prior to the event, which should be around 26th or 27th of this month.

AllThingsD also claims that Tim Cook, the new CEO of Apple will be the one presiding over the event and should be launching the iPhone 5 himself, now that Steve Jobs has stepped down from the CEO post last month. It will be a huge test for Tim Cook who was hand-chosen by Steve Jobs to be his successor.

iPhone 5 Availability

According to AllThingsD’s sources, iPhone 5 might go on sale “within a few weeks“, but CNN believes it might just be a few days, going by the recent track record of Apple in having a shorter lag time between unveiling and release of their new products.

But my guess is that Apple might make it available right on Day 1, i.e from October 4th or 5th. Why do I say so? There have been so many reports coming out of China that Apple has been churning out iPhone 5s at the rate of about 150,000 per day, which is a good enough number to let the iPhone 5 go on sale immediately.

In the US, iPhone 5 is expected to be launched on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint to start with. Recently, the CEO of T-Mobile had clarified that they won’t be getting iPhone 5 “this year” in an internal memo which got leaked. It will be interesting to see in how many countries Apple will manage to launch iPhone 5 along with US.

Update: Apple event for October 4th is now confirmed. Watch iPhone 5 event Live online

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