Tablets in general (and iPad in specific) are known to be content consumption devices. No wonder some people prefer netbooks & laptops over tablets for a simple reason that tablets are not for content creation. Storify, the social media storytelling tool has made an effort to push iPad into content creation, albeit in a smaller way.


Storify app for iPad resembles its web counterpart and enables drag & drop of tweets, photos, videos and other web content into your self curated stories. The iPad app experience is slick and user friendly, except for some minor glitches which we will discuss later.

For those who don’t know much about Storify, this explanation from Robert Scoble should be good enough.

Pinterest is to Facebook as Storify’s new iPad app is to Twitter. GREAT NEW IPAD APP for content curators.

That sort of a praise coming from someone like Scoble, who excels in content curation should do Storify a world of good. It’s an awesome and fast way to collate a bunch of tweets, bits of media and links into something coherent and fluid and much easier to read.



Storify for iPad lets you pull information from five major services – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Flickr, and the web of course. Once you are done with pulling all the required content for your story, you can then rearrange them to give a proper timeline for the story. Even the web version of Storify never felt this good.

Once you are ready with the story, you can click on the publish button which shares the story with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Additionally, you can notify those who have been quoted in the story.


Sadly, you won’t be able to get the embed code from the iPad app. Also, the app doesn’t work in portrait mode which kind of baffles me. I would’ve loved to read my stories in the portrait mode. What more? there is no way to browse stories created/shared by your friends or others. Moreover, I kept seeing an annoying message- “Loading your stories” all the time.


But we must give it to Storify for hanging around all this while and coming out with an iPad app with an hope that the service will be used by normal users as well and not just the bloggers & social media addicts as before.

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