As far as Android goes, there will always be a new UI coming along. And so is the case now, with the guys down at TSF (The Special Forces) working on developing a new 3D launcher for the Android OS. Obviously, it’s not an official version and it would be silly to believe that Google will launch such a thing (or not). The TSF Shell Pro, as it is known, represents the “new homescreen interactive experience” that a young and determined team is preparing for us. Let’s have a look at the main features found inside.

TSF Shell Pro: Android 3D User Interface

1. Quick Screen Switcher

android 3d ui screen switcher

One that must be good only because it’s the first thing you see about this UI. You have customized screens, and you can switch between by either tap or slide moves. And the way they’re designed reminds you of the 1990’s, but having of course a touch from the present. If you have a customized screen, then you certainly must have customized widgets. And the Android 3D UI from TSF brings you some new interactive ones, unique and animated for the best experience. I am very sure that some stunning augmented reality games for Android will look better with this UI, right?

You can arrange them in your screen, having a lot of options to help you make sure that your UI is one of a kind. You can change their position by long pressing, you can even rotate them by multi-touching and you can make a double-click in order to have a multiple-selection of the widgets. Would be nice to be able to use the software on such a product like Samsung Galaxy SIII.

2. Folder Boxes

android 3d folder box

After that, we have the Android 3D folder boxes, that can be either made to compact or expand by a single tap. Here you have a lot of options too, as you can drag each icon into a folder box or, and this is great, use the lasso tool to drag a multitude of icons at once. Of course, the freely arrangement of icons between folders is also incorporated, and you can think of a random path for them to fan out. Contact widgets are made icon-style, and can be grouped in folders like all the app icons.

This is really nice, and it also gives you good management over your contacts, being able to call, email or just send a text message with a simple tap. Even your notes are brilliantly made, as you can post your hand-painted, easy to modify notes wherever you want. What I like most, to emphasize again, is the great looking lasso tool, showed in the screen capture above.

3. 3D Music Player and Customized Screens

android ui customizing screens

The 3D music player is also innovative, as you can show/hide the album images or select the current track with only a flick. The playlists are also easy to manage, as you can customize them but only taping the songs you want in the order you want them. As for the weather widget, it gives you a 72-hours forecast with a real time temperature and a display of the city landmark. The physical aspects of it are also appealing, as you can make certain animation appear/disappear with a double-tap.

4. Quick Launch Bar

android quick launch bar

The quick launch bar represents the common space for icon storage, that gives you the option for free positioning. In order to open the pop-up menu, you just have to lasso icons, and you have instantaneous access to a few options, such as auto arrangement, multiple selection, gathering or deleting all icons. You can have icons or screens decoration props, designed to keep you as much entertained as possible. Let’s hope you’ll be able to play some beautiful Android 3D games inside it.

The flag effect also has the same purpose, as well as the live wallpapers this new UI supports. Oh, and the online store is also available for downloading the new widget upgrades. After seeing the video that TSF released for us, I must say I am pretty impressed by this new UI. The screen and the widget designs are really great, so this 3D Shell Pro could quickly become a favorite for Android users because it represents the definition of the mobile OS: the diversification.

check the demo video below. 

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