A person’s need and right is privacy. And with more and more information being stored in our computers, laptops, and, more recently – smartphones and tablets, it’s understandable that many have the need to hide or lock their personal information, such as photos, videos, SMS messages or other files from the peeking eyes of others.

Nowadays, our smartphones hold lots of information about ourselves, and because of this, the need for secured and hidden files is great. Just think about someone seeing your personal photos or bank account details. This is where apps that hide such information jump in. They help you by hiding files or folders from view or locking them in a secure manner that allows only you to access them.

10 Android Apps to Hide or Lock Files

Such apps exist to give us peace of mind when we hand our Android smartphone to someone else. A quick search on the Google Play market will reveal lots of these apps, some better than others, of course. Here, I tried to give you a selection of the best apps available for you so you won’t have to waste any time scouring the Play Store.

10. Hide Files, Photos, Videos

hide files, photos, videos

This simple app allows you to hide files and cunningly deceive anyone wanting to access your personal data. Disguised as a file manager – Hide Files, Photos, Videos can make any file you want to keep secret disappear. To access your files, all you have to do is open the app and tap 4 times on the screen, and they will be revealed to you. The free app allows you to hide 10 files; for unlimited access, you will have to buy the full version of the app.

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9. Smart Lock


A complete list of features to protect your privacy is at your fingertips. Smart Lock gives you full control over the files you want to keep to yourself. Featuring a locking service with multiple lock types and a bunch of other great features, Smart Lock can give you the peace of mind you need and the certainty that your personal data is safely stored.

8. Hide Files

hide files

Although still in its infancy and with some work to be done, Hide Files promises great success. Even now, it can perform the basic task of hiding files in a folder on your SD card that is not visible on your smartphone. This is a great idea for hiding files, but with some work, it can become one of the best apps for hiding files on your Android device.

7. File Hide Pro

file hide pro

One of the file-hiding Android apps out there that can really get the job done. Disguised as a simple tip calculator, File Hide Pro can hide your personal data and show it only to you. To access your files, you have to long-press the Tip Calculator and your files will be revealed—a great way to stop curious eyes from roaming through your smartphone.

6. File Locker

file locker

Lock your media files and make them unreadable by anyone but you. This is what File Locker can do for you. With just a few taps, you are fully protected from anyone trying to access your personal data. A simple and very effective tool for anyone to have in his arsenal.

5. iLock Pro


Update: Not working anymore

iLock Pro prevent your pictures from being seen even when transferred on a computer. This measure ensures that only the owner can access that content. This is one of the best tools available for those who want their private photos to remain private.

4. Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos

vault-hide sms, pics & videos

Privacy extends from media files to SMS messages and contacts. All are kept perfectly safe within this app. Never again feel unsafe with the content of your Android device. Now you have complete control over who sees your personal data. Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos offers top-of-the-line protection for just about anything on your smartphone.

3. Hide Pictures in Vaulty

hide pictures in vaulty

One of the most appreciated apps for hiding files on Android devices – Hide Pictures in Vaulty does an excellent job of keeping video files and pictures private. And with an impressive list of features, this app offers you excellent protection and plenty of options for viewing your data, of course, only for you.

2. KeepSafe

hide pictures with keepsafe

Premium quality app, free of charge. Hide pictures with KeepSafe offers users unrivaled protection for their personal data. Also, a great feature that this app has is that it doesn’t appear in the “Recent Apps” list, so none will suspect anything and your files will be safe and hidden.

1. Hide It Pro

hide it pro

And here we are, the best app for hiding files on an Android smartphone. Its impressive list of features makes it excellent for hiding any file and giving you all the security you could ever dream for.

Now you can feel safer than ever. With the help of these apps, you can now hand your Android smartphone to anyone (careful with strangers, you might end up with your smartphone stolen) and be completely assured that your files are safe and away from any curious eyes.

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