Hotmail, the world’s first webmail service is no more. Technically, it isn’t dead yet, but Microsoft is rebranding as and will soon phase it out of the interwebs.

As you’d expect, the new carries the Windows 8 metro looks and comes with tighter social integration. Microsoft is clearly aiming to consolidate its Office 2013 branding by clubbing its native Outlook email client on PCs with the webmail service.

The user interface is in-line with Windows 8 Metro UI and even claims to be the first email service to integrate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Skype. If you are keen to understand the new features, check out the videos at the end of this article. But if you are eager to preview the brand new webmail, here is a simple tutorial to help you get started.

How to Upgrade from Hotmail to


Once you login to Hotmail (with your or id), look for Options on top right corner. Click on that and look for Upgrade to option. Clicking this will take you directly to the new metrofied UI.

This is good enough if you just intend to use your old or email id, but with more features and better looking UI.

Create a Outlook alias

Alternately, you can create a alias, which will be integrated with your old email id, but provides you an opportunity to get a new email ID with your desired username. You can continue to use both the email IDs and manage them from a single interface.

In order to do this, click on Settings icon on top right corner & then click on More Options.


This will open the Options page. Now look for Create a Outlook alias under Managing your account section.


Clicking on that should open the below screen.


Enter your desired username and click on Create an alias. That’s it! You now have a new email address.

Rename your email address

This option is for those who want to completely move away from their old or address to a brand new address. But be careful. If you were using your old email to setup Windows Phone, do NOT rename to Outlook. This is because, features like Windows Phone Marketplace, Xbox LIVE, SkyDrive, email and others will stop working.

If you still intend to rename your old email address, go to Options page (as explained above) and click on Rename your email address option under Managing your account section.


Once you click on Save button, your new ID will start working just like your old ID.

And here are the videos as promised earlier.

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