For most people, emails do not give any information about the person sending you a message. Although the email address should give a clue about the sender, many people find it difficult to identify the sender, and it is not always possible to ask them directly. This is because sometimes we need information about the person who sends us an email without making them aware of our request.

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We may be interested in the sender’s home address, place of work, and other information, or we may want to verify the sender’s legitimacy. There are a number of workarounds, but the information we can obtain depends on the sender’s web presence. In any case, this article will discuss the best tips to search by email.

Why do I need to search for a person by email?

You may have received emails from an unknown person who does not provide any information about their identity in the emails, but you need to know who they are in order to confirm their validity. This is the main reason for searching by email, as you do not need to scare the person by asking them directly for their details. With an email search, you may be able to get some clues or information about the person’s credibility if they have an online presence linked to their email address.

Another situation is when you need to respond to an email with authority on the subject, and knowing the person can help you gather the information to accomplish that. Also, it can be awkward to ask the sender of the email for these facts, but you can find the information you need with the help of an email search. All in all, the main goal of an email search is to identify and learn more about the person sending you emails.

Find the Person Behind an Email Address: Search by Email

Getting the details of the person behind an email is difficult. Here are the six best tips for finding a person by email address:

Method 1: Google Search details connected with the email address

google search email details

Some people link their email addresses to their real names and pictures, making it easier to identify them as the sender of an email. You can use Google search to find profiles and pages associated with the owner of the email address. You can search for the email address itself, the name attached to the email, or the picture on the address to find out more about the person sending you a message.

As long as the person has an online presence, you will most likely find out something about them. Also, suppose you want to confirm the legitimacy of the person sending you emails. In that case, you will most likely find information about the account on the Google page, as other people have probably tagged the name, email address, or image on various platforms on the Internet.

Method 2: Use Email Header to Track an Email

Using the email header, you can trace the sender of an email back to its location. This way, you can confirm the sender’s claim and find out that someone has sent you an email.

Below, you will learn how to proceed:

1. Open your Gmail account in the web browser and open the email address you want to trace.

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2. Click the three-dot menu next to the email address or header, and select Show original.

show original

3. You’ll be redirected to the email header page, and you have to select Copy to clipboard to copy the email header.

copy email header

4. To get the IP address from the email header, visit this link and paste the previously copied header into the field provided.

5. Click Find Email Sender and scroll down the following page to copy the IP address of the email.

6. After copying the email address, visit this IP locator and paste the address to find the location associated with the IP address.

This will reveal to you where the email was sent from.

To get the email header in Microsoft Outlook, do the following:

1. Open Outlook on your PC and double-click the email whose header you want to retrieve.

2. On the email window, click on File and select Properties.

search by email: 5 best tips to find the person behind an email address - outlook file

3. The dialog box that appears shows the email header, which you can then copy.

internet header

Method 3: Reverse Email Search Platforms

There are some online platforms explicitly built to help search by email, and some of them have proven to be efficient. However, most of these platforms charge a fee for showing you the result of the search. So, depending on how important it is for you to find out what you are looking for, you can decide whether to subscribe or not. Here are the two best email reverse search platforms we would like to recommend:

Method 4: Use Clearbit Connect

clearbit connect

Clearbit Connect is a browser extension designed to retrieve other people’s emails. We can make it even more helpful in finding a person behind an email address, as it also displays social media profiles associated with an email address. Not all email addresses can be searched with this extension, but it’s definitely helpful in some cases. If you add this extension to your browser, every time you open an email, you’ll get a tab that will show you some details about the sender, including social media.

Method 5: Use social media

A social media search may be the best solution if you have some basic information about the person you are looking for (e.g., their name or location). Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin can also help you search for a person by email if the person has a presence there. You need to use the search menu on the platform to see if you get a result that points to the details you are looking for.

Find a Person by Email – Final Thoughts

Use the above tips if you’re in a situation where you need to search by email address to learn more about an email sender. You may need to use all the options offered, as this will give you better information about the person you’re looking for. Even if the person doesn’t have much to offer on the Internet, you’ll most likely find what you’re looking for with the help of one of the tips. Feel free to comment on the recommendations in the comment section below.

Search By Email: FAQs

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Yes, it is possible to trace an email to the location it is sent from using the IP address connected to the email. Besides, you can get details about the email recipient using the tips discussed in this article.

Some email addresses have images linked to them which can help find the person sending an email to use if the person uses a picture with their email address. This is made possible thanks to Reverse Image Search on Google.

A few top websites allow you to use an email address to find out about a person. Although most of them charge a fee to make that possible, they work pretty well. Here are the ones you can try out:

  • PeopleLooker
  • Spokeo

Some email addresses come with the owner's full name; however, if no name is attached to the email address you received a message from, you can use the workarounds discussed in the article to find out the name of the person as well as some other details about the sender.

A reverse email lookup is a way to find out more about the sender of an email. The information you can find out may include the sender's full name, current address, and phone number. You may also be able to see a picture of the sender.

If you are like most people, you probably receive a lot of emails every day. And you probably don't have the time to investigate every single email that comes your way. That's where reverse email lookup and search can come in handy.

Reverse email lookup can be useful for several reasons. For example, if you are hiring someone and want to do a background check, or if you are trying to convert a lead and want to know more about them.

To find someone by their email:

  1. Use an email lookup tool
  2. Use social media sites
  3. Use a search engine like Google or Bing
  4. Use an online directory like Whitepages or ThatsThem
  5. User Reverse Email Lookup tools
  6. Ask around

There is a free online reverse email lookup website called SearchPeopleFree. This website is super fast and accurate, and it can find any email address. The user interface is great and simple to use, and it features a probable match feature that can find information about a person on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

It is easy to find an email address by name using Google. However, there's no guarantee that you will instantly get the results you want. Adding your prospect's email address domain can help narrow down the results.

TruePeopleSearch is a great free email lookup platform that is easy to use and provides access to a good amount of records. To find the person behind an email address, simply enter the address into the search bar on the TruePeopleSearch homepage. The results will provide you with basic information about the individual, including their name, age, location, and social media profiles.

There are a few good email finders available, but SEON is the clear winner for risk management. is a great way to validate email addresses for leads or contacts. InfoTracer and BeenVerified seem to do the job without being too spammy.

You can trace an email address to its sender by analyzing the email header that contains email metadata and further routing information. You can use's email lookup tool to learn the sender's name, address, other email addresses, domain name where the email is hosted, social profiles, and more.

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