μTorrent is a name we are all used to. It’s by far the most used BitTorrent client in the world and it helps us download torrent files from any tracker in the world. Also, it has reached such a massive user base thanks to its extremely low load on computers. Thanks to the huge success & constant development of this torrent client, today, users have much more features than what they used to have. Apart from the torrent download tool, they can install add-ons and even use the program remotely, via the Internet from a webpage or from their smartphones. The Android version of μTorrent Remote is free to download from the Play Store and it helps users see the list of torrents they have and modify them. Later on, we will see all the options the mobile version offers.

1. μTorrent Remote for Android

The Android app gives you the possibility to see, modify and add torrents to your downloading queue with next to no effort and also to switch torrents from your PC to your smartphone. I wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you have a big data plan with lots of mobile traffic. You will need to set up your remote account in order to use this feature, here is how you do this:

utorrent 2

1. Open μTorrent on your PC
2. Click on the “μTorrent Remote” button located in the upper right corner of the program
3. Set up a username and a password (optionally, you can set up a verification question)
4. Click “Apply

This is all you need to do. Now you can access your μTorrent client from everywhere on the Internet by visiting the remote.utorrent.com website, or download the μTorrent Android App and use it from your smartphone. After downloading the app, when you first enter it, it will prompt you for your username and password, after supplying them, you can access your torrent list. From here you can do the following:

  • view the torrent list
  • add torrents
  • delete torrents
  • transfer torrents to your smartphone to be downloaded
  • monitor your RSS feeds


Ease of use and Impressions

After using this app, I noticed that it’s much more easy to organize my torrents and keep an eye out for when they finish and upload statistics. Also, when I’m connected to a Wi-Fi network, I can transfer torrents to my smartphone and download them at higher speeds than I used to. Also, seeing the RSS feeds of helps me know when new torrents appear. The interface is very well designed, very easy to use and with simple buttons that are quite large and not hard to miss. I love the way the developers made the app so clean and with features that you don’t need, this gives it a professional look and an overall quality feel.

I highly recommend the μTorrent Remote Android app for all you users out there who want to keep a close eye on their torrents, or who want to add a new torrent on the spot and are not in the vicinity of a PC. Without a doubt, 5 out of 5 stars!

2. uTorrent Beta for Android

After taking the first step to the mobile world with μTorrent Remote, the team has now developed a mobile version of the well known BitTorrent client that lets you download torrents directly to your Android smartphone. A great step for the μTorrent, but I think it won’t catch on too good due to the limitations imposed by the network carriers and the high prices on data plans.

How is μTorrent for Android?

Although still in its infancy, the μTorrent Beta Android app promises to give us the possibility to use our high speed Wi-Fi networks and 3G networks to search and download torrents directly to our Android devices. These are all great possibilities and this app can go a long way, but I’m sad to say that the Beta version needs a great deal of work before it can rise to the level of other similar apps. I’m certain that the developer team will iron out these issues, as they have more than proven themselves with the μTorrent Remote app, but for now let’s see what this app can do and where it needs some improvements:

  • torrent search using Google
  • you can quickly add torrents to your que
  • see individual files of a torrent
  • pause torrents
  • save downloaded torrents to your prefered folder on your SD card
  • set download and upload limit and also the connection port to your device

Lots of cool features, and more to come in the future, when the app moves out of beta version, but until then, let’s take a look at the issues that have presented themselves in our review:

  • overall sluggish movement of the app and sometimes it impacts the entire phone, making it to run very slow
  • unresponsive UI and a mess to navigate around
  • after writing in the search box you cannot delete (tap cancel and write again)
  • search feature uses Google search and not a more specialized search for .torrent files
  • no integration with μTorrent Remote
  • set priority for downloading torrents

These are the issues we have encountered, but as I said, this is still the Beta version of the app, and so, this is normal. The BitTorrent team is very resourceful and pay great attention to details, so the finished product will definitely have the same quality we are all used to.

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