OS updates are the most wanted thing once you’ve purchased an Android smartphone. Although it comes packed with plenty of juicy hardware components, nothing compares with the addition of a new software feature, especially the ones embedded in the latest Jelly Bean version. But as you may know until the moment, telecom carriers usually restrain themselves of sending firmware updates to legacy handsets or, delay their arrival even on the most advanced cellphones.

Now, there’s a trick to check if there is any Android update waiting for your device, served over-the-air. Besides the classic procedure of manually checking for updates, today we are about to show you how to force the device to find an OS update.

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How to check for hidden Android updates

The basic manual procedure which every user can access to check for updates, by going to Settings-> About Phone->System Update-> Check now works only in some cases. For example, when the carrier company has decided to roll-out an Android update to a specific set of devices, it puts together a scheduling plan so that some owners receive in a certain week, while others receive it in the following.

To bypass this plan and manually force the hand of the carrier, there is a trick procedure which must be performed. Whenever you hear news about a new Android version arriving for your handset, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Head down to the Settings menu of the phone.
  2. In the Apps tab click on show All.
  3. Scroll down to find the Google Service Framework and tap it.
  4. Now click the Clear Data button and then on OK.
  5. Tap on Force Stop and then on OK to confirm.
  6. Go back to the Settings menu and reach the About Phone page.
  7. Under System Update, tap on Check Now and the Android device should be updated to the latest version.

When checking for forced updates using the above stated method, the system should display a very old date for the last checking procedure, 10 years ago or even more. If this little detail is not revealed, then you will be required to repeat the first five steps until it happens.

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