Looking for some great iPad wallpapers can be a pain, especially when you don’t even know where to start. The guys from 2048pixels have thought of that as well, and besides introducing a quality source for downloading high-definition wallpapers for the new iPad, they now have redesigned the website and slash a 2.0 tag version on the front page.

The second edition of 2048 pixels comes with more and better wallpapers, alongside a simple-to-use but comprehensive editing tool which allows users to customize images, before they even download them. Downloads being free are most welcomed.

2048px ipad

2048pixels 2.0 – the ideal iPad retina wallpaper source

When the first version of 2048pixels launched back in May 2012, the website was pretty much optimized for the new iPad and although it had plenty of wallpapers to offer, it lacked a glimpse of creativity and the customization essence. Created by a group of professional developers and graphic artists, the site looked great when accessed from the iPad and even had some interesting themes to be switched by users.2048px

Going for full-retina support, 2048pixels now steps the game with one level, by introducing another batch of quality iPad wallpapers and a new customization tool. The software offers the possibility of editing pictures before downloading, and contains tools such as Blur and Pixelate, available from the upper-right corner of the screen. Once the editing is down, the download can be started and the best part is that everything is for free.

Each wallpaper is tagged by its designer with a motto line and as those interested will see, there are choices for each and every taste. All you have to do is visit the official source and choose the best ones that suit your taste.

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