Internet poses many dangers, and some of them affect us more than we’d like. For instance, when you browse the Internet and run into a virus or malware that your antivirus program cannot block. In this scenario, your computer’s security can be compromised and in some cases, your operating system will start encountering errors that will render it useless.

What to do in such cases? Well, the only viable solution (apart from re-installing the OS) is to restore your computer to an earlier state, when it wasn’t compromised. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, the problem with this is that most of us forget to backup our system, or even choose not to. After all, the recovery image occupies quite a lot of space and the process is very time consuming and laborious.

Introducing RecImg – The perfect tool to manage your backups

One major disadvantage of the backup process is that it only saves a snapshot of your system, and if your personal data is changed or if you install new programs, when you restore that image, all the information gathered between the time of the backup and the time of the restore is gone. Also, the process itself of backing up is at some times laborious, and you have to spend quite some time to accomplish it. There has to be a better way to do this, right?


And it is! The program that allows you to backup your entire system in 3-4 clicks is called RecImg. This utility was developed for Windows 8 and it can make a backup of your entire drive, with all your user information and installed programs almost automatically. All you have to do is select what drive you want to backup and where you want to store the backup image and you are all done. From here on, the process is completely automated.

But wait, I haven’t got to the best part yet: RecImg Backup Manager also adds user information to your recovery as you modify files and install programs, so you know that your information is safe at all times. After creating the update schedule, you can rest assured that the system will be backed up regularly and you are not at risk of losing information.


If a time does come when you will need to revert to an older state of your drive, due to a system error or infected files, you have only to select your backup image and let the program do it’s job. Some might argue that Windows 8 already has Refresh and Restore options, but these features delete files or settings, and you are still left with a lot of work to do, making your operating system the way it was. This issue can be overcome by using RecImg.

Keep in mind that the image file is pretty big (depending on the amount of data you have stored on your computer), so the process could take a few minutes. My recovery took about 45 minutes to complete and the total image file had 15 GB. But you can let the program run in background and get on with your work. I can attest to the fact that I didn’t even notice a drop in computer performance while the backup process was active.

Bottom line


So, is this program worth installing? Definitely! It has major advantages over the Windows native backup and other backup software:

  1. Fast Backup and Restore (depends on the number of apps installed)
  2. Automated backup
  3. Keeps files and information updated
  4. Low resource footprint
  5. Very simple to use

All these aspects make RecImg the perfect backup utility for Windows 8 users. It’s great interface is very easily navigated on touchscreen devices, so it integrates perfectly with the overall look of Windows 8. I hope that we will soon see an update that will let us backup our files to the cloud, because there are lots of websites that offer online space and are perfect for keeping a backup image.

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