Screenshots are one of the best ways to capture any moment and share it with friends and family. Screenshots are the perfect way to do so, whether it’s’ a video you want to record or an image you want to keep forever.

best screenshot apps for windows

Nowadays, taking screenshots is an integral part of our professional lives. A few years back, taking screenshots was not so common, but now that you need to capture screenshots for professional reasons, you need software and tools for Windows and other operating systems.

We know how frustrating it is not to be able to grab a screenshot on your device easily. That’s why we have come up with this list of the best screenshot apps for Windows 10/11. This article will discuss everything you need to know about this software, including its pros and cons, features, and price.

But before that, let’s take a look at the basics.

What is a screenshot?

A screenshot is a still image that captures the contents of the visible screen. It is also sometimes referred to as a screengrab. You can record exactly what’s on your screen using screenshots for later sharing or reference.

Taking screenshots, preserving them, and sharing them may all be very beneficial. Some even contend that screenshot is an essential item on the internet. Screenshots frequently serve as new-age artifacts and allow you to demonstrate certain content on the screen to others.

How can I use a screenshot?

Screenshots are valuable sources of information that can be easily shared with others and represent a significant advancement in productivity. Screenshots are very beneficial when you need to show something that would otherwise be challenging to express only in words.

Best screenshot apps for Windows

A number of screen capture tools are available in the market, which will enable you to take a screenshot of your entire desktop or screen. There may be differences between these tools in terms of screenshot size, quality, operating system support, and file format support. Now let us look at some of the best screenshot software you can use quickly, which will help you increase your productivity.

Microsoft’s Screenshot Snipping Tool – Basic Screen Capture Tool for Windows

microsoft screenshot snipping tool

The built-in Windows Snipping Tool provides a simple, free screenshot tool with more features than the “print screen” command. The tool’s functionality is basic, but it allows you to select a specific screen area for the screenshot or take a snapshot of the entire screen. One of the best features is the ability to design your own shape before taking a picture. Freeform, Rectangle, Window, and Full Screen are the four main snapshot types available.

The program also allows you to edit screen snaps using Paint 3D or the Pen and Mark tool. When you have finished editing your screenshot, you have two options: Save it to your computer in a file format like.jpg,.png, or.gif.

Greenshot – Best Screenshot App for Windows

greenshot windows screenshot app

Greenshot is a straightforward application for taking screenshots. It is designed to facilitate using the Print Screen (PrtSc) button to capture a screenshot and save them for later use. Your screenshots can be saved, opened in an image editor, copied to the clipboard, printed, edited with MS Paint, or uploaded directly to any media hosting website like Imgur.

While you browse web pages, Greenshot can capture full-screen and window images. You can also mark up and annotate screenshots, then save them in various formats for later editing. Like Windows Snipping Tool, Greenshot is a free application offering better markups and customization features.

Gyazo – Best Paid Screen Capture Program for Windows

gyazo screenshot app

Gyazo is an online photo manager and a tool for taking screenshots. The screenshots you take are immediately published on the Gyazo website with a unique link you can share with others. The free version of Gyazo helps you take screenshots and post them online quickly.

The app also promotes a paid version, Gyazo Pro ($3.99/month), which is required if you want to manage everything online and have unlimited access to your saved screenshots and editing tools. The Pro subscription also allows online management of recorded videos and game replays.

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DuckShot – Screenshots Made Easy

duckshot screenshot app windows

Duckshot is a relatively new product but very polished and extremely easy to use. You always have what you need at your fingertips with the all-in-one toolbar. With DuckShot, you can snip specific regions, make layered annotations, and resize canvas directly from your screen.

It supports on-screen snipping, full-screen, multi-screen, window, delayed, and scrolling captures. Besides drawing tools, it also provides dynamic HSB color control and a magnified color picker. In addition to capturing images, you can also capture videos and GIFs.

DuckShot used to cost $17.99 per license but is now available for free, making it a great option for those looking for a free screenshot app for Windows.

LightShot – Easy-to-Use Screenshot App

lightshot screenshot app for windows

An easy-to-use free screen capture application, Lightshot allows users to edit their captured images (including annotations). The captured images or screenshots can be easily moved and resized. Students or employees who need to save important information from their screens should also use this software.

Lightshot allows you to edit your screenshot when you press the Print Screen (PrtSc) key on your keyboard. When you press the key in the Lightshot app, the cropping tools and screen are covered by a transparent overlay. The app is free and one of our best recommendations for Windows 10.

ShareX – Best Free Screenshot App for Windows

sharex screenshot app for windows

ShareX is a free screenshot tool that is beneficial for sharing screenshots on various websites, and the online tool also acts as a file manager. The online tool also acts as a file manager. Scroll Capture and Webpage Capture are both included in the native app.

You can upload screenshots to many different online services right from ShareX’s interface, and you can manage your accounts from the same interface. For easy sharing, you can also get shareable short links.

The app is beneficial if you take a screenshot and need sophisticated features. The app also includes several programs that can be helpful if you need a simple screenshot or want to fine-tune the image and make it more appealing. The app is completely free to use.

Snipaste – Most Effective Snipping Tool

Snipaste is a simple but effective snipping tool that also lets you pin the snapshot back to the screen. By pressing F1, you can take a screenshot in the app and then paste it as a floating window by pressing F3.

You can also create a floating image window with text or color information from the clipboard. These windows can be zoomed, rotated, mirrored, transparent, and clickable! You’ll be surprised at how much this app can speed up your work if you’re a programmer, designer, or someone who spends a lot of time in front of a computer. The app comes without premium subscriptions and is intuitive.

PicPick – Multi-Screenshot Capturing Tool


PicPick is a unique screenshot tool that allows you to take many screenshots simultaneously with a ribbon and a modern Windows interface. Although PicPick has an elegant layout, its editing interface sets it apart from other applications. You can also split your screenshots and add stamps such as numbers and arrows.

PicPick also lets you resize, crop, apply effects and add text to any captured image. PicPick’sPicPicktab lets you post files directly to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others. For personal use, PicPick is free, but for business use, app subscriptions cost up to $25.

Which Windows Screenshot App is Best for Me?

When it comes to taking screenshots, there is no one “best app” that works for everyone. Some apps may be better suited to your specific needs than others, offering different features than others. The following considerations should be taken into account when choosing the best app for you:

  • How easy is it to use the app?
  • Does the app offer enough functionality?
  • What types of customization options does the app offer?
  • What additional features, such as sharing to other websites or the ability to create gifs, are available?

This way, you can try out different apps that meet your specific needs. All of the above apps are easy to use and offer many resources to meet your needs.

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FAQs about Windows Screenshot Apps

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The Gyazo app is free if you want to take screenshots and save them to your storage device. The app only requires a Pro subscription if you're going to capture more than 7 seconds of video and keep the saved files in the app's file manager.

Windows OS doesn't have a built-in screen capture tool, but you can use the Paint app in the Windows app, which allows us to edit or save screenshots.

For those who want to capture and record a screen, Movavi Screen Recorder is one of the best choices. Besides being able to capture footage from individual portions of your screen, Movavi also comes with an editor that allows you to trim and alter the footage.

Here are the seven best screenshot apps for Windows:

  1. Screenshot snipping tool
  2. Greenshot
  3. Gyazo
  4. Lightshot
  5. ShareX
  6. Snipaste
  7. PicPick

There is no built-in screenshot app for Windows 10, but if you want to customize, annotate, or share your screenshots on Windows 10, Snip & Sketch is the best way to do so. Use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + Shift + S to activate Snip & Sketch.

Apps like Gyazo and LightShot are available on Android cell phones or tablets but probably do not offer the same features as in the Windows ecosystem. However, in the Android ecosystem, you can easily capture screenshots of all visible content on your screen by pressing the volume up and power buttons at the same time.

There are several free screenshot apps for Windows like Snipping Tool, Lightshot, Snipaste, and others. But from our tests, ShareX is the best free screenshot app for Windows. It comes with both scroll capture and web capture features and also acts as a file manager for your screenshots.

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