When you think of games, probably the first thing that comes to your mind are the modern ultra-realistic resource hogs that work on high end computers. But there are other solutions for those who want to enjoy a quality game and don’t have to buy a very expensive computer: browser games. I know, some might think we’re joking, but the truth is that browser games have evolved pretty much and they also have great advantages.

Think of it this way, browser games require next to no resources, meaning almost any decent computer can run them (and here we’re talking about the games that use the most resources), they do not need to be installed, making it very easy to play and they are easily accessible from any computer that has Internet connectivity.

How good can a browser game be?


Well, this answer depends on what expectations you’ve got from any game, but browser games have really improved in the last year, and some of them have awesome graphics and wicked features that might fool many. The games we’ve tested left us amazed by how well they look and to be honest, the developers have managed to achieve great results without cutting too many corners.

Also, there are hundreds of great browser games out there, and they are not limited to clicking on menus as they used to be, but rather they have taken on a full 3D look, sometimes better than the games we played just a few years back. The ability to render full 3D images in browser games has expanded the developer’s palette of features they can add to their games, and thanks to this, users can play MMORPGs, Shooters and turn based strategy games in a full 3D environment.

But how the game looks doesn’t make it a good browser game, and proof of this are the hundreds of old school menu browser games that have thousands of fans worldwide. They offer users a great way to interact with other players and they can be very challenging and fun. Also, one other advantage of all browser games is that they are cross platform, allowing anyone with a Internet connection to take part in them.

What are the best browser games?

There are lots of awesome browser games out there, both 3D and 2D and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses, also, each gamer has his own favorite game type. We’ll try to put together a list of the best browser games, depending on type, so those interested can choose what games they like the most.



1. Drakensang Online
2. Battlestar Galactica Online
3. RuneScape
4. FusionFall
5. Sherwood Dungeon
6. A Mystical Land
7. Arcane Legends
8. Call of Thrones
9. City of Steam
10. Clone Wars Adventures
11. Forgotten Elements

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1. BeGone
2. Brick Force
3. Dead Frontier
4. Freefall Tournament
5. Offensive Combat
6. Quake Live
7. UFO Online


1. Carnage Racing
2. F1 Online: The Game



1. Iron Grip: Marauders
2. Jagged Alliance Online
3. Anno Online
4. 1100 AD
5. Ikariam

2D Browser Games


1. Tribal Wars
2. The Crims
3. OGame
4. Evony
5. Travian
6. Dark Orbit
7. Club Penguin
8. BattleKnight
9. Gladiatus

Also, if you want even more titles, take a moment to view the best browser games contest by BBGsite, where you will find lots of other awesome browser games voted by players from all corners of the world.

As we’ve said, browser games have come a long way, and they will keep getting better and better as time goes by. Also, these games have built the foundations for cloud gaming, something that major developers have started to show interest in. nVidia has revealed their plans for cloud gaming this year at CES and other cloud based gaming solutions are popping up. All of these advances started with the humble browser game.

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