Making regular backups of your files is a very good habit to have. In this way, you will never lose important files or sensitive information, and because we have more and more information on our smartphones these days, maintaining a backup schedule is of the utmost importance.

Creating backups on the very popular iPhone is pretty simple, just plug it in to your computer and create a backup using iTunes. However, in this, backup contains all the files and information on your phone, and sometimes, you only need part of that information, or if you’ve lost the certain data from your iPhone, and you don’t want to recover all the backup, but just a part of it, then you need a backup extractor for your iPhone.

What are iPhone backup extractors?


As mentioned before, iPhone backup extractors are specialized software programs that allow the user to load a iTunes backup file and extract certain files from it. These programs are specially designed to read the contents of a backup and allow the user to view the files contained within.

There are a few examples of good iPhone backup extractors that you might use to convert the backup files into readable files that your computer can use. Also, they are pretty easy to use, so you won’t need to have a degree in computer science in order to extract files from your iPhone/iPad/iPod backup.

What files can you recover from backups?

This is pretty simple. With a decent iPhone backup extractor, users can get their hands on any files that were added in the backup. A typical backup keeps records of pictures, videos, contacts, SMS/MMS, call logs, calendar entries, apps or games as well as preferences and settings. So, pretty much all the contents of your iPhone or other iOS device can be found in the backup file.

These backup extractors will be able to retrieve any files or information from the backup file. So, if you have accidentally deleted all your photos, or a few games, you can retrieve just them and not have to replace all the files from your iPhone. Also, most (if not all) of these programs work in the same way and they offer pretty much the same features, the differentiating factor between them is their user interface and what additional features they offer.

The best iPhone backup extractors


Now that you know what a iPhone backup extractor is, and what it can do for you, we’ll give you a few examples of this type of program and it will be up to you which one you choose.

If you only want to recover pictures from your iPhone backup, then you can use another program that is designed to extract only pictures and it does a great job too. Check out Picturescue and see if it offers you the features you need.

How to use these iPhone backup extractors

While each of these programs features a slightly different user interface, they all work in pretty much the exact same way. The process of extracting files from backups is the same for almost all of them: load the backup, select what files you want to extract and select the destination folder for the files. After this, it is only a matter of time until your files will be ready.

The time necessary for the iPhone extractor to get the files depends on the type of file you want to recover, as well as the number of files. Typically, it will take from a few seconds to a few minutes, but that’s about it. As you can see, the process is fairly simple and anyone can do it with ease.

These utilities will help users extract any files from their iPhone backups with ease. So, if you will be in need of some files from one of your earlier backups and you don’t know how to access it, then try out one of these iPhone backup extractors. Also, if you know other programs that allow you to extract files from iPhone backups, please let us know by leaving a comment and we’ll add them to the list.

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