Nowadays, all businesses have to direct their attention to social media because this is the best way to get knowledge of the opinion of people that are around your company or brand. Even if it’s a big company or a small one, the information obtained from social media can help to identify, predict, and respond to customers’ needs.

Luckily, there are lots of tools that can create different reports based on that information, which will offer a better view of the whole analysis. They can measure results and display them in different ways, helping you know if you are on the right track with your business or not. All in all, the social media analytics tools are essential in every industry, so read the following article because we will present the best of them.

social media analytics tools

7 Best Social Media Analytics Tools

By using social media analytics tools, people can verify the status of their businesses because they are able to see from which social network their traffic came from, the effectiveness of their campaign, and so forth. The applications are highly customizable; they can track all of your social websites, they can realize reports in real-time, and allow responding to multiple social networks with much ease.


Spredfast is a social media management software (SMMS) that focuses on the most critical areas from big enterprises. It’s a complete program that offers features in fields like organization, social platforms, enterprise repository, analytics, and reporting.


A very nice function is the daily engagement which is basically a centralized calendar where people from the enterprise can post day-to-day appointments through Spredfast. All of these actions are thought to maximize the efficiency of social programs and communications within the company.

Another essential part of this program is represented by the analytics and reports that can be done through it. Practically, this is where all kinds of analysis can be found because it integrates with Omniture and Google Analytics to measure and optimize efforts.

All in all, this Spredfast is a complex SMMS program that sure will help big companies understand what is needed to continue the excellent work. Also, it’s able to resolve any customer problems via social media networks, and if you are interested in using this program, please get in touch with the developers at:



UberVU is one of the best social media analytics tools on the market because it’s able to offer information in real-time. This program is used by big companies, such as The New York Times, Forbes, and Mashable, and automatically analyses all social media data to show insights that can be exploited.

Its list of features is very long, but we will remember only some of them that are very important: drag-and-drop widgets, beautiful graphs/charts, track sentiment levels, schedule responses, and so on. Another nice feature is the Exclusive Smart Scheduler that automatically posts on your behalf when it considers that it’s the best time to do it.

Its main purpose is to search for helpful information through different social media sites, from classic Facebook and Twitter, to Picasa, YouTube, or Blogger. To do this, it scans conversations and comments and monitors every mention about your company or brand to offer real-time results. Note that the maximum mentions measured per day are set to ten thousand for the basic account.

In conclusion, it’s one of the best choices one can find and more; it has awesome geo-distribution data, which can say from which city was the data collected. If you are interested, please take a note that its prices start from $499 monthly and that it can be purchased from here.

Sprout Social


Sprout Social is a powerful social media software that offers services in management and engagement activity. Currently, Sprout is collaborating with big companies like Yahoo, AMD, Pepsi, and Nokia, and it’s a leading program that makes everything more accessible because of the nicely designed and user-friendly interface.

This application makes everything more efficient, such as monitoring and publishing on multiple social networks simultaneously. Also, it creates a very good link between departments thanks to its collaboration feature that allows for creating a shared calendar and managing tasks.

The monitoring activity is one of the best because it doesn’t just scan social streams; it actually combines everything in a big cluster: messages, alerts action from all your profiles, and extracts the critical data. The time needed to analyze and get results is about fifteen minutes, and you will obtain a vibrant report in detail.

In addition, developers have created an application for Android and iOS devices, to offer portability and a quicker method to react at different changes that may appear in the social life of your company. Prices start from $39 per user/month, for the standard account type, and come up to $99, for the premium ones. Also, they can be tried for free for the first 30 days.


7 insightful social media analytics tools - websignals

WebSignals is a sophisticated social media analytics tool that offers a bunch of different features. This is a program that can compare relevant words or mentions over the Internet and obtain essential data that will help you to optimize your business.

It can help you track brand names, abbreviations, misspelled brand variations, slogans, hashtags, product names, and many more. WebSignals is a great tool to build engaged relations, acquire & retain customers as well as manage brand reputation.

It has both web and social listening and provides comprehensive sentiment analysis. Not just your own brand, WebSignals can help you keep an eye on your competitor with its competitor spying feature. Analyze the top players in your niche and beat them at their own game. It provides real-time notifications every time you get new mentions or links.

Currently, WebSignals is invite-based only and will soon open up for all customers. There are three different plans to choose from – Basic ($29 monthly), Premium ($99 monthly), and Enterprise ($249 monthly) which are relatively cheaper compared to other tools out there. The difference between them involves the number of keywords tracked, historical mentions, number of team members, data export, white-labeling, and more.



Closely is a marketing automation software that allows you to launch messaging and connection request campaigns to your target audience and collect engagement analytics for these campaigns. You can measure the rate of sent connection requests or messages, as well as monitor the acceptance and reply rates.

Inserting tagged links in these messages allows you to measure the clicks from these social media campaigns through your web analytics products and complete the traffic measurement loop. Pricing starts from $50 per month per seat.



HowSociable is an application used to manage companies’ brands with the help of the social media analysis that hops around your business. They consider social media as one of the most representative factors in companies’ progress, and that’s why they offer services to monitor and measure your brand’s value regularly.

Under the hood, it’s complex software, but it offers everything with a friendly and straightforward interface that will help you understand better what’s happening with your company’s reputation. The social web is the future, websites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter represent more than 20% of the activity on Internet, and it’s essential to know how people think and write about you.

Using this service is very simple because it only shows basic stuff, such as the first 360 pages where the brand of your company was mentioned and the first 360 mentions, and it measures its popularity of it on 36 social sites (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Foursquare, Amazon and so forth).

HowSociable has three different account types: Basic ($9/per 3 months), Plus ($19) and Max ($99/per year), but it can be also used for free having fewer features. In addition, they offer thirty days no questions asked refund for all account types, which, in my opinion, represents a big advantage over the others.

Google Analytics


Another option you should take a look at is Google Analytics, which is the core of many other social media analytics tools. It offers statistics and tools that can be easily used for search engine optimization (SEO) and many marketing purposes. Its main functions are monitoring traffic sources, sites, types of visitors, visits, and the location from which the page is accessed.

It also has some aces up its sleeve because it permits you to monitor and measure all your marketing activities, which will help you see if your campaign is worth your while. Basically, it uses five social channels and makes a report to see where customers interacted with your business in the last thirty days.

On top of all of these, this program is free and can be used by regular users. Also, it has a premium account type that adds 24/7 support from developers and other features, such as adding 50 custom variables or processing in a maximum of 4 hours, that will optimize even more the capabilities of your company.

If you are interested in the premium account, you should contact a specialist to create a pricing plan for you on this page.

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