Statistics say that a house is burgled every 15 seconds in the United States and every owner has losses of an average of $2000. Therefore, people understand now that they have to start protecting their homes in case of burglaries and other unfortunate events.

The best solution for this problem is to install a complex security system that contains fire sensors, movement sensors, door alarms and much more. It is very efficient in protecting your family, but it has the disadvantage to be very expensive. So, in the following article we will present some methods that will help you to create a cheaper security system on your own.

Solutions for a Cheap Home Security System


Even though you are not using the most complex security equipment, you can be sure that your house will be permanently surveyed and that there is less risk for you to be robbed. Usually, a system consists of a keypad that is mounted on a wall near to the entrance, which is in relation with all of the sensors and motion detectors from doors and windows that are placed all around the house. Generally, the center of command is placed in a little room inside the house, such as the attic or the wardrobe.

Transform your old computer in a Home Security System


Do you have an old computer that lays up somewhere in your house? It’s time to utilize it in other ways and one of the best choices you can have is to create a cheap homemade surveillance security system.

Follow the next steps to make one and enjoy a system which provides assurance for all inhabitants of the house:

  1. The first thing that has to be done is to update the operating system of the computer. It’s very important to keep the computer powered on all the time and to connect it to Internet.
  2. Buy and install some webcams with built-in microphones and motion controls and set them all around your house.
  3. Download the camcloud application. It offers a simple cloud video monitoring system for every home, being able to connect an unlimited number of cameras and to record up to 24 hours of motion events (for the Premium account type). In addition, developers created Android and iOS applications in order to access the security system even faster.
  4. Download and install Skype, the well-known VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) application, on the computer that will be used as a command center.
  5. Make a different Skype account on the old PC and set it to automatically sign in whenever the computer is powered on.
  6. Go to LogMeIn, a site which offers a service to access your computer remotely, and create an account. Whether you are at work or in a holiday, you are able to access your computer and control your homemade security system.
  7. So, when you want to check what’s happening in your house, log in the remote access application and call the computer through Skype.
  8. Now, you are able to control your system and see what’s happening.

Also, the LogMeIn service offers an iOS application through which users can remotely control their computer. All that is needed is a Wi-Fi or 3G Internet connection on the mobile device.

Laser Alarm System


At first sight, it may not seem too easy to do a laser alarm system, but believe it or not, this alarm can be easily made from a trigger, a siren and a battery.  In this particular case, the trigger is represented by a beam of light which activates the alarm if somebody crosses in front of it and blocks it.

The good thing is that all the parts that are needed can be found at your local electronics store: a siren, a 5 mW laser, an AC adapter, a black plastic tube and photocell tape.

  1. First, connect a laser to an AC adapter and power them from a plain wall plug.
  2. Secondly, slide a photocell into a black plastic tube in order to keep away the ambient light, because this particular part is very sensible to it. Thanks to this, the effectiveness of the sensor will increase.
  3. Use simple wires connect the photocell to a siren that is operated by a battery. Don’t connect the battery to the construction yet and don’t introduce the siren into the tube because the entire system will not work properly.
  4. Glue the tube onto the siren in order to keep it at a fixed point.
  5. All the preparations are made and now it’s time to fix all of them in order to guard an entryway. Place the laser at one side of the entryway and the construction with the siren, photocell and tube to the other side. It’s essential to fix the laser beam to beat directly into the photocell from the other side.
  6. The final step is to connect the battery to the siren. Now, the alarm should start every time when the laser beam is interrupted.

Furthermore, you could be more creative and use some mirrors in order to create a complex security system that protects more entryways. Place the mirrors in the path of the laser beam and set and angle them precisely so that the fascicle can continue. When you stop playing deflecting the beam, close the circuit with the photocell so that the alarm still goes off.

Also, it’s possible to create an alarm system with the help of an Arduino chip that sends an SMS to the owner when it detects motion in the house. All of the materials that are needed don’t cost much and the construction can be easily made even by rookies. If you are interested into it, go to this site and follow the instructions to learn how to create this awesome security system.

Install Magnetic Alarms

epson dsc picture

Another cost-effective way to increase your home’s security is to mount magnetic alarms at doors and windows. They’re designed to start beeping whenever somebody opens the door or the window or at every vibration of them. Practically, it’s a very simple system that contains only two pieces, one that is the siren, which is connected inside of the house on the frame of the door or window, and the magnet, which is connected outside.

When a burglar opens a door or a window, the magnetic circuit breaks and the alarm starts. Furthermore, developers implemented a red LED which can be seen from outside the house in order to let the burglar know that the house is protected. This is a very good way to banish all the burglars that intend to break your house.

A big advantage of them is the fact that they are very cheap and easy to install. For example, users can mount a Doberman Magnetic Window/Door Alarm for a price of only $13.90. This system is very versatile and it has an alarm that can easily wake up the entire neighborhood, because it has a powerful siren of 100+ dB.

Other  Tips and Tricks To Increase Your Home’s Security

  • The first thing you should do is to think about the way how someone can burglarize your home. So, start searching for weak spots in your security system and create a plan to resolve them.
  • Most of the times, the burglaries are made by amateurs who decide randomly which house to rob in plain day. That’s why is very important to lock all doors and windows every time you go outside the house, even if you are going to a local store.
  • Have you just moved into another house? Did you just lose your keys? The best thing in this kind of situations is to immediately change the door locks.
  • One of the most used places to hide the spare key is to place it under the doormat or in the mailbox, but the problem is that the burglar knows this too. On account of this, it’s better to hide your keys into a can and bury them in your yard in a place that only you can know it. Or, don’t hide it at all.
  • Buy a dog, because it will bark and keep the burglars away.
  • You should also keep in mind that you could buy separate parts of a regular security system and connect them by yourself in order to save some money. A great number of parts can be found on this site at very low prices.
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