CES 2014 is just around the corner and we will see there many new exciting technologies. One such example is LG’s endeavor to let you “chat” with your washer/dryer or robotic vacuum cleaner by using the Line messaging app and the new service called HomeChat. Thus, you will be able to give natural language commands to LG’s 2014 Smart Appliance lineup and they will magically listen.

lg home chatFor example, if you tell to your LG system “I’m going on vacation,” it will put your refrigerator into power-savings mode. It can also set your robotic vacuum cleaner to sweep the floor at an established hour every day and set the washing machine to run a wash cycle when you want it to. What’s really cool is that the companion app can update you with the contents of the fridge and even show a history of your robotic vacuum’s cleaning trips. If you will like cooking, a list of recommend recipes available for your smart oven. Seong-jin Jo, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Appliance Company said the following:

Always at the forefront of innovation, LG is continually striving to inspire smarter consumer lifestyles in meaningful ways. We’re excited to be able to bring to CES our smart appliances with the newest communication and intelligence capabilities.

Besides these innovative features, LG also announced NFC tagging and smart diagnoses which should help you avoid unnecessary repair visits. The new technology that will let you “talk” to your smart home appliances is being marketed as Natural Language Processing. The service will initially be available only in English and Korean, and more languages will follow. The initial launch of the service will be available on the following smart LG home appliances:

  • Refrigerator: receive real-time status updates from the refrigerator
  • HOM-BOT SQUARE Vacuum Cleaner: control the vacuum cleaner’s movement manually using HomeChat’s messaging capabilities
  • Washing Machine: remotely start a load of laundry, monitor the status of the washer, and receive push alerts
  • Smart Oven: get recommended recipes and find out which ingredients are necessary for specific dishes
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