Blowin’ in the Wind is one of the most iconic songs of all time, penned and sung by the great Bob Dylan. But what if by some accident, Dylan had been a denizen of Silicon Valley and a geek to boot? We still think he would have written awesome songs, but Blowin’ in the Wind might – MIGHT – just have gone like this: (we are sure he would do something far more awesome, but hey, note the spirit)


How many apps must a man download
Before you can call him a geek.
How many sources must a blog look up
Before writing news about a leak?
Yes, and how many cores can a processor have
Before its performance can peak

The answer my friend
Could drive you ’round the bend
The answer could drive you ’round the bend

How many versions can Android have
And will they all sound like pastry or cream?
Yes and how many years will iOS resist
The call to go open, and be free
Yes, and how many networks will there be in the air
And will all the fastest end with ‘G’

The answer oh geek,
Will take years, months and weeks
The answer will take months and weeks.

How many times must a man check this phone
To see if he’s got a software update
Yes and how many times must a non-Nexus moan
That an old Android is their fate
Yes and how many mAh will it take to get a phone
Whose battery refuses to die?

The answer my friend
Is blowin’ in the wind
The answer is blowin’ in the wind

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