Parallels, a company hugely successful for its software that allows users to run Windows on Macbook(s), today released Parallels Access remote desktop app for Android. The Parallels Access app allows one to run their computer’s — Windows and Mac applications on Android smartphones and tablets.


If you remember, Google recently released Chrome Remote Desktop that allowed users to mirror their browser and even the entire system on Android-based smartphones and tablets. While it too is a very handy solution, but running a full system on the small screen tablets and smartphones doesn’t always give the best of experience. And this is why Parallels’ remote desktop app matters. Instead of letting you control the entire system, it allows users to run the apps installed on Windows and OS X systems on the mobile device.

In our brief testing we found the experience almost native. Though, there is one catch, when you’re running an app on your phone, the desktop almost locks up. Setting up the software is quite easy too. First you have to download the client on your phone or tablet and sign up to the service. You will then receive an email in which the download link to the desktop counterpart (the Windows client takes 70MBs)is provided. Given you have a good internet connection, everything should run fast. There is also a launcher using which you can add more applications manually. There is an app switcher as well that allows you to switch between the apps that are running in the background. Shortcuts to bring mouse pointer and Android’s keyboard will come handy too.


The company launched a similar app for iPhone and iPad last year. Today, it has revised the annual subscription plans for its iOS app to $19.99/year, Android users will follow the same subscription model. A single subscription allows users to access up to five computers remotely from any number of Android and iOS-powered devices.

The Android app also sports several unique set of features. For instance, Android users will be able to create shortcuts for individual Windows or Mac apps on their Android home screen. They will also be able to perform various file operations like selecting texts and more. The client will however require you to have Android ICS (4.0) or higher on your device; and Windows 7, 8 and higher on Windows machines and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or later.

You can download the app from Google Play Store. You can try the app for free for first 14-days.

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