Xim is a new application released by the Microsoft Research Labs that wants to make sharing photos faster and easier for those who own a Windows Phone, Android, or iOS device. Xim makes it possible to quickly send a specific picture to one of your contacts, allowing them to see the file on their device.

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By using Xim, you can browse the photo gallery on your device and access pictures from different sources, such as OneDrive, Instagram, or even Facebook. You just need to select the photos you want to share and then select the people that you want to share them with. You can type in their name, email, or phone number and they will receive a link to access the photo.

There’s also a group chat feature, and participants can also add additional photos or swipe and pan through images. With Xim, Microsoft thinks it can help avoid over sharing personal photos but it obviously faces strong competition from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and even WhatsApp.

Microsoft claims that the page is automatically removed after a specific time to make sure that your privacy is protected. Once you share your photos, the screens can automatically be synchronized, allowing you to swipe, pan, and zoom on all of them.

Perfect for moments like dinner with friends, Microsoft Xim is simply a better way to share because you don’t have to pass your phone around to people. When you Xim, the photos will appear synchronously on everyone’s devices even if they don’t have the app.

This app is obviously a take on Snapchat, but what’s different with Xim is that not everyone who receives a Xim needs the app to view photos. Microsoft Xim is already available for free on the Windows Phone Store and Google Play, but it’s not yet ready for iOS users.

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